Best 10 FREE Grammarly Alternatives (2024)

Best 10 FREE Grammarly Alternatives (2023)

Best 10 FREE Grammarly Alternatives (2024)

FREE Grammarly Alternatives, Grammarly is a popular tool that can be used to verify the grammar of texts and also to check plagiarism. It has a variety of styles of writing, and suggestions to improve grammar, vocabulary and syntax.

But, it does not assist you in identifying any misuses of properly spelling, but incorrectly placed words. It is sometimes difficult to recognize poorly constructed sentences.

There are many Grammarly alternatives available. This is a well-curated list of Top Grammarly alternatives. This list includes free and paid alternatives. Alternatives for paid.

#1. Wordtune

Wordtune assists you to create a clearer, more effective message and then deliver it in as you intended. When you write as usual and you’ll be provided with a number of modified suggestions built on the most sophisticated AI. Improve your vocabulary and spend more time revising your writing. Write more confidently and sound more natural by using Wordtune.  FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • Real-time Spelling Grammar corrections and Spelling
  • Casual, formal, short and longer sentences and paragraphs revise
  • The ability to simultaneously translate and rewrite
  • A free Chrome extension for your browser, or standalone text editor
  • Context-appropriate synonyms and sentence suggestion
  • Integrations with Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook, Word, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Wordtune Group Buy | Best Article Rewriter and Spinner Tool

#2. ProWritingAid

It’s among the best Grammarly alternatives when your main issue is cost. It lets you check the quality of your grammar, readability and other related issues. This powerful tool is available both in premium and free versions. FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • Provides a detailed review of grammar errors
  • A readability analysis allows you to assess the ease with which you can read and comprehend the content of your manuscript
  • Thesaurus of words for suggestions
  • The device supports Mac as well as Windows devices
  • The software you use can be connected to Microsoft Word, Google Mail, Open Office, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and many more.

#3. Linguix

Linguix AI writing assistant is an instrument to check grammar that can help to spot grammar errors in real-time. It is among the most effective grammar and punctuation checker tools that provides alerts and suggestions. FREE Grammarly Alternatives

It lets you copy-paste text that you already have and also offers alternative words and phrases as well as spelling corrections, as well as eliminating bad sentence and phrase structures as well as mistakes.


  • Real-time Spelling as well as grammar and spelling corrections
  • Suggest forgotten punctuation mistakes
  • Learn to master your style
  • Makes corrections to your errors and provides writing advice
  • Offers Chrome browser extension
  • Perform statistics on your employees.
  • Relevant to the context, these recommendations
  • Integrations Integrates Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and many more.

#4. Grammar corrector software aids your team to keep the quality of content uniform by offering brand-specific feedback. It lets you create your own style guide. It assists you in managing accepted and prohibited terms while making sure your content is consistent. FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • It is possible to align your entire team around your brand’s voice and style of writing.
  • It allows you to convert your article to gender-neutral pronouns.
  • You can review your content according to the guidelines for style of your organization.
  • It lets you switch off various types that of suggestion for writing.
  • Simple integration Easy integration Google Chrome, Google Docs Simple integration to Google Chrome, Google Docs along with Microsoft Word.

#5. Hemmingway

Its Hemmingway editor was developed in a manner that it doesn’t care with punctuation and spelling. This alternative to the Grammarly tool focuses more on the readability. The grammar checker tool is designed to target long sentences, incorrect usage of adverbs, as well as complex phrases. FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • Simple, clean and easy to navigate interface
  • Doesn’t require internet access
  • This tool can help you break long sentences into shorter pieces in order to make it easier for you to read.
  • It is among the websites such as Grammarly that improves the readability of the typical user.
  • Pointers and suggestions are extremely specific

#6. Ginger Software

Ginger Grammar Checker lets you write better English and. The program is patent-pending and lets you rectify grammar mistakes, spelling errors mistakes, spelling errors, and spelling errors. FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • This no-cost Grammarly alternative permits an accurate spelling correction in context.
  • Correct grammar mistakes with respect to the verb, subject and agreement
  • Words that are incorrectly used
  • This program, similar to Grammarly can correct written text easily

#7. Slick Write

Slick write Highlight mistakes in your paragraphs, such as inconsistencies in sentences and inactive voice, adverbs and words that are common to start with or words repeated over and over again, etc. FREE Grammarly Alternatives

It’s one of the websites similar to Grammarly that offers a wide range of options to be incorporated. When you click the option, a pop-up is displayed at the bottom which is where you can find the terms associated to it, as well as the dictionary definition or thesaurus.


  • Display key Statistics
  • Prepositional Phrase Index
  • The Grammarly alternative tool that is free lets you test the Readability Index
  • The structure of the sentence’s content as well as word length

#8. After The Deadline

Following the Deadline can be described as a no-cost spellcheck and grammar software for the internet. It is among the most effective alternatives for free to Grammarly which helps you identify errors and offers clever suggestions for your writing. FREE Grammarly Alternatives


  • This Grammarly alternative is open source and offers code
  • Advanced style check
  • Contextual spelling check
  • Words that are not used correctly can be detected
  • Grammar checking
  • Errors explanation

#9. Online Correction tool enables you to discover and highlight spelling mistakes. This Grammarly free alternative also reveals numerous style and gramma-related mistakes. The process of proofreading any text using this program is simple as it is a minimalist interface that is simple to use and quick.


  • Check spelling and grammar for any errors.
  • Style-conscious hints
  • Examine any the style of your clothes
  • Auto-correction
  • This free program, similar to Grammarly provides suggestions for sentence structure and vocabulary
  • Supports English dialects

#10. Druide Antidote

Antidote is an effective French as well as English language and grammar checker. It’s one of the programs similar to Grammarly which provides grammar diagnostics, error analysis and an online dictionary and a lot more. This tool can be run on its own or alongside Microsoft Word.


  • Advanced corrector that has intelligent filters
  • Many dictionaries, powerful search tools
  • Comprehensive and precise guidebooks for different languages
  • Punctuation: Too many or punctuation that is missing
  • One-click correction of typographical mistakes
  • An in-depth syntax analysis for sentences
  • Lets you show bold, italic, and Emojis

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