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Competitor Analysis Tools

Analysis of Competitors toolsYou’re an experienced businessman. Your company does not exist in an environment of bubbles. You’re competing with other companies. What do they have in store for them?

Check them out with analysis tools for competitors and then ask your self… Does anyone rank higher than me? Why? Are they getting more engagement on social media? Why? Monitor and analyze your competitors’ strategies to learn how to be inspired, gain inspiration and outwit.

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Are you laggin behind your competitors? Struggling to get the same level of success?

Learn and look…

Tools to analyze competitors can assist you to track the competition, analyse, and gain from the strategies of your competition. After that, you can apply this information to kick off your marketing campaigns and make the big prize!

Okay, I know there are many competitor analysis tools to pick from, and deciding which one will work best for your business isn’t easy.

No probs, I’ve got you covered. I’ve handled all the resarch for your and I’ve listed my top 12 analysis of competitors tools.

Now, let me help you save some time, while I tell you about my personal favourite. Sure, I’m completely and utterly biased. Quick Search – It has all the attributes of the other tools in one package.

What is competitor analysis?

Analyzing and evaluating your competitors. They’re strengths and weakness. What does HTML0 have in common with your business.
What kind of brand awareness are your competitors in the market you are operating? Do they have more or less awareness than yours? Discover their costs as well as earnings reports price, share prices, customer service best practices, company cuture distribution methods, and a of other things. Analysis of Competitors tools.

Utilize these tips to refine your marketing strategies for your business. To outsmart your competitors. Analysis of Competitors tools.

If you’re interested in more information I suggest that you go through the steps to conduct an analysis of your competitors. It’s recommended by experts. an extensive guide that explains the reasons, what and the best way to conduct a competitor analysis.

Why do competitor analysis?

I’ve said before that you’ll be able enhance your marketing plan. There are opportunities on the market that your competitors haven’t yet noticed.You’ll discover opportunities which are proven to be successful for your competition, but you’ve not considered. For example, there are countries you ought to be targeting have been working for them. Analysis of Competitors tools .

Okay… enough.

If you’d like to know more, have a look at the How to conduct an analysis of competitors. This comprehensive guide will explain the why, what and how of conducting competitor analysis.

Let’s take a look at some instruments…

Best tools to analyze competitors

Making use of competitor analysis tools, applications or software – will aid you in identifying your competitors’ strategies for marketing and the key to their success in your market. Tools for analyzing competitors like the ones below can save you time, and help you find information you’re likely to miss.

What’s the coolest thing? These tools can assist you in understanding your competitors They’ll also analyze the performance of your website and uncover the information on your company’s performance that you’ll need to continually improve.

I’m starting off with my personal favourite.

Talkwalker’s highly effective social media-based search engine The powerful social media search engine – Quick Search – gives you an instant overview of your company online. It covers a variety of coverage of news sites, social networks, forums, blogs, and blogs.You’ll be able monitor the conversations around your business, people who are discussing you, and the current trends in your industry.

With real-time updates it allows you to enter several brands, including your competitors, and analyze their opinions, with a 90 percent accuracy. You can also find demographics for your audience such as gender, location, mentions, and much more. With filters, you can explore the latest current trends and themes and identify the news stories current and impacting. Analysis of Competitors tools .

Boom! You’re aware of how your competition are doing. The areas you’re not focusing on. Ideas for creating content or strategies for content that are likely to appeal to the audience.

2. Wappalyzer

This add-on is considered to be one of the most fascinating tools for analyzing competitors available due to its operation. It is an Firefox add-on, and does one thing, but what a wonderful thing, does it do it effectively.

Wappalyzer is an open-source tool that provides information about the technologies utilized on various websites. Layman’s terms? Wappalyzer acts as an extension to your browser that can determine the kind of software on a specific site.

Click on your rival’s websites and obtain an instant overview of the applications they’re running. Now, that’s awesome!

This is a crucial method to determine the effectiveness behind the websites of your competitors. Sure, a reputable web-based service can conceal this data. However, it’s likely that your rivals haven’t purchased this. Check it out!

The most important thing? Wappalyzer is completely free!

3. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is described as a business intelligence and analysis tool for competitive analysis, BuiltWith provides profiles of websites that sales, lead generation, eCommerce data, business intelligence as well as competitive analysis. Impressive, no?

Utilizing BuiltWith as part of your analysis of competition will help you identify the key segments of the market that your company could not be focusing on. Find your competitors and make an inventory of potential customers.

It is possible to track the market data of different segments, as well as find trends in usage and market share data across the Internet. Additionally, there is details on competing technologies and the performance of these technologies.

Comparing competitors means you’ll discover:

  • If a technology is growing in market shares or is losing it, then the technology may be losing
  • If the technology’s competitors are growing the market at an quicker rate
  • Rate of turnover among technology companies
  • Sites that have changed in one direction from the next

The best part with BuiltWith can be that it has an affordable plan to search for your own site as well as Basic or Pro Enterprise access. This way even if you just require only a few of the services, you won’t be enticed to pay a huge amount.

4. WooRank

WooRank provides an SEO detection as well as a an online tool for marketing. It will scan your site and give you an analysis of your SEO. The reason I’ve put it on my list of tools to analyze competitors is to allow you to analyze your competition as well. Analysis of Competitors tools .

The tool lets you add three competitors, meaning you can conduct a comparison of:

  • Technical SEO
  • Usability and performance of the site
  • The use of the word “keyword”
  • Backlink quality
  • Social media engagement

The WooRank Keyword Tool measures and tracks keywords’ rankings and the SEO impact. The competitors you are competing against are included automatically which means you’ll get insights into their strategies for marketing as well as their objectives and what they are most interested in. In addition, it monitors your website’s SEO performance as well as the ranking of keywords and landing pages of your competitors.

If you’re ready to pay, there are many pricing plans that won’t cost the bank and can make your website stand out from over your competitors and gaining more traffic. ROI is a fact!

Keyword Tool from WooRank is WooRank’s search engine for keyword research, monitoring and competitor analysis tool.

WooRank Group Buy- Best Complete Website Analysis‎ Tool

5. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

The tool assists you in identifying new keywords. The name itself suggests. It allows you to look at your competitors’ websites and the web for keywords that are relevant to your company and market. It’s a fantastic tool to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in keyword usage. Improve search results and ensure your information supply is relevant.

6. SEMrush

It’s the top tool for analyzing competitors since it’s a full online marketing solution that incorporates SEO keyword research, PPC and an analysis of competitor Social Media PR and content, and many additional. The SEMrush software comes with over 30 different tools which allow users to analyze 3.7 billion keywords along with four trillion hyperlinks.


HTML0 SEMrush offers SEO audits and trackers of position along with details on trends in the competitive landscape and much more.

You can design your own toolkit and pick the ones that make fit for the project you’re working on. There are particular tools specifically designed for SEO marketing as well as advertising and content marketing social media, and analysis of competition.

Specific aspects of competitor analysis are:

  • Find the top competitor’s keywords
  • Find organic competitors with new keywords
  • Learn strategies of your budgets and competitors
  • Check the copy of competitor’s ads Keywords, advertisements and display
  • Discover new competitions New opponents AdWords in addition to Bing adverts.
  • Find the top-performing products or services by making use of ads from competitors.

Three pricing options available to choose from: Pro Guru, Business and. Each plan includes a specific degree of features according to the requirements of your company.

7. SpyFu

The initial name was GoogSpy SpyFu, an analysis tool for searches that show the keywords that websites buy using Google AdWords. This means you’ll be able to find every keyword your competitors have bought and each test they’ve run.

It also displays the keywords that they rank them in relation to. You can look them up to locate the backlinks and pages that have them ranked. You can make use of this information to figure out how backlinks from your competitors are working, and then search for the backlinks on your site.

SpyFu exposes the tactics employed by search marketing professionals of your competitors.

SpyFu gathers this data by scraping websites and updates its database each monthly. It gives you an overview of most recent trends with SEM or SEO instead of a real-time tracking engine.

This tool analyses competitors to determine the keywords that are most relevant keywords to your industry, and also the most relevant keyword you are competing with.

Amazing! Take inspiration from their actions and stay free of their mistakes.

SpyFu Group Buy- Competitor Keyword Research & Analysis Tool

8. Owletter

This tool for analyzing the competitive landscape can keep track of, store and analyze emails sent through the internet via an electronic system. It allows you to track your competitors’ emails and discover what is working best for their company, as well as what’s not.

Owletter Owletter offers you with access to many details, like:

  • If your competitor has a bad reputation
  • If they follow the set guidelines for emailing
  • If they change their schedules according to the seasons.
  • Current topics
  • Undiscovered possibilities
  • And much more

Owletter can capture a screen from the emails you get. It is crucial to put your name on the list of mailing addresses of your competitors. You can save the list to study, then notify you if Owletter thinks that there is a major knowledge.

You can test it for free for 30 days and if you decide to look at it, this is only what you want.

9. SimilarWeb

Let’s talk about similarWeb. This analysis tool will help you with comparisons with your peers and keep on top of your industry and also provide your competitors’ information and strategies for online.

This tool will assist you discover partners or leads. You can detect trends that are emerging and explain the client’s goals and the way they travel. SimilarWeb gathers raw data, cleans and organizes it, then processes it using algorithms, subsequently making the necessary information and delivering it directly towards you. It is possible to request additional information.

HTML0Tool for competitive intelligence that offers insights into competitor and customer behavior.

SimilarWeb Group Buy- Website Analysis & Traffic Rank Checker

10. Followerwonk by Moz

With Followerwonk, you are possible to boost efficiency of Twitter accounts in order to improve the reach in your online presence. Utilizing this tool, you can to analyze, identify and improve the growth of your social media by studying more deeply Twitter analytics.Find ways to connect with influential people in your field. Make use of super-actionable images to analyze your social graphs and compare them to your competitors and then transmit your information to your team members to ensure your team is all at the same page.

Followerwonk is able to analyze each Twitter account, even competitors to help you improve the efficiency of your Twitter marketing method. You can also examine your Twitter followers with two other Twitter accounts with many followers. You can analyze the Twitter accounts you follow against other accounts, and even rivals.

Connect and discover the most popular influencers within your industry. Utilize super-actionable visualizations to examine your social graphs against ones of your competition and afterwards, easily share your findings within your organization in order to make sure that all employees are on the same page.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an efficient SEO tool, and has attributes like:

  • Backlink audits – get all the details you need regarding your current link profile
  • Monitor links’ potential customers. Find the links. Your competitors’ links, and then use them on your website
  • Search for keywords, and then look over competitors
  • Keyword Research – Search for keywords and content ideas
  • Search for specific words
  • Monitor visibility of organic keywords and increase the amount of keywords that are organic.
  • Brand management – create an alert to look up the most important words to build relationships and the management of the brand

Find out the reason why your competitors have this high ranking and what you need to do to be able to compete with the competition. You’ll be aware of the exact keywords your competitors have a high rank on in organic results. You’ll also be able to know the volume of traffic they drive.

Utilizing relevant keywords, terms and backlink data that is generated by a 24 hour robot that is crawling 4 billion websites every 15 minutes. It also adds additional reports with websiteexplorer. Ahrefs gives you the best of the top.

12. Majestic

The tool used for competitive analysis analyzes and map the Internet for you, and allows you to create the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world.

What is this got to anything to do to you?

It’s a method to conduct a thorough analysis of links to external websites and anchor texts used by your competition. You can study backlinks as well as hyperlinks to domains, to be able to determine what your competitors are doing to gauge the performance of their websites. This allows you to comprehend exactly where your engine is located in. Knowing your personal link profile as well as the value of the information you gather by keeping an eye on the websites of your competition and their positions in websites.

Majestic is a data collection tool that collects information from the internet rather than using meta-searches for search, it functions as an engine that searches. It has created software that can crawl massive amounts of information.

Majestic Seo Group Buy- Backlink Checker & Link Building Tool

13. Serpstat

Serpstat is a complete SEO platform that assesses your website and those of your competition.

Find keywords your competitors are using. Check their websites, as well as their backlink strategies and track their positions on the SERPs.

The features are:

  • Analysis of keywords Comparing keywords, identifying the semantic differences and find long-tail keywords
  • Google Analytics Monitor the ranking of domains and keywords, and determine what content is driving more traffic
  • Concept of Content Marketing It is possible to compare your content with other ones to make sure it is appropriate to the market you are targeting.
  • Conducting competitor analysis Your company will be placed against your competitors
  • Market intelligence Monitor the top industry players to improve the efficiency of your SEO and PPC initiatives
  • Examine backlinks Monitor backlinks of your competitors, and determine the domains that are linked to you

The tool for growth hacking gives an initial trial at no cost however, the number of questions available is restricted. If you would like to access the information that is available, it is worth the cost of the plan.

14. Netpeak Checker

Netpeak Checker can be described as a computer application that allows SERP collection and data aggregation of the most popular SEO services that analyse and analyze websites in large amounts.

This tool was developed for large-scale SEO analysis. It lets you study the nature of backlinks and websites, as well as analyze the SEO of your competitors. SEO of your competitors.


  • Discover more than 1200 parameters contained in URLs.
  • Check URLs with parameters from popular services such as Ahrefs, Moz, Serpstat, Majestic, SEMrush etc.
  • Review SEO on-page elements to optimize your website’s performance for Google as well as other search engines.
  • Examine the domain’s ages, as well as the expiration date as well as availability to purchase.
  • Review competitors’ social media performances.
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