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How long can you spend in front of a display every day?
An honest response might make most people uneasy and more than a bit humiliated. Now, it may be a lot easier to compute just how long we are not considering displays.
Display time began as an office requirement, but it has taken over into other facets of our own lives. Now, almost all we do–working, interacting, being amused –occurs in the front of a display. The majority of us have not even detected the transition since it is happening so slowly. However, the consequences for our own lives are deep. We have reached a place where the average American adult spends 11 hours every day in front of displays.
It is a brand new year, and it comes a package of settlements and newfound resolve to enhance. If you are dedicated to change, among the initial measures is coming to terms with the way you are currently spending your time.

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