Google Doesn’t Use DA And DR, But They Correlate With Rankings

Google Doesn’t Use DA And DR, But They Correlate With Rankings

Google Doesn't Use DA And DR, But They Correlate With Rankings

DA And DR Ranking
Google does not utilize Domain Authority or Domain Rating as ranking factors. But Google does use PageRank. PageRank is an algorithm that is used to assess the importance of a website page. It takes into account the number as well as the quality of internal and external links to a webpage. Google acknowledges that it still uses PageRank even after more than 20 years since its invention.

As long as Google doesn’t screw us, there’s an association between the page’s ranking with Google in addition to it’s PageRank score.

The issue for us is that we do not know what PageRank scores that Google uses to calculate the score.

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To determine PageRank for an individual page, we require:

  • Be aware of precisely what algorithm Google employs,
  • Have all the web-related information Google has.

Unfortunately, both are not possible.

This is exactly why metrics such as Domain Authority or Domain Rating exist. Google may not utilize the metrics but, we could make use of them to mimic PageRank.

How do DA and DR Calculated?

We do not know the exact formulas used for DA or DR like like PageRank.

But the two creators of these measurements, Moz and Ahrefs, provide the elements they employ to calculate the metrics.

We determine DR in a similar manner to how PageRank calculates. The primary different is PageRank is calculated for pages, whereas DR can be calculated by comparing websites.

Technically it appears as follows:

  • We search for all domains that contain at least one link that is followed to the domain of interest.
  • We check the number of other domains that each linking domain has links to.
  • Then, we transfer a certain amount from “DR juice” from each linking domain to the targeted domain. The amount is calculated (roughly) through dividing DR of the domain linking to it with the total number of distinct domains it is linked to.
source: Ahrefs Blog

So the primary distinction in DR and PageRank is the DR calculates for sites, and not individual pages. .

This is logical from a technical perspective. In order to determine an accurate Domain rating score of each of the websites, Ahrefs would need to invest a lot more resources. It will need to completely explore every domain that is in its database.

The same applies to Moz’s Domain Authority metric by Moz:

Domain Authority is based on information taken from the Link Explorer web index and employs a myriad of factors in its calculation.This Domain Authority calculation itself uses an algorithm that learns from machine learning to determine an “best fit” algorithm that best aligns our link data to results across thousands of actual results from search engines that we employ as benchmarks against which to measure.

(…) Domain Authority is calculated by weighing multiple factors such as linking root domains as well as the total number of links to create one DA score.
source: Moz Blog

Do DA and DR beneficial in SEO?

As we don’t know what are the PageRank ratings of our sites We need something more to determine the quality in their links profiles. We require metrics that we can improve and notice an increase in our ranking.

However, in order for these metrics to be of any value, they will need to be correlated with Google’s ranking. Meaning that as your site’s DR and DA score improves as do its ranking. DA And DR Ranking.

There is an association with PageRank as well as Google rankings. Thus, an indirect measure of PageRank should be in line to Google rankings.

They are – I tested. Both DA and DR are heavily connected to rankings.

My research findings

There is a connection between a specific site’s DA as well as DR and its place within the Top 10 Organic results.
for Domain Authority, the average correlation coefficient is 0.16.
In terms of Domain Rating the mean correlation coefficient of 0.14 .

This suggests a small connection between these two metrics and rankings. If you take into account this PageRank (which DA and DR simulate) is just one of hundreds or even thousands of ranking factors that are used to rank websites, it’s an important relationship.

However, when we analyze the correlations between different keywords and SERPs they differ significantly .

Beginning with Domain Rating It had an inversely positive correlation with the majority of SERPs, however there were a lot of edge cases.

In addition, with Domain Authority, the distribution of correlation coefficients appears quite like.

Keyword difficulty makes it more intriguing. Both DA and DR are most strongly associated with keywords with moderate difficulty.
As the difficulty of keywords increases, DA and DR become less accurate. Domain Authority is slightly less reliable for keywords of moderate difficulty, but it performs somewhat better for more difficult words. DA And DR Ranking.

The graph below illustrates how the relationship with domain rating, Domain Authority and Google rankings may differ based on the difficulty of the keyword.

It isn’t to say that DA and DR aren’t essential for keyword that aren’t easy to rank for. In order to be ranked for keywords that are difficult you must meet the threshold of importance. Then, other ranking factors can be more important.

The most crucial essential

PageRank  is just one of the many aspects that determine a website’s rank on Google. Therefore, you can see that an average correlation coefficient between 0.14 or 0.16 is an excellent score.

If this were the only factor that affects rankings I would have expected an even stronger correlation however… this isn’t. Also, congrats on Moz as well as Ahrefs!
My conclusion from this study can be it is that DA and DR can be beneficial in SEO. However, don’t try to improve them blindly. If you are deciding to acquire external links to improve your rankings, take a take a look at your SERPs.

When you are faced with difficult keywords it is possible to consider other aspects first.

In the case of certain key words, DA and DR may not be relevant in terms of rankings.

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How did I conduct my research

I selected 10 randomly chosen domains across a range of industries and countries. I then employed Ahrefs to pick 200 keywords that these domains was ranked for, and I got 2000 keywords with various lengths in terms of difficulty, type, and length.

I exported the top 10 organic SERPs with each one of 2000 search terms with Ahrefs and America as United States chosen as the country of origin. I then gathered results for the DA scores and DR scores for every domain I discovered.

With this information I was able determine Pearson’s correlation coefficient of DA as well as DR for every SERP in 2000 I gathered .

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