TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads: Key Differences & How to Use Them Together

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads : Key Differences & How to Use Them Together

TikTok and Facebook are juggernauts in the global of social media marketing.

These systems are hugely famous with advfertisers around the world, and that’s not unexpected. Both entice gigantic audiences, each offer information-pushed targeting alternatives, and each are filled with powerful advertising gear.

However, in case you’re thinking about which includes Facebook and TikTok in your paid social plans, then you definitely need to recognize the important thing differences between those platforms and a way to correctly use each networks collectively.

In that’s precisely what we’re going to cowl in this put up! Let’s begin with a bit introduction to each platform.

Tiktok vs Facebook

TikTok and Facebook are both popular social media platforms that serve different purposes and audiences.

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app that permits customers to create and share 15 to 60-2nd motion pictures. It is primarily used by a younger demographic, particularly teenagers and young adults, and has a strong focus on music and dance trends. TikTok also has a highly engaged and active user base, with its algorithm often resulting in viral content.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a long-standing social media platform that allows users to connect with friends and family, share photos and videos, and join interest groups. Facebook has a wider age demographic, ranging from teenagers to older adults, and has a more general purpose compared to TikTok.

In terms of features, TikTok has a unique editing and effects tool that allows users to create engaging content with ease, while Facebook has more established features such as newsfeed, messenger, and marketplace.

Overall, both platforms have their own unique strengths and serve different purposes for their respective audiences. It ultimately depends on what the user is looking for in a social media platform.

What are TikTok ads?

Now time for some TikTok advertising one zero one. Like Facebook classified ads, TikTok commercials are also available in a variety of numerous formats.

However, even as Facebook classified ads can appear in several outstanding positions within the direction of the app (e.G., Reels, Stories, Messenger) the bulk of TikTok advertisements are served in and spherical the precept feed.

Standard TikTok video commercials (i.E. In-Feed ads, Top View commercials, etc.) are able to generating huge target audience achieve and sky-high degrees of engagement, it really is why they’re famous with each smaller organizations and established agencies (extra on why you want to put it on the market on TikTok right right here).

For producers trying to make a declaration on TikTok, formats like Branded Effects and Branded Hashtag Challenges can also be fairly impactful.

These advertisements are designed to drive mass user engagement and incremental gain, and many manufacturers have completed viral reputation with the aid of using those innovative formats.

There’s no question TikTok advertisements may be exceedingly effective for digital advertisers, specifically if you’re capable of faucet into well-known developments (like Stitching) and create content that resonates together along with your goal market.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

Let’s start with a touch Facebook advertising one zero one. Facebook commercials are photo-based totally advertisements with captions which can be delivered across the Facebook network.

They may be served in diverse placements, together with Facebook Stories, Facebook Messenger, the Facebook domestic feed, and more. They’re additionally available in a extensive variety of different codecs, and those codecs are often designed to achieve unique marketing campaign goals.

For example, whilst Single Image and Video advertisements can be fantastic for top-funnel interest, Collection and Advantage+ ads are built to generate clicks and conversions.

One of the largest strengths of the Facebook advertising platform is its concentrated on capabilities. Facebook harvests a massive quantity of information from its customers, which lets in advertisers to leverage superior focused on processes which could deliver fantastic results.

You also can without problems increase Facebook ad campaigns onto the Instagram platform, that’s superb for securing incremental attain and concentrated on new audiences.

What is Facebook Marketing? Step by Step Facebook Marketing Strategy

TikTok ads vs Facebook ads: Head to Head

It’s time for a great old fashioned social media showdown. We’ve done a contrast on TikTok commercials vs Instagram Reels ads, now it’s time to evaluate Facebook and TikTok in a few key marketing areas and notice how these paid social powerhouses stack up against each other.


To kick matters off, let’s look at the common fees associated with TikTok advertisements:

  • TikTok common CPM (value consistent with mille): $10.00
  • TikTok common CPC (fee in keeping with click): $1.00

For evaluation, below are the average fees of Facebook advertisements:

  • Facebook average CPM: $7.00
  • Facebook CPC (Cost Per Click) – $1.00

Both systems are frivolously matched in relation to their average CPC, but Facebook is appreciably cheaper than TikTok in terms of CPM. As a result, Facebook takes the victory in this category, allowing brands to gain greater cost-green attain.

However, this does include a caveat.

It’s well worth remembering that your campaign fees can be motivated by many factors, such as your enterprise, audience, advert codecs, and bidding approach. The above figures can be used as a helpful guide, but they’re in reality not written in stone.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads


Now allow’s damage down the demographic profiles of the Facebook and TikTok audiences.

TikTok is understood for its insane reputation among more youthful generations, and the information surely backs this up. A whopping forty one.7% of TikTok users fall into the 18-24 bracket – 31% are aged 25-34, while simply 24.1% are elderly over 35.

Facebook, however, attracts a broader blend of age companies. Just 22.6% of the Facebook target audience falls below the 18-24 umbrella, whilst 31% of the user base is elderly 25-34, making this the largest segment at the platform.

Older generations also are better represented on Facebook, with 41% of users over the age of 35 in comparison to simply 24.1% on TikTok.

So, what does this mean for entrepreneurs?

Well, if you’re inquisitive about concentrated on Gen Z and more youthful millennial consumers, TikTok is the region to be. The platform is hugely influential amongst more youthful audiences, with information suggesting that forty% of Gen Z prefer using TikTok for searches instead of Google.

For manufacturers less focused on more youthful generations, Facebook gives a greater balanced consumer base, as well as a substantially higher reach. Facebook boasts round 2.96bn monthly energetic users, in comparison to TikTok’s 1.2bn monthly customers.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads


Audience concentrated on is reasonably standardized across TikTok and Facebook, with both structures imparting simple alternatives which include:

  • Demographic targeting
  • Interest targeting
  • Behavior targeting
  • Device concentrated on

Advertisers can also build pixel records-fuelled Custom Audiences on each TikTok and Facebook, in addition to generate Lookalikes based on those segments.

However, the primary distinction here is that Facebook has been collecting and harnessing target market information for notably longer than TikTok.

Facebook first delivered its ad platform manner lower back in 2007, even as TikTok ads only released in 2020. That’s a massive head start for Facebook, meaning the platform has access to a lot extra person facts and target market insights that may be used to enhance marketing campaign performance.

Although TikTok and Facebook provide near-identical targeting options, Facebook has the brink because it’s sitting on a goldmine of ancient data.


TikTok and Facebook both provide more than a few versatile ad formats, so allow’s evaluate their offerings head-to-head.

Facebook allows advertisers to make use of the following advert formats:

  • Image commercials
  • Video advertisements
  • Carousel advertisements
  • In-Stream Video ads
  • Stories advertisements
  • Collection commercials
  • Messenger ads

Below are the advert formats available on TikTok:

  • In-Feed commercials
  • Top View advertisements
  • Brand Takeover commercials
  • Branded Hashtag ads
  • Branded Effects advertisements
  • Collection advertisements

Once again, this category is remarkably close among the 2 structures. Both Facebook and TikTok provide advert formats that may be used to obtain unique goals. For example, In-Feed video commercials to build brand focus, or Collection advertisements to force conversions.

The key distinction here is that Facebook commercials may be served in a couple of environments across the app, at the same time as the TikTok platform layout is extra streamlined.

For instance, Messenger and Stories ads seem in completely separate sections of the Facebook site, while TikTok advertisements are introduced in (or round) the home feed.

If you’re eager to test out a wide range of flexible advert formats, Facebook is a amazing choice. However, if you need to maximize visibility, the less complicated format of TikTok may be more attractive.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads

How to use Facebook & TikTok Ads Together

TikTok and Facebook ads collectively are effective and worthwhile for corporations vintage and new, big and small.

Both structures have their very own unique strengths and marketing possibilities, which begs the question: How can you leverage both partners to boost up your returns?

Let’s discover how you may integrate Facebook and TikTok advertisements to pressure most suitable performance.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads

1. Gather & put into effect insights across structures

If you need to grow your enterprise in today’s environment, a go-channel marketing method is a ought to. This way walking ads on exceptional channels like seek and social, as well as on extraordinary systems inside these channels, like on TikTok and Facebook within social.

Running ad campaigns throughout a couple of social media systems enables you to accumulate more insights and observe more learnings. Be positive to regularly analyze your campaign reports on each TikTok and Facebook to perceive these valuable pass-platform opportunities.

For instance, there may be a high-appearing Facebook target market phase that you can replicate on TikTok or an powerful creative asset that you could repurpose throughout platforms.

2. Strengthen your brand identification

I emphasised the significance of solidifying your emblem identity in my Facebook trends submit and this applies across structures as properly.

To do so, hold a clear tone of voice throughout those structures, use the identical branding elements (colours, fonts, imagery, vibes), and regularly have interaction along with your target market on each networks. Consistency is a remarkable way to build accept as true with amongst clients, so use both Facebook and TikTok as a launchpad to your logo.

3. Expand your marketing campaign reach

This might also sound obvious, but make sure that you’re the usage of Facebook and TikTok to efficiently growth your basic reach and frequency.

Both of those networks come up with get right of entry to to precise audiences and precise demographics, so take full gain of this. Experiment with specific target audiences to discover new prospects, and make sure that each platforms have sufficient price range for scaling up (how to scale your Facebook ads right here).

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