8 Perfect Jungle Scout Alternatives (Save $69/month? )


First, The Case for Jungle Scout (My 5-Figure Mistake)

Are you need Jungle Scout or other paid tools to conduct research on products?

Are you need to be able to use it? No question about it, yes!
But I’m assuming you don’t have the funds to pay an annual fee of $70 to Jungle Scout.

If you’re one of them, take a look at my 8 best alternative for HTML0 Jungle Scout (paid and free tools).

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The good thing is that you don’t have to use the expense of a tool to discover the most sought-after Amazon products (though they are useful)! ). The following review will discuss every Jungle Scout alternative, explain the advantages of it, WHO it’s for, and the best way to make use of it.

The process of looking into products is the primary element in establishing one of the top retailers. If you do something wrong, it will cost you thousands and even wind, without any evidence to prove the results. Spend the time to read this article thoroughly. You shouldn’t perform it the same method as I did.

Jungle Scout Group Buy- Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool FBA

Here’s why…

Some time back, there was a young Amazon FBA businessman. He was excited, brimming with enthusiasm, energy, and an unwavering determination to create an enterprise which was worth 7 figures. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

That was me ….

I’m not one of those the way people throw around “empire” around as if it’s not an issue. But I was thrilled to be completely “Ghengis Khan” on Amazon.

In particular, because the people. I believed were more successful than others had been enjoying a great deal in the way of success.

Then I jumped into the deeps with my head down, and began to conquer the jungle and build my own empire.

Catastrophic FAILURE…

“Product research? Me? I’m not certain. I can tell the quality of a product if I examine the item! ” -” Amazon sellers that will be 100 percent break within 6 months.

Promotions to promote products. Paid advertisements. A better list. Do you know what the price will be for this? It could be thousands, if you’re fortunate. A number of the hundreds or thousands is much more likely.

Any marketing campaign could sell a subpar merchandise. After wasting some months creating five-figure products that were that were burning, I walked to the mirror and told my full story.

HTML0 “You did something wrong. Retry it the right way “.

The most effective method to approach is to conduct extensive research. I then joined Jungle Scout (one of the only tools to conduct research that is within my budget currently). The value of this online venture is 6 figures and it can be observed as the only regret I have is that I did not do it right at the beginning.

If your base has been damaged it is possible to cause the Yurt (is it part belonging to Mongolian household items? Mongolian home? ) is likely to be ripped from the.

Okay, what’s meaning of my rant at my former self?

The key is learning from the mistakes made by other people. You can read the following paragraphs several times:

In case you do not wish to spend your time and money to research your product and also research, you must stop right now.

You could save yourself months of labor as well as hundreds worth of dollar.

It’s not necessary to have an expensive tool to conduct Amazon research in a proper method, but you have to be an experienced. If you’re not financially able to purchase it, you can start with an absolutely free Jungle Scout alternative to get ideas, and after that you can choose the more expensive option to conduct a more comprehensive research. Certain free research tools can be useful even though they aren’t perfect.  Jungle Scout Alternatives.

Do you and your business do serious business? If you’re not willing to invest 30 to $100 per month to the most important part of your business?

OK, enough. Let’s go.

1. The Best Jungle Scout Alternative (And the Tool I Use) – Helium 10

Helium 10 will be your most efficient alternative and is the most suitable choice for Jungle Scout.

There’s no need to say. You can scratch this. It’s the top-selling device on Amazon that is available. It’s not exaggerating.

Its features are the result of time-and-space-bending hydrogen fusion deep within supernovas.  Jungle Scout Alternatives.
Contrary to of one of these Jungle Scout alternatives on this list, Helium 10 offers literally everything you’ll need in one place. In contrast to Jungle Scout is a product research tool.

Helium is product research and also:

  • Competitive Analyse- Helium 10 reverse-engineers your competition and gives the reasons for their in the top position. In this way you’ll be able benefit from the model, enhance it, and ultimately surpass your competitors. It’s like black magic.
  • Keyword research- Keyword research with Helium’s “Magnet” tool lists thousands of related keywords that haven’t yet been studied that are connected to”seed keywords. “seed keyword,” aiding you in discovering Keywords that have low competition, which and you (and those who compete with you) do not even realize exist.
  • Optimizing Listings-  Helium 10 A guide to optimizing listings. It demonstrates how you can optimize your listing to get better rankings and faster results, with no extra effort.
  • Chrome Extension- “X-Ray” is an ideal fit to your browser and gives you the ability to concentrate on pages and comprehend all you must learn about them in a snap. Click the icon of the webpage you’re on and X-Ray will provide an in-depth review of the product. It also offers amazing data on the product’s profitability and estimates from suppliers of sales.

Helium 10 reviews, coupon, pricing, Sell on Amazon and More- Helium10

The only at the very beginning.

All you need in addition to insurance for inventory and refund management analytics, PPC tools, and even the ability to create a landing page!

However, this all is expensive (if you’re seeking something cheaper, look at another).

Why Helium 10 Over Jungle Scout?

Every major Amazon sellers I’ve talked to make use of this application. This is the app on the web that every sellers in the six and seven figures utilize and it’s not an issue of contention. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

Jungle Scout is an excellent tool to conduct studies on the products. Helium 10 is a fantastic tool for researching products and is also among the top competitor research available in the market and the optimization of listings as well as keywords research inventory management, marketing analyzer.

Imagine an exponential growth machine that is supernova-born which helps you discover profitable products, and reverse engineering competitors to increase your listing as well as run your business. create ads, and even earn more money on Amazon on refunds. All for $97 per month!

If you’ve got cash to invest and want to find the best Amazon seller tool on the market, Helium 10 is it. No other among these Jungle Scout alternatives on this list will be able to match the impressive array of features this software offers.


  • Unfair advantage
  • Incrediblely large database of information about products
  • All-in-one tool
  • It is compatible with various Amazon marketplaces
  • It is the only web-based app for an Amazon seller that could ever be required
  • Find valuable information about the product using Chrome extensions for browsers. Chrome browser extension
  • It’s a pleasant alternative to Jungle Scout on the market
  • It has a no-cost trial plan, which is ideal to test


  • Price
  • Learning curve

The team Helium 10 Helium 10 has been gracious enough to give DreamGrow customers a discount – you can select between a 50% discount for the first month, or an all-year discount of 10 percent. Utilize any of the links above to view the coupons.

2. The Best Jungle Scout Alternative Runner Up – Viral Launch (Helium 10 “Light”)

Viral Launch offers the brand new Amazon seller with everything they need to start their first product. The cost is just half of the price for Helium 10. (for”Beginner” plan) “Beginner” plan).

If Helium 10 is strong enough to bend time and space Viral Launch is comparable to a tiny supernova.

Viral Launch’s Viral Launch package offers numerous disadvantages, such as the ability to track top-selling products and conducting research on products and formulating sales estimates. Automatic analysis of keywords (straight firing) and ASIN listings evaluation. Viral Launch also comes with a robust Market Intelligence Chrome extension that offers Amazon merchants with a an extensive Amazon analysis and AI-powered insights.

Viral Launch Group Buy- Best Amazon FBA Seller Tools

This amazing tool offers some advantages when compared with Helium 10. (DOWN is FRAZIER…not in any way):

Kinetic PPC The most efficient PPC software on the market. Simple rules-making and templates that produce huge profits make managing the PPC campaign very simple as well as profitable. When your item doesn’t waste time, it can be a success on PPC.

Split Testing Viral Launch gives the ability to access Listing Dojo which is a fantastic split testing system that’s completely cost-free. You can’t choose which image or what copy you’d like to use?
If that weren’t enough, Viral Launch offers free courses and ebooks and even assists in the introduction of your product. This allows you to launch your product within days, not months.

If you have a few minutes, why not look over our comprehensive analysis between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout. It’s certainly worth taking the effort and time. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

Why Viral Launch Over Jungle Scout (Or Helium 10? )

This is similar to my comments in my post about Helium 10, just to an extent.

Jungle Scout is best for researching products and connecting you with suppliers.

Viral Launch is a collection of tools that can be used for research growth, listings and management. It also includes Split testing and PPC.
One is for identifying opportunities and starting. The other one is about finding opportunities, beginning by creating a store marketing, expanding and managing.

In the case of Helium 10 it’s evident that The Viral Launch is a far less expensive option for your budget. The basic plan costs only around $50 per month, which is roughly 50% less in comparison to Helium 10. It’s also got less options.

I strongly… HIGHLY HIGHLY… highly recommend Helium 10. If cost is an problem, Viral Launch is a viable Jungle Scout alternative.


  • Big update on Jungle Scout
  • Less expensive than Helium 10
  • Excellent PPC tool
  • The most sophisticated profit calculator.
  • Chrome extension that provides an in-depth Amazon analytics
  • Test Viral Launch with 14 days of free trial


  • Not as many features Helium 10
  • Plans with higher levels aren’t worth the cost.

3. The Best FREE Jungle Scout Alternative – Unicorn Smasher

It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars per month and hundreds of hours of searching for an effective product.

You could also start slamming Amazon by using a mythical color creature, and a horn that rises off its head.

Unicorn Smasher is my favorite free Jungle Scout alternative. It’s also absolutely free. Like, absolutely no cost (cool!).

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In addition, it’s more conservative with its numbers, which means you won’t overestimate sales, and end up losing money.

This tool is a powerful way to speed up your Amazon study:

  • Up-to-date historical information on products
  • One dashboard to manage your research
  • Score of Opportunity (profitability measured)
  • Deep insights into all niches

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have enough money to put into it, Unicorn Smasher is the best tool. It’s more than enough to start you off, and you’ll be able to upgrade in the future.

In terms of free Amazon tools for research on products are concerned It’s the best. It’s even superior to paid-for tools (**Cough ASINspector cough*)

I also like the fact that this amazing information can be accessed through the Chrome extension. Unicorn Smasher is installed into the popular browser which allows users to perform their research without leaving Amazon.

Now, let’s look at the negatives…

It’s a tool that’s free. This means that it’s quite small in comparison to the paid versions. Don’t expect features that melt space or a profit-making plan.

It’s also not quite as extensive or granular. If you were me I’d be sure to have ideas for a product in my head prior to using the smasher.

Additionally, Unicorn Smasher is notorious for leaking information. Sometimes, I’ll apply it to a product only for the data such as sales Rank, or estimated monthly sales to be not present. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

However… good for a tool free of charge.


  • Free
  • Simple and quick
  • Enough to start
  • The use of conservative estimates could prove helpful.
  • All information is visible in a convenient Chrome Extension


  • Sometimes misses product-specific data like Sales Rank
  • Features that are limited

4. The Best Alternative Keyword Tracker/Launch Tool – AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker It’s the ULTIMATE all-round ranking system. If you’ve got concepts for products This is the right tool to improve rankings, safeguard your store from theft, and improve conversions.

AMZtracker Group Buy- Best Amazon Marketing Toolkit

Keywords CRO and negative attack alerts — these players know how to play both sides of the ball:

  • Offensive: Why create a new wheel when you could see what your competition is doing and then improve upon the same blueprint? The tracking of keywords as well as CRO lets you know what strategies are working, and then optimise those strategies to improve ranking. It’s the nearest to a guarantee ranking you can get on Amazon.
  • Security: Keep your Amazon business secure by avoiding negative reviews as well as hijack warnings. AMZ Tracker gives you the best chance of raising your rating by resolving negative reviews quickly. If someone attempts to take over your listing, you’ll catch the situation with the utmost vigor.

Plus you get PROMOS!

AMZ Tracker gets your product placed in front of millions of people instantly using Vipon and instantly improves the speed of your product, one of the key Amazon rankings factors.

The benefits of ranking increase exponentially when your products begin to fly like hotcakes. You can sell more items quickly, which boosts your rankings. In turn, due to your ranking you get more visitors to your page, which means you make even more sales.

AMZ Tracker is a growth and ranking tool.

It basically means it’s:

  • Conduct an analysis of your competitors
  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Increase conversion
  • Be sure to protect your top rankings

It’s not a research or marketing tool, nor is it a listings optimization tool. It’s certainly not a tool for managing stores neither.

Okay, so why should it be included as an Jungle Scout alternative if they aren’t doing the same thing?

Astute observation, dear reader.

This is a dirty little secret. AMZ Tracker owns Unicorn Smasher (famous for the fact that it’s number three on the list). It is possible to combine this along with Unicorn Smasher PRO to do your own research. Then, utilize AMZ Tracker to determine the best ranking of your results.


  • The most effective promotional tool available
  • Compare, analyze and optimize listings with one application
  • Guard against bad reviews and piracy
  • 7-day trial for free


  • Should be used in conjunction with Unicorn Smasher to study
  • Keyword research isn’t quite on the same degree as Helium 10

5. The Best Alternative Sales and Inventory Tool – Sellics

Sellics It’s a comprehensive all-in-one sales package that includes SEO PPC inventory, sales, along with customer testimonials.

Think of it as one-stop Amazon vendor tool, which is able to be used for management and marketing. Everything you require to manage and expand your business is available all in one location.

Here are some things I am in love with regarding Sellics:

  • Practical guidance: Insights from Sellics are transformed into practical advice that will let you know what you need to do and make the right choice.
    A clean interface in a web filled with complicated tools, Sellics is simple, clean and easy to use. and I’m a huge lover for the colour scheme.
  • Amazon SEO: Sellics Amazon SEO is the next-level. Find hidden treasures, optimize listings and monitor rankings to achieve more efficient, quicker results. A cool feature is you can analyze your listing to those of your competition to determine which adjustments you’ll need to make.

Who does this code serve?

Sellics is actually more than just an SEO review, review, and inventory management tool. It is designed for established Amazon sellers looking for an real tools for managing sales. Jungle Scout is a product research tool and supplier tool disguised as a launch, sales or store manager tool.

If you’re ready to move on to the next stage and would like to expand your business, Sellics is perfect.

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And an monthly schedule for a business that earns between $60,000 and $240,000 per year in sales can be as low as 100 dollars!


  • Fantastic Amazon marketing
  • Fantastic interface
  • Practical advice
  • 7-day trial period for free


  • There is no research on the product

6. The Best Alternative Amazon Product Research Tool – AMZScout

AMZScout It’s similar to is similar to Pepsi, Burger King, or Chevy of Amazon product research.

In this sense it’s sort of a second brand. It’s decent but it’s not McDonald’s, Coke, or Ford or Ford, for instance.

AmazonScout’s Amazon Sellers Bundle is essentially a blueprint and a toolkit for going from nothing to launching, which includes:

  • Education- Learn the basics of selling on Amazon.
  • Search for products-  millions of items are at your fingertips, and over 40 filters. This means you can get more ideas for products, fresh keyword concepts for your advertisements, and the ability to check your performance in turbo mode.
  • Pro Extension- Check niche concepts discover and confirm trends, identify profitable and hidden opportunities, and boost your listing with the information you gather gained from the browser.
  • FBA calculator- Find the most important variables such as FBA costs, returns and sales estimates within a single click. This way, you will be able to know what the actual profit will be and then plan in line with that. Jungle Scout Alternatives.The entire package is available at around $50 per month This is an excellent price If you ask me. Jungle Scout doesn’t offer the similar level of training.

What’s the motivation behind AMZScout instead of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is certainly superior, however AMZScout is more user-friendly and comes with a high-quality training. It’s more of a sales blueprint, and comes with the tools for making it happen. It’s somewhatdifferent but essentially similar that’s why we have it’s Pepsi/Coke analogy.

Similar to the popular drinks, the choice boils down to personal preference. Do you prefer liquid sugar death wrapped in red labels? Do you prefer blue labels? For me, I would prefer red.

In the end, Jungle Scout has more features at a lower cost. AMZScout provides a much simpler user experience and offers beneficial education.


  • Simplified package
  • Affordable
  • Training for beginners
  • Accurate sales estimates
  • 7-day trial for free


  • There aren’t the same number of features as other tools.
  • There are some features that aren’t as effective than Jungle Scout and other tools

7. The Ultimate Amazon Problem Solving Tool – Seller Labs

Seller Labs It is also it’s only option to Jungle Scout that was born in the Matrix.

Imagine that you were a store’s manager, Morpheus showed up to your home and connected into a virtual world where every Amazon issues were resolved by hyper-intelligent software BEFORE they bludgeoned you over.

This is Seller Labs in a nutshell. Like the Matrix I don’t care if the story is true or not. I love it.

In essence, Seller Labs is a collection of apps that will eliminate the majority of Amazon store problems.

Warning: This alternative to Jungle Scout is not for novices. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

These applications include research, feedback, advertising as well as product management.

Here’s a sample:

  • Ignite- Amazon advertisement at its easiest and most efficient. Ignite is a tool for automating your advertisements by providing immediate suggestions that are based on millions of bits of historical data that are beyond human understanding.
  • Feedback Genius- Improve your reviews, and get more. This tool earns you the purchase box, automates seller messages and informs you of reviews at a moment’s notice to ensure that the feedback you provide is as positive as it can be.
  • Scope- Discover instantly the most powerful products and keyword opportunities, then discover how to boost the rankings.
  • performance- Take your Amazon business to the next level by automating the reporting process making inventory management simpler, and analyzing data in granular detail to determine what’s working and not working. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

If that weren’t enough Seller Labs extends beyond applications and offers real-time services that range from listing optimization to photos and even messaging.

The One who was prophesied to be The One that was prophesied ….


  • Excellent automation
  • It saves time and energy
  • High-level performance and marketing applications as well as high-level marketing
  • Amazing 30-day trial free of charge


  • The app for product research and KW isn’t as good as Helium 10

8. Good for Beginners and Cheap (Free Plan Included) – AMAZE Owl

AmazeOwl is a great alternative to Jungle Scout that’s perfect for novices, particularly people on a limited budget. The free plan provides 3 keywords to keep track of within a single niche, as well as some basic keywords research (at low speeds). …).

However, beyond this, the tool is pretty impressive for its price. The suite lets you find potential opportunities for your product (with description of data you’re looking at), validate and launch your products, and track the competition. All at $12.99 (with some limitations).

If you’re concerned that this isn’t enough for getting started…you’re almost right. Jungle Scout Alternatives.

It’s not as strong than Jungle Scout, and you are aware of how seriously you have to conduct when conducting research on products (you have read my article you know?). For the cost, it’s not too bad and could be a great starting point for those who are new Amazon sellers on a limited budget who want to take a step further over The Unicorn Smasher (totally free).

You may have observed, not all Amazon products research tools provide an unlimited plan It’s worth trying AmazeOwl out.


  • Affordability offers an acceptable free plan
  • Okay (just not the best)


  • Fairly small
  • The product database is smaller
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