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Keepa Group Buy

What is ?

Keepa group buy maintains a price list story for all products on Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online merchant. Users can individually track the worth development of products they’re curious about, and Keepa will notify them when the worth has reached a predetermined threshold. Besides this tracking feature, Keepa also can be wont to browse the complete range of Amazon goods, making use of the clear and well laid out Keepa interface also as great money-saving search features like Daily Drops. Just provides it a try.

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Which items are often Tracked?

All products available on Amazon are often tracked, with the rare exception of products with strict marketing regulations and eBooks. The latter is thanks to current limitations within the way Amazon provides the info Keepa is using to take care of its price histories and might change within the future.

Which Amazon Shops are Supported?

Keep is tracking the products of the Amazon shops within the US, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, India, Mexico, China, Brazil, and Australia. you’ll select your locale of choice from the header menu. There you’ll also select the location language, which may be done independently from the Amazon locale preference.

Keepa Features

  • Comprehensive price history graphs
  • Price Drop & Availability Alerts
  • Browser extensions – once installed the Keepa price history graph are going to be displayed directly on each Amazon product page
  • Compare international Amazon prices
  • Amazon Locales Support [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .it | .es | .in | | | ]
  • Registration Optional
  • Wish List Import
  • Deals, an summary of recent price drops

At first glance, the Keepa graphs might look confusing but really, once you get the hang of it, it becomes apparent just how detailed and complicated this extension (Chrome, Firefox) is so let’s dive in and take a glance.

  • There are 4 colors to concern yourself with: Amazon is orange, new marketplace items are blue, used marketplace items are black, and therefore the sales rank of a product is green. Just keep showing the colors and what they represent until they become a habit to you.
  • The time-frames you’ll select to look at a product’s history differs from CCC, and during a way we expect is far more intuitive. rather than watching such an extended view, Keepa shows you more immediate results by supplying you with the choice to display date ranges of each day, week, month, three months or all the info the extension has on file.
  • And when it involves a product’s monetary history, Keepa tends to win out again for a more intuitive display by showing you low dollar amounts on rock bottom and high dollar amounts on the highest.
  • The same intuitiveness goes for a product’s sales rank, too, with rock bottom at rock bottom and therefore the highest at the highest.
  • If you would like to stay your focus super narrow, click to get rid of a group of knowledge. And if you would like to broaden your scope, just click back the info sets. Plus, a neat thing happens if you click back the Amazon data set because it comes back shaded to point it’s available (and white if it’s out of stock). you’ll also see the in-stock, out-of-stock history of an item so you never need to compete directly with Amazon, which isn’t the neatest idea within the world.
  • And what happens if you perform all data sets? Well, Keepa just gives you a Green Line on your graph to point the sales rank history over the date range you’ve chosen. It’s a kind of default, as against having to manually input it as you’d with CCC.

Amazon Shopping Price Tracker Tools

Amazon shopping price history charts, price drop alerts tools.

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