How Much Does Ahrefs Cost? A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing market, having the right tools in your arsenal is vital to success.  But prospective users typically ask, “How much does Ahrefs cost?” In this guide, we’ll explain Ahrefs’s pricing structure, the features you’ll get with every plan, and how you can decide which plan is best suited to your requirements.

AHREFs Review | Pricing, What it Does, What’s Included

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Understanding Ahrefs and Its Value Proposition

Before you dive into the details of cost, it’s essential to understand the benefits that Ahrefs provides. Ahrefs is an effective SEO tool that provides various functions, such as:

  • Site Explorer: Analyze your competitor’s website for insights.
  • Keywords Explorer Search for and analyze the keywords you want to find the right keywords.
  • Website Audit Conduct a thorough site audit to find SEO problems.
  • Content Explorer: Search for ideas for content and analyze the most effective content within your field.

All the features are highly beneficial to digital marketers looking to increase their website’s rank on search engines and web traffic.

Ahrefs Pricing Plans

In this regard of the strategies prices, the first plan of having a set of least operation prices has been found to be lower than the second and third while the fourth is slightly better.

1. Lite Plan

  • Cost: $99 per month
  • The format is perfect for entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs who are beginning to learn about SEO.


  • Features: Offering license to tools namely the Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker and Content Explorer tools.
  • Limited to a single user.
  • 500 tracked keywords.
  • Twenty-five domains for Site Audit.
  • One hundred thousand rows in a report and 15,000 crawl credits per calendar month.

2. Standard Plan

  • Cost: $199 per month
  • is ideal For expanding companies or marketing groups.
  • Features:
  • Everything is included in the Lite Plan, plus higher limits.
  • Five user seats.
  • One five hundred and fifty keywords tracked.
  • Seventy-five domains for Site Audit.
  • A million rows per report and 500,000 crawl credits each month.
  • Access to the historical data on keywords.

3. Advanced Plan

  • Cost: $399 per month
  • Perfect suitable for established digital marketing agencies as well as small-sized businesses.
  • Features:
  • Everything is included in the Standard Plan plus has more advanced capabilities.
  • Ten user seats.
  • 5,000 tracked keywords.
  • One hundred fifty domains are to be used for Auditing Sites. Audit.
  • Two million, five hundred and a half thousand rows in a report, and 150,000 crawl credits each month.
  • Reports and additional tools, such as the API.

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Cost: $999 per month
  • Perfect for large companies and agencies with huge SEO requirements.
  • Features:
  • Everything is included in the Advanced Plan but with the most restrictive limits.
  • 25 user seats.
  • 10,000 tracked keywords.
  • Three hundred domains to Website Audit.
  • Five million rows per report and 2,500,000 credits for crawls every month.
  • Customized solutions and a dedicated team of support.

Deciding Which Plan is Right for You

Selecting the best Ahrefs plan is about understanding your SEO requirements and budget limitations. 

  1. What is the size of your team?

    Lite or Standard Plan should suffice for solo entrepreneurs or small groups. Teams with more members can benefit from an Advanced Plan or Enterprise Plan to accommodate multiple users.

  2. How deep are you using the scope of your SEO plan?

    The plans with higher tiers offer more capacity and flexibility when you manage multiple websites and require many keywords.

  3. Do you require historical data or access via API?

    Historical keyword data and API access are essential to deep analysis and customized integrations. They are included in the Standard Plan and above.

  4. Your budget?

    The Lite Plan offers a cost-effective starting point; investing in an upgrade plan will provide additional benefits and efficiencies that justify the price over time.


Ahrefs is a flexible and efficient SEO tool that significantly enhances the effectiveness of digital marketing—knowing what Ahrefs costs and the different plans’ features can help you make a well-informed decision customized to your requirements. Whether you’re a freelancer, an expanding business, or a business, there’s an Ahrefs plan that will help you achieve your SEO goals.

Are you ready to improve the SEO approach to the next step? Check out Ahrefs pricing plans and begin optimizing your online presence right now.

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