7 tips to increase the conversion of leads with content marketing

Content Marketing

Increase the Conversion of Leads with Content Marketing

Making someone believe in your content is a difficult task for all businesses. If done right and efficiently, content marketing can be rewarding! It’s only 62 % less and produces approximately three times the number of leads per dollar opposed to traditional advertisements.

Today , 90% of companies in the marketplace are involved in the creation and promotion of content to drive leads. It is interesting to note that 62% of companies outsourcing their content marketing tasks. However, things are not going well. In accordance with data from the Content Marketing Institute, only 9 percent of businesses believe the concept of content marketing to be efficient for them

The gap between what is expected and what actually happens confirms that many companies have not yet to tap into the full potential of content-based marketing.

In this post, we’ll examine ways to get things perfect to make sure that your efforts in content marketing become a productive programme for lead generation. Utilizing a tool for content marketing such as SEMrush can definitely assist you in keeping the momentum.

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1. Utilize Video Content with extreme Attention

People like watching videos. But they don’t appreciate selling with a blatant pitch. People don’t really care about the product or service you offer or the latest products or solutions your company has to offer. Only positive results are taken into consideration. If your video’s content conveys an underlying message that explains the benefits your business could bring in their daily lives, then that is what they are most concerned about.

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The following rules could be helpful:

  • Find out who your audience is that could lead to potential business opportunities for you. Find out some viewing data in similar content of your competition. YouTube channels are an excellent source for this R&D. SEMrush has a special section specifically for video marketers who require competitors data that comes from YouTube channels.
  • Check out the message patterns in these videos. Take a look and identify the key value propositions already in place or not present in your product. You should try to communicate a single message with the video’s script.
  • Video share, to date, the most effective method to learn visually and be amused. Make it enjoyable and educational. It doesn’t have to be business-oriented and descriptions that are relevant just to the person who reads it. It is not common for people to translate these so-called business-related languages to understand the meaning of their messages.
  • Your customers want to be encouraged. Therefore, speak from the heart. Keep it simple, concise and based on value.
    Don’t try to cover every aspect of what you offer or your product can offer in a video of two minutes. Consider yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and limit your message to a handful of important, but essential points.
  • Give a unique feel to the video’s content. Storytelling is an effective method to achieve this. Make sure to cover every important point with the call-to-action.
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  • Give instances of how your company or products have helped make others life better. Also, describe what your product or service can do to help. Add behind-the-scenes look into your business. This is a great way to showcase your methods of operation or effectiveness in providing an answer to your client.
  • Share the success stories of your customers. People love to connect the stories of others with their own when making business decisions.
  • Ask frequently asked questions of your customers via emails, social networks marketing campaigns, and other offline or online sources. Utilize them when you are making your script for the video. A compelling video should provide solutions to the problems of customers.
  • Upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular websites and channels for the greatest exposure. Keep doing it.
  • Always make sure that you’ve established a clear objective for your video and that the video demonstrates this to your client.

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2. Offer Bait for Fishing Leads

In the midst of various methods of marketing through content among all strategies for content marketing, this is among the most effective ways to collect personal data of prospective customers. People are likely to give data about themselves if they are offered something valuable as a reward. It is possible to offer a present or discount coupon or a freebie, a limited trial and even cashback, while inviting prospects to give their email addresses in order to gain access to your brochure, white paper or perhaps view a video from the past.


you shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, consider this method as one of the alternatives. Make sure you share only the best material. Advertising is better than copies. Make sure you choose the appropriate the platform you choose to share your business information. A 30-second video explaining your business is an excellent way to engage your Facebook or Twitter users. For website or blog content you can make your videos slightly longer.

Create a post that links directly to the leads generation website when sharing it via social media websites. Include a customized message that has a specific benefits for the link. Making use of relevant images with your content is a good way to go. It provides short information to people who read it and conveys a feeling of individuality.

Make use of a tool to schedule posts to help automate the posting of social media content. It helps save time and also ensures the regularity of posting. It is a good idea to pin your lead magnet posts at the very top of your Facebook profile or feed. This is a way to ensure maximum exposure for the most valuable lead generation pages.

3. Produce Content With a ‘Wow’ Factor

Content marketers are in each and every part of the web all over the world. What’s unique about you?If you’re not able to excel at presenting your service, product or brand as unique nobody cares about what you are doing in the midst of a sea of competition. Meet or exceed the expectations of your customers and delight them with your ideas for business and take their feedback carefully.

How to Become a Thought Leader

Discover what makes your brand unique, behave as an advisor, guide, and then create content around that. Be sure that your content is focused on the most cutting-edge solutions or topic that is urgent or the common pain point. This is how you be a thought-leader.Thought leaders excel in engaging in live discussions and addressing the issues of others.

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Using Twitter for Research

Think about an example to show those who follow you on Twitter. In case you want to get to know your followers and identify their issues visit Twitter search enter your keyword and then find the top questions that are asked about the query. Once you’ve identified the things your customers want or require, you can deliver to them precisely what they would like to read. Stay on the topic for a while and then get them to take action to your suggestions. In sharing collaterals, or providing solutions to your target audience ensure that you are the same branding. This will help in retaining your brand and leads generation.

The process of generating leads is described as a straightforward and unbiased process. If you’ve provided unique, imaginative and real solutions to your customers for a considerable amount of time, then lead generation is a natural process.

4. Create Content Assets and Maintain Chain Link

Webinars, videos, infographics presentations, e-books White papers, Case Studies brochures blog posts, articles and web-based content – build everything around a central concept and follow a customer-centric approach to every asset. Utilize cross-linking and internal linking to link content assets to each other. For instance, your content could include links to a similar video, infographic or the lead generation form that you have on your site.

Similar to webinar videos, webinars might include a hyperlink to a white paper or product brochure. This increases the exposure and popularity of your content.The more chains you construct, the more effective. For a pull-based marketing strategy it is essential to construct an effective content mesh that can reduce the leads you could be able to reach. SEMrush has proven its value in the area of analysis of competition and idea generation for content.

5. Be Found in Blog Network

The idea of writing a blog on your site or writing an article for the site of a third party is a great idea. However, it isn’t enough. In order to establish your self as a thought-leader and a thought leader, being a part of at least a dozen popular blogs and websites is essential. You should be a regular contributor on these sites and build an established reputation in time. When you’ve established a strong profile on those blogs, having your company’s name listed on your profile will begin getting more leads. In the end, you must keep a positive attitude with each of your articles as a guest writer.

6. Learn More From Customers Than Your Mistakes

Leads connect leads to leads.It could become a routine process if you understand the behaviour the leads. You can ask them about their favorite things and what they don’t like. They will feel more open and relaxed when you take the respondents with a survey.

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It is possible to conduct an online survey using third-party sites such as Survey Monkey or on your blog, website or social media platforms. Making questions that are suitable that appeal to online users is a skill. Be precise with the questions you want to ask, and offer them sufficient options or responses to choose from. It makes the whole process easier. This makes their lives easier. Gather all responses and engage in the process of brainstorming. Find out what isn’t working and then stop doing it. Repeat the method that works best for them and your. Use that experience and knowledge into your written content. This will help you prevent the death-by-prevention of your possible business partner.

7. Follow Some Good-to-Apply Ideas

  • Focus on your subjects when creating content. The more specific your writing the more effective and action-oriented responses you receive from your readers.
  • Make sure you ask questions on topics that are near the lowest in the channel. This increases lead conversion rate.
  • Make time to research the keywords that can generate leads. Find keywords with a high search number, and which you are able to reasonably rank for.
  • Create a keyword pool and create key phrases around these high-value keywords. Utilize the keywords and long-term key words only sparingly within your articles. This will optimize your content for major search engines, which results in more numbers of leads and increased traffic.
    Keep up with the creation and sharing your content. Allow them to be accessible to the appropriate users at the right moment through the right channels.Get better search engine ranking for your business
  • Make sure you are working on the optimization of conversion rates as well in relation to your content and your channels that you want the content to be displayed on. Create a well-constructed sales funnel. Bundle all of your marketing channels for content into one unit, in order to create an automated source of leads for the sales funnel.
  • When you are aware of the factors that have been successful and what has not then you’re more likely to replicate the success elements. Whatever kind of content you produce for your offline or online viewers, keep in mind that each element of it is a reflection of your brand’s reputation. Make sure to write about solutions that are customer-ready concepts, ideas, and value propositions, not things that are primarily business-related.

The web is awash with content. Thus, the life-span of your content is largely dependent on the quality of its engagement and the ability to retain users. The advice of experts will assist you in creating an efficient content marketing plan and build it upon it.

What is stopping you from implementing the latest techniques you’ve been using for a while? Learn more about them and share your experience with us – either good or bad.

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