What is content marketing?

What is Content marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

You’ve heard someone talk about “content marketing” and you’re struck by the impression that you ought to be aware of what it is however you’re shy to inquire with anyone. This article is just for you.

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Content Marketing Institute Content Marketing Institute, an online resource that provides information on everything related to content marketing describes content marketing as follows:

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YouTube video

Content marketing:

Content marketing can be described as a method of creating and disseminating useful, pertinent and consistent content that entices and enthralls an audience that is clearly defined – in the hope of generating profitable customer actions.

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The word that is most crucial in this case can be described as “valuable.” This is the word that defines this definition as one that covers almost every form of advertising and marketing. It is easy to determine whether a piece of content is one that can form part of a marketing campaign when people search the content out, or if they would like to consume it rather than avoid it.

What is Volkswagen’s”Game Day” commercial from 2014 “Game Day” commercial which was watched on YouTube more than 18 million times since the time of writing this article is it an advertisement or is it content marketing? It’s both, based on the reaction of everyone who’s confronted with it. This is the case for every piece of content marketing that you develop, based on whether the audience member was able to benefit in it. The goal is to give the most value possible through your marketing content to as large of your intended public as you can. In spite of the above definitions and explanations, you’re probably contemplating what exactly content marketing is. You can gain more understanding by looking at some examples.

Why is it crucial to make use of content marketing?

Make sure your leads and customers are educated about your products and services and the benefits you provide

Increase conversions
Create relationships with your customers and your company, which results in greater loyalty
Tell your audience what your product or service can do to can solve their issues.

Build a sense of an online community that is centered around your brand

Now let’s take a look at different kinds of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Types

There are a variety of content marketing you could choose to include into your marketing strategy These are some of the most popular:

1. Online Content Marketing

Online content marketing is anything you publish on the internet, however in particular, it applies to your website pages. A well-planned online content marketing strategy can aid you in achieving higher rankings on the search engine result webpages (SERPs) and will get you in front of most relevant people at the right moment.

2. Marketing Content on Social Media

With more than 4.2 billion social media users It’s easy to comprehend why businesses are investing so much in marketing via social media. There are numerous platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat) to use and a variety of ways to make and post content on each one platform (e.g. photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, stories).

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3. Content Marketing Infographic

Infographics present information, content and information in a simple-to-understand graphic format. By combining simple language, concise sentences and clear images information graphics are a fantastic method to communicate your message. They are great if you’re trying to break down the educational or complex subject into a way that everybody can grasp the message.

4. Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are an effective form of content inbound that allows for plenty of creativity regarding their function and subject. If you have blogs, you can make things happen such as promoting external and internal blog content with links, incorporate social sharing buttons, or even include the information about your product.

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5. Podcast Content Marketing

A staggering 60 million users listen to podcasts on both the Spotify as well as Apple Podcasts podcasts platforms. Because of this, a number of media outlets and companies have started developing and broadcasting personal podcasts.

Podcasts are a great source of imagination since they can cover any topic you choose. You also decide other aspects of the podcast, such as the cadence of the episodes, who’s participating on the podcast, the location you’ll advertise your podcast, and the length of your episodes.

6. Video Content Marketing

According to research conducted by Wyzowl 73% of people believe they would rather discover more about a brand’s products or services through videos. Furthermore, video marketing could boost conversions, increase ROI, and allow you to establish relationships with your audience. You can post your video content to social media sites such as landing pages, on a website owned by a co-marketer.

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6. Advertising Content Paid for

Paid advertisements can help you get your message across to a large public and let you make yourself visible in all the places where you would like to be noticed — Paid ads are particularly beneficial when combined together with the inbound approach to marketing. There are numerous places that you can promote your paid ads , such as on websites, social media, landing pages banners, banners, and sponsored content

Create a plan and begin publishing

After the content management system is set up Start to create the content plan. Begin by asking this question: What are sales reps getting from customers?

Your goal in producing content is to produce three articles per week. so create a calendar of content and fill it with subjects that will answer your clients their questions.

The next step is to meet the sales staff to come up with a list of 10-15 questions your customers would like you to address. We recommend beginning with the content that generate the most traffic, and also convert the leads the most, such as The Big 5.

In meetings with the sales team, collaborate in conjunction with the Content Manager to decide which questions from the buyer can best be answered with video. In many instances the same topic, it is possible to result in a video as well as an article. It’s therefore crucial that the videographer and the content writer to organize content creation in conjunction. We recommend beginning by introducing The Selling 7, which are the videos that generate the highest amount of revenues.

Schedule regular meetings with marketing and sales

At IMPACT, our team of content collaborates together with the sales department (the sales team) every two weeks to discuss ideas. After we have an outline of questions and topics and then use an upvoting system to decide on the priority.

These meetings help:

Develop ideas for content that your sales team requires to attract buyers who are qualified.

Think about what information your sales team could make use of in their selling processes to make deals more quickly.

Know what content isn’t helpful in sales processes to ensure that marketing doesn’t waste time in creating it.

If an article is published, ensure that the sales team is aware. If the article isn’t meeting their requirements, they should revise it.

Additionally, when you start building a collection of content, bear your eyes on the fact that you could have to revise older content in the event that certain aspects change.

Review your progress and adjust

After you’ve published a decent amount of content, dig into the statistics to determine the results. Make use of the tools you have available to analyze the traffic they receive, their position in searchresults, the connection to deals that have been closed and much many more.

Make use of Google Analytics, Google Search Console Keyword growth tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs as well as CMS tools such as HubSpot to track the effectiveness of your website’s content to date.

Decide on how you’ll utilize that information to improve content that isn’t performing and to celebrate any that has won.

Start your content marketing strategy today

We at IMPACT help businesses succeed through inbound marketing with The They Ask, You Answer framework. This is just one of many ways we’ve helped our clients be some of the most successful examples of marketing inbound there.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards Implementing They Say, You Answer in your company, contact one of our consultants who will guide you through the steps to achieve these amazing results at your company.

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