Top 5 Ways To Find New Keywords – Group Buy Seo Tools

Top 5 Ways To Find New Keywords – Group Buy Seo Tools

5 Ways To Find New Keywords

One of the best methods to find new keywords is to utilize Google AdWords Search Term Report. Google AdWords Search Term Report. But it’s not the only method. There is a Search Term Report. Search Term Report shows what keywords triggered your ads and, if they’re not listed as keywords yet you can either include or remove them now. What people are searching for on your site as well as all other keywords that aren’t driven by currently used keywords are two aspects that the Search Term Report cannot provide.

Here are five cost-free and paid ways to search for new keyword phrases.


Ubersuggest is a no-cost tool for keyword suggestions that produces alphabetically-sorted lists of keywords.

Input a search term into the search field, choose the language you want to use, and then select the source you want to use, like Web, Images, News and Videos, or Recipes. The program will create the lists of query queries, which include the words you typed into. Here’s an example of the term “car rental”:

If you find keywords that you think are worth saving, include them into your shopping cart and then retrieve them later.

Search Box Queries

In the event that you’ve put a Google search feature on your site then you can utilize Google Analytics to check what people are typing into. This is a great option if you want to include specific and phrase-match words to AdWords campaigns as you are able to incorporate specific searches on your site to your ads. The search queries on Google could not necessarily match the exact keywords people are searching for on your sitehowever, in fact, they’re almost not identical, and it can help you better know how your website’s content is seen by the search engines.

For example, the information that users search for using the search bar on your site might be present on the page they’re browsing through and you can utilize this useful detail to make what they were looking for more prominently on the page that they are on. Examples include adding arrows or changing the font size , or making it bold and italics.

Substitute Products

Within Porter’s Five Forces, substitute products are listed as a potential threat for businesses. If you’ve got the money to experiment with something new, consider the keywords that are relevant to alternatives to the products or services you offer for the services you offer. For example, Coca-Cola can advertise for coke just as they do for orange juice , or other drinks that could be alternatives to the products you are offering. Based on how less related the substitute product or services are to the one you offer You may need to develop a new landing page to guarantee an excellent Quality Score in AdWords, and a high Relevancy Score for Facebook.

Google Instant

It is possible that you have not ever heard of Google Instant but you have utilized it many times. Google Instant is the search enhancement Google has introduced recently that displays search results when you type them into Google’s Google Search box. It improves the speed of the process of searching and is generally an excellent update, but the most effective way to utilize it is to determine which of the most searched-for search terms are.

For example, you can search for your most profitable keyword and then see the results that Google suggests. Then you can add relevant suggestions like broad match modifiers or exact match, and so on, based on the extent to which you want to be.


Not to be left out, Semrush is a great method to steal keywords from your competitors. Semrush does not only provide you with Google as well as Bing keywords your competition is employing, but it also gives an estimate of the amount they’re paying.

This is an excellent method because it gives you a clear picture of what your competition is doing with regards to SEM across both platforms, and , at the same time, you can observe what they’re focusing on. Additionally, Semrush shows volume trends as well as the CPC distribution for each country.

Here’s an example of”RitzCarlton” as the key word “Ritz Carlton”:

The platform provides a comparative of the various CPCs for each country, as well as the trend in volume and the phrases that matching and associated keywords. If you take the more detailed analysis of the keywords that are related, you’ll be able to see how The Four Seasons in Chicago is not only a rival on the offline side, it is also on the internet.

In addition, you can evaluate mobile and desktop.

Here’s the result of the search for “”:

You will notice that there are various results for different domains and keywords. The above screenshot provides valuable information such as that this hotel chain doesn’t use any form of display advertising at all. Domain searches are the most valuable source for discovering new keywords as you can find the most effective keywords from all competitors. Look at what you can see below the fold:

It is not just possible to observe that the keywords branded by the company perform best for Ritz Carlton, but you will also identify the top competitors.

What tools for keyword research are you using?

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