Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which Can Boost Your Amazon Sales?

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout Which Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Amazon seller typically look at Jungle Scout or Helium 10 to aid in managing their businesses.

Some claim that the products are comparable. Some are ardent supporters of one over the others for various reasons.

Which one has the most accurate data? Which one offers better support for sellers? Which one is rolling out useful new features that will assist sellers in keeping on top of Amazon?

We’ll review the primary requirements for this Amazon seller software and present transparent, side-by-side comparisons:

  • Sales estimate accuracy
  • Search volume accuracy
  • Features
  • User experience
  • Experience and expertise
  • Resources and support
  • Customer ratings
  • Pricing
  • It is a good idea to know

Of course, it’s best to be sure to take this with a pinch sugar that you’re a Jungle Scout. We are obviously convinced of our product and that’s the reason we’re using it to run our own Amazon companies –and however, we’re here to offer an objective, fair contrast between Jungle Scout and Helium 10 to let you be the you decide.

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Sales estimate accuracy: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Amazon sellers require exact data to help them make informed decisions.

Jungle Scout was founded as an online tool for research on products that has the long record of data gathering and analysis, which allows it to create the most precise models of today. Data is at the heart of everything the work that Jungle Scout does: Our data scientists, data engineers, and dedicated product development staff ensure data accuracy and accuracy, and make data-driven decisions to provide our customers with the most useful insight and the best Amazon selling system.

In actuality, we’ve conducted numerous tests and cases studies to check our own data quality and have always win every time.

Which has the same data. Jungle Scout has the highest precision and the most accurate error rate of any Amazon software vendors. jungle Scout has the most robust and precise Amazon data available in the market. It’s actually 14% more precise over Helium 10,

Jungle Scout’s accuracy:

Let’s say that we have found an item that we could sell on Amazon with the help of Jungle Scout. We are aware the fact that Jungle Scout has an 84.1 percentage accuracy.

Our data shows that the product is moving around 500 units a month. So we have a supplier located in China which can produce the item at a cost of $5 and invest $7,500 for the inventory for three months.

If you consider Jungle Scout’s 15.9 percent range of error (i.e. 100% less the 84.1 percent accuracy rate) for the estimate of sales for the product, this suggests that there’s about 16 percent chance that the product could be underperforming in some way. It could be able to sell just half its inventory, or the entire inventory.

Helium 10 accuracy:

At 74 percent the accuracy of Helium 10 is lower than that of Jungle Scout’s, which means it’s margin of error greater. and Let’s suppose we come across the product that Helium 10 states it will be sold at a rate of 500 per month. Just like before, we locate an industry that can make it at $5 per unit and will purchase the stock for three months at $7,500.

Because Helium 10 has a margin of error of 26%, we’re formulating an estimate that’s about 12 percent less precise than Jungle Scout’s.

It may not seem like a significant difference initially, but when we consider how much we spent for inventory — and the hours we spent in negotiations on behalf of our vendor, optimizing the listing as well as marketing the listing both on as well as on Amazon.

Advantage: Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout was the first Amazon research tool available on the market, launching at the beginning of February in 2015, a year before Helium 10 launched. Not just it is Jungle Scout more established in the Amazon selling market and has a longer timeframe has also enabled Jungle Scout’s Jungle Scout data models to get better trained and precise.

Jungle Scout’s 84.1 percent accuracy is significantly more accurate than Helium 10’s accuracy of 74 as well as that 10% difference in accuracy puts your business at greater risk. Your money is at risk each when you rely on data that isn’t accurate.

This significant variation in accuracy could result in reduced sales, lower revenue, or even higher cost.

Search Volume Accuracy: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

If you own a brand that is registered in Brand Registry which is a part of the Brand Registry, you’ll can access a brand new tool available in Seller Central known as Search Query Performance (SQP). Amazon SQP provides insights into your brand’s performance in search using data like the volume of searches, click-through rates and add-to-cart rate as well as purchase rate and other.

We wanted to compare the accuracy of Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout tool and Helium 10’s Magnet tool with Amazon SQP. Being in the best connection of your product with Amazon SQP means feeling confident in your decisions regarding the direction of your Amazon business. If you are relying on incorrect data and assumptions, you could underestimate or undervalue the amount of demand for your product.

Our team compared monthly keywords search volume data for each tool with the volume Amazon provides in SQP . We discovered it to be Keyword Scout was much more exact than Helium 10, the keyword tool. In the on average Keyword Scout showed a 10.93 percent difference in comparison to the volume offered by Amazon as well as Helium 10 showed a -58.38 percentage difference.

Check out this data below. We picked the right keywords as the Amazon Search Query Performance tool only provides the search volume for your keywords. registered brands. and Jungle Scout is a company that sells Jungle Scout, we sell disposable dog pee pads as well as other products under the brand name Jungle Creations, as part of our Million Dollar Case Study that donates all the proceeds from our sales of products to charitable causes.

When selecting a tool for your Amazon business, ensure you consider how accurate the data. If the tool frequently overestimates the amount of searches that are performed for your specific keywords this could cause you to purchase something that’s not generating the popularity you believed it would.

features: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Tools, features capabilities, features… Whatever you want to call them. What ever you want to refer to them they are, we want to ensure that you are able to accomplish these things to help your Amazon business increase its growth.

Advantage: Jungle Scout

If you’re not choosing an entire Amazon seller tool specifically to automate PPC or for utilize on mobile devices, Jungle Scout has more (and more comprehensive) capabilities and features over Helium 10.

User experience: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout clearly have their own user interfaces and user experiences even though they’re trying to help a single seller accomplish the same task.

For instance the moment you join Jungle Scout, you will be presented with the brand newly-designed Home Dashboard that features sales widgets for an instant review of the way your Amazon company performed over the past seven days.

Sellers will be provided with high-level metrics like total sales, profits per units sold as well as Net margin, ROI and many more.

Then Jungle Scout’s interface allows users to quickly select the criteria you’re seeking with a variety of filters that you’ll require to research your new product concept.

After you have searched and click search, the site is filled with hundreds of items you are able to dig into. While you browse through the results of your search, Product Database will show you exactly what you’re searching for. It will also show net cost charges, as well as the possibility of adding into the Tracker with just one click.

Experience and expertise: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Jungle Scout was the first Amazon seller solution for marketing and was designed by sellers, for sellers.

The Chief Executive Officer of Jungle Scout, as well as the creator Greg Mercer is an eight-figure Amazon seller who established Jungle Scout to help other entrepreneurs achieve success in their businesses and to assist them in achieving financial independence via Amazon. and In 2012, when that he was deemed the top Amazon Expert in The Seller Awards in 2012. He was also twice an EY Finalist in their”Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. He was also two-time Top 50 SaaS CEO winner.

Greg has created Jungle Scout as largely a group of Amazon sellers who run Amazon’s private Amazon businesses all over the world. This includes marketers, developers as well as customer service and training experts, senior Product managers, and other experts.

{Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10}

Furthermore to that, many members of The Jungle Scout team have been involved in their participation in the Million Dollar Case Study the program that allows them to research and locate items from Amazon as a group that assists them in the process to help novice sellers comprehend the process step-by-step. (And it’s the truth the fact that Jungle Scout have sold over one million dollars worth of merchandise and donated the proceeds to charities. )

Helium 10.10 is the smallest of their teams overall, however, it appears they have made investments to create the team of Amazon experts and salespeople from their own Product developers.

Advantage: Both

Imagine this in the following as follows: Jungle Scout’s expertise and knowledge is comprehensive and obvious. Jungle Scout has the most experience and expertise. Jungle Scout gets the unique advantage in this field. Because we’re not employed by Helium 10 us, we allowed it to occur as an accident.

Resources and support: Jungle Scout or Helium 10

Our Customer Service team from Jungle Scout has been highly reviewed and is made up of Amazon experts that are available all hours of the day, seven every day. The group comprising twenty support staff can help with any questions about the products they sell, Amazon policy changes, updates and policies. It will also make sure sellers have the knowledge they require to start and sustain an online business that is successful.

Jungle Scout users also are able to access Academy an large library of knowledge that covers all aspects that comes with selling. Academy contains hundreds of videos (and the content is continually added) that can will help sellers make the best possible use of Jungle Scout’s tools as well as help sellers understand how they can sell their products via Amazon or answer the questions buyers might be asked.

In addition The majority of material from Jungle Scout Jungle Scout are absolutely free and accessible to all that includes:

  • the largest selection of completely free Amazon selling content, as along with video tutorials in depth
  • Tested and tried tips from genuine Amazon sellers that offer the most comprehensive concise, bite-sized, and unique tutorials.
  • Step-by-step case studies
  • Live on-boarding training
  • Tool Tip Tuesdays for product feature deep dives
  • Regular webinars
  • Free, in-depth data reports

Helium 10 has an academy for education that concentrates on teaching customers how to utilize Helium 10 instruments. Helium 10 tools. The program is referred to as Freedom Ticket, described as an “hands-on, technical run-through of how to sell on Amazon,” but it’s only accessible to clients who have succeeded. Certain benefits of this program include live chat and live classes for learning.

Advantage: Jungle Scout

Based on G2 an online website that reviews software and offers comparisons of the best market optimization tools available online, Jungle Scout outranked Helium 10 overall in terms of popularity and satisfaction of users.

A majority of Jungle Scout users are likely to suggest the program to different Amazon sellers, compared to. the that 87 percent of their recommendations were given by Helium 10 , Helium 10’s customers. In addition, the majority of those using Jungle Scout users say the product is headed toward the ideal direction in contrast with the 80 percent Helium customers that reported similar. In reality, Jungle Scout was rated higher than Helium 10 in all categories , which comprised: “Meets Requirements,” “Ease of Admin,” “Ease of Doing Business With,” “Quality of Support,” “Ease of Setup,” and “Ease of Utilization. “

Customer feedback: Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

In case you want to see stories from a different angle You can go to the source of the story. Jungle Scout and Helium 10 customers have testimonials from Trustpilot which provides an impartial review site.

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