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What is bing?

Microsoft owns and operates Bing, a web search engine that is used to find information online. It’s the most recent version of previous search engines, including Windows Live Search (MSN Search), and Live Search. In 2009, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the search engine, which currently ranks second in the US behind Google’s 87% market share.
Bing offers many features. From advanced filters that allow users to narrow down search results to image and video searches, to advanced filters that allow users to refine them, Bing has it all. Instant answers span finance, sports, dictionary, calculations and flight tracking. Translation and conversion of units are just a few examples.

It is called Bing because of its Chinese name.

After being selected through focus groups, the search engine’s name was chosen by Microsoft.
It would be a reminder of the sound that Microsoft made during ‘the momentof discovery and decision making’. David Webster (an advertising strategist at Microsoft), had originally suggested that the word “bang” be used.’ This was for many of the same reasons as ‘Bing. After it was realized that it couldn’t be used properly as a verb to search the internet, however, ‘bang’ didn’t make it into the final cut. Webster noted that “I banged” had very different connotations than “I binged”.

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