The Best Amazon Competitor Analysis Tools for Sellers

The Best Amazon Competitor Analysis Tools for Sellers

Amazon sellers are frequently overwhelmed through manner of the use of the daunting and time-ingesting project of competitor assessment. Where does one even begin with masses records available? When finished effectively competitor evaluation can trade the game on your organization. Helium 10 has the extremely good Amazon competitor evaluation device available.

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The motive of carrying out an Amazon competitor evaluation is to find gaps to your private advertising and advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing approach in which you may expand and benefit your enterprise commercial enterprise organization. Competitor evaluation on Amazon is the manner of studying your competition’ techniques as a way to decorate your non-public. Competitor assessment research precise agencies on Amazon which might be selling your merchandise or adjacent.

Best Amazon Seller Tools To Boost Your Amazon Business in 2023


Sellers can use Xray device to have a look at income and income over time, on the aspect of costs. The widespread shape of lively sellers, evaluation depend, and evaluation velocity. Besides, all of this will be beneficial statistics to look how your product stacks up in opposition to the opposition for a selected product or place of hobby. Xray is most of the most correct Amazon product evaluation gear available.

Xray looking for effects expand into distinct product know-how at the facet of:

  • # – the amount of the list
  • ASIN – the Amazon Standard Identification Number for each product
  • Brand – the logo promoting the product
  • Title – the decision of the product
  • Category – what Amazon categorizes the product underneath
  • Seller – the enterprise promoting the product


From there you could use Cerebro to emerge as aware about which key phrases their competitor ranks for. And, It’s key to apprehend what key phrases your competitors are rating for to understand which key terms your customers are looking. Again, Cerebro makes key-phrase studies a bargain a bargain much less tough with the choice to test competitor key terms for your very personal ASIN! With the Competing ASINs desire in Cerebro, customers can immediately look at their key-word targeted on efforts with their best competitor ASINs.

The advantage of using this new opposite ASIN method permits you to discover developments amongst pinnacle keywords and your opposition. Then use their techniques on your benefit. For example, if you take a look at that a whole lot of your pinnacle competition are all score instead for a selected key-phrase. Are all on web net page one, you could need to purpose said key-phrase yourself.

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Market Tracker 360

After you’ve got got were given the product decided on and the key phrases from that product. You can set up a marketplace in Market Tracker 360 to look what the general market share is for them in choice to their competition. Helium 10’s dynamic tool, Market Tracker 360, does maximum of the come up with the results you need. Through way of monitoring your opposition’ regular everyday universal overall performance at scale.

This tool moreover gives producers a pulse on the whole thing they want to understand approximately their unique product marketplace, from the birds-eye view all of the way all of the manner proper all the manner all the way down to the granular and unique. Besides, Market Tracker 360 gives sellers with the whole lot they need to run an intensive and customizable competitor assessment proper away. Finally, with updates to provide you a image of the market most useful to you.

Listing Analyzer

Amazon Sellers can take advantage of Listing Analyzer to observe their product list in vicinity in their opposition’ product listing to look. How they stack up in competition to the competition. And, Good product listings are so crucial within the aggressive panorama of Amazon. And, That most of the Helium 10 equipment have been created specifically to installation. Generate sturdy listings or to research the content material material needed to growth those listings.

TheListing Analyzer tool allows clients get a huge, top-degree view in their contemporary-day or capability opposition’ listings concurrently. You’ll accumulate aListing Quality Score. Which shows a score on a scale of one (lowest) to ten (maximum) based totally on the style of Amazon extraordinary practices which have been discovered. And, this rating is damaged down in detail within the Listing Quality Score (LQS) Analysis segment.

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Listing Builder

Sellers can also plug in their product listing as opposed to their competitors’ product. And, list into Listing Builder to appearance more granular statistics on how their listings stack up. And, After you have were given had been given finished your key-phrase research. And, recognized your most essential key terms in your area of interest. Again, you could use Listing Builder to analyze your opposition’ product listing for the ones same key terms.

Are they the use of the ones same place of hobby product key terms? Are they enforcing those key terms into word form in their list? These are analytics that Listing Builder permits sellers find out. Finally, all you want to do is import your competitor’s ASINs to analyze their key-phrase techniques and adapt your personal!


It pays to pay attention! Using Helium 10’s Trendster lets in dealers to look how their opposition’ pricing has modified over time. And, whether or now not they want to adjust their non-public pricing to be greater competitive.

Enter any product ASIN and get hold of visible effects in seconds. Sellers can pull the style facts they want to determine what product is looked for the maximum every season. Clearly discover marketplace tendencies and take advantage of them to increase income.

Trendster facilitates dealers:

  • Determine product seasonality with historic records
  • Capitalize on Amazon product dispositions to take benefit of name for spikes
  • Efficiently have a observe the correlation amongst charge adjustments and earnings rank through the years

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Review Insights

Review Insights lets in Amazon sellers to see if their list is competitive in terms of evaluation quantity and remarkable. With Review Insights, you can outcomes sift via your opposition’ opinions to find out problems with their products. And, competition’ merchandise and spot in the event that they need to make adjustments on that surrender. This will even will let you peer in case you want to invest extra in your private evaluate series through Follow Up. And, whether or now not or now not or now not you want to run PPC campaigns for those products to build up extra reviews to be extra competitive.


Amazon competitor assessment can experience like a tedious task. Moreover, with the right device to your toolbox to streamline your facts studies. And, it’s an lousy lot greater possible to track your opposition and stay beforehand of them. Helium 10’s Amazon competitor assessment device assist sellers recognize. What’s strolling and now not strolling for the competition and identity areas to beautify their very non-public product listings. With Helium 10 Group Buy, Amazon competitor assessment has in no manner been this inexperienced.

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