FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Easy Simple And Fast Support.You Can Open Ticket To Your Member Area and Get Your Fast Support.

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If You Need Any Support Contact Our Support Team.We Offer 24 Hrs Non Stop Live Support.

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What kind of accounts are you offering?

Currently accounts available are for SEO and SPY web tools and services – complete list you can see after registration.

Most of the accounts are with highest available plan. Our service offers ~99% uptime of most of our services.


Do you provide individual account for each user?

Because our website offers a GroupBuy means we buy accounts collectively and share it among all users, we cannot provide individual login to each user – all users share those tools.


Do I need a account  before I start use this tools?

Yes you need must an account in our website. Check out our completely seo tools list click here.


How long do I have access to the tools?

Instant delivery after complete payment.so don’t worry about it.


Is there a have any facebook group?

Yes we have facebook community you can join now.Facebook group



What is Group Buy?

The idea of Group Buy is to share the cost of webservice account and to share it among all Group Buy participants. This is done so the GroupBuy users can take a look at the webtool properties and decide if to purchase full account or go with a competitor tool.

The participants have to use the provided account access wisely and not to overuse its limits, otherwise our system will detect and issue a warning. Wise-use ratio varies all the time as the users number changes but it is maximum 30:1.

How the system works?

After registration you will be provided with your login and password combination, you need to login to the system and will have direct access to your purchased services account.

What about Refunds?

We Don’t Offer Any Refund.Must Sure Before Order.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes Sir,You Can Cancel Your Plan Anytime.Don’t Worry About it.

Do you offer services for Windows, Linux and MAC?

Yes – with our unique access tool you can use your purchased services on: Windows, Linux and Mac!

No need to install anything not trust worthy – 100% v1ru$ and malware free guarantee!

Can I Use Accounts on Office & Home?

You can use accounts on 2 PCs for personal use. Do not share accounts with anyone, we have advanced protections system and if we detect sharing violation we might ban account.

Are there any accounts limitations?

You can not use the API of accounts.You can not change password of account.You do not have the right to request official support from webservice developers.You can not update/change account information.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preffered payment method is Paypal, but if it is not available in your country, you need to open support ticket inside membership.


Is Group Buy Illegal?

yes Our all tools are legal.

As we see what many providers do, we need to claim that: Our accounts are being purchased legally and there is not anything involving [email protected] or fraud of any kind! If you want to do something illegal with your purchased accounts better go away.

Do you change accounts?

Yes we change accounts from time to time as it is the nature of Group Buy, If you want to run specific campaign long-time, better do not buy group buys.

Is my campaign seen by other Group Buy members?

Each member in the group buy have his own business, no one have time and/or interest to see what you are doing, however if you have secret data, so group buy is not for you and you need to buy dedicated accounts, we group buy accounts for limited usage with the very cheap price.

Do you provide account passwords?

No, we do not provide account user names and passwords, we provide a custom developed setup that automatically logins to SEO and SPY accounts.


How to set up the Seo Tools?

Every Tools Have Video Tutorial How To use It?So Order And Enjoy!

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