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Reputable by 4500+ SEO Agencies and Professionals
Keyword Keg is my go to supply wealthy keyword information on the fly. The easy UI, rapid benefits, and equilibrium of this tool have cemented it is place in my search engine optimization toolbox for life.
Characteristics built on comments from the Very Best SEO Agencies
Multiple Roast Keywords
Save hours by looking for upto 30 seed key words at the same time and discover thousands of related keywords and phrases.
Upload your Excel/CSV documents with upto 500,000 of your keywords and receive metrics for them
Volume, CPC info straight from Google Adwords, enhanced with clickstream data
More Suggest APIs than any other key word tool – Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and a Lot More
Keyword Difficulty Metrics to judge On-Page & Off-Page optimization at the SERP Success
SERP attributes:
Goal only key words with specific SERP characteristics that help your enterprise.
Filter key words based on buy intent to enhance the quality of traffic to Your Site
Bogged down and conceal key words, Filter according to each and every metric we’ve got and more.
Locate keywords that convert predicated on which your audience is Searching for
Automatically categorize key words based on viewers intent.
Buyer Intent: Keyword phrases with words like buy, discount, bargain and so on suggest that the consumer plans to buy some time shortly. For e-commerce companies, keywords with Buyer Intent will have more significance as rank for these keywords will immediately affect earnings. If you search for keywords with Buyer Intent, Keyword Keg automatically adds various buyer certain phrases to key words to create long-tail keyword phrases together with Buyer Intent.
Product Info: Keyword phrases with phrases such as summary, best, best and so on indicate that the consumer is trying to find a product/service. For affiliates and blogs, keywords with Product Info will have more significance as they’re wanting to target audience higher up in the funnel. If you search for keywords with Product Info, Keyword Keg automatically provides various product summary and advice certain phrases to key words to create long-tail keyword phrases with Product Info.
Questions: Keyword phrases with queries are fantastic for Content Writers trying to answer queries. Get content thoughts from the viewers’ searches. With this class, it is possible to get all keyword phrases with queries your audience is requesting. You may then boost your rank by being the first to reply them.
In case your key word needs include creating a comprehensive list of all Probable key words you can use the next two groups along with those over –
Alphabetical: Suggest APIs are called using an alphabetical prefix and suffix to acquire the most extensive list.
Prepositions: Key words with prepositions added for example, like, close, versus, together with etc.
Easily locate low rivalry, simple to position for keywords
Get access to Volume, CPC, and Contest from Google Keyword Planner. Along with these, utilize our proprietary search engine optimization metrics to compare contenders on your key word search.
On-Page Issue (0-100): Measure various aspects that result in difficulty in rank for the keyword depending on the page’s content. The lower, the greater the chance to rank.
Off-Page Issue (0-100): A traffic centered step that shows the difficulty in rank for a keyword. The lower your measure, the greater the chance to rank.
SEO Difficulty (0-100): Measure overall SEO Difficulty for the key word, which can be a combination of On-Page and Off-Page difficulty. The lower the step, the greater the chance to rank. The greater the score, the greater.

Keyword KEG Group Buy.