MarketMuse Group Buy: AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

MarketMuse Group Buy

What is MarketMuse?

Although MarketMuse software isn’t available to all companies, it is used in the most important departments to plan, optimize and create content for marketing. MarketMuse software allows us to find the most relevant keywords for creating blogs and posts.

MarketMuse Group Buy: AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

MarketMuse: Why use it?

SEO hacks are no longer viable as Google’s algorithm is unpredictable. Hacks can cause your ranks to rise for a while.

The Ultimate Google Algorithm updates, explained and Ranking System.

Your page will be gone in no time.
High-quality content that is search-intent compliant is the only way to make a sustainable solution. MarketMuse is here to help. This MarketMuse review will provide more information that can help you make informed decisions.

Marketmuse Benefits

It’s a powerful tool that helps you make more strategic decisions. It is highly recommended by content creators as well as entrepreneurs.

What are the Top Features of MarketMuse?

MarketMuse includes two main types. There is Inventory which tracks all content and reports it on your website. And Applications which allows you to plan and organize your content.


    • , whichstores information on your current website and offers insights into how to improve that content.


    •  holds the most important topics you website covers.


    •  serve as content planning.


    •  allow you to filter or sort data about content.


    •  Type a topic into MarketMuse and MarketMuse will provide a complete list with terms and phrases to include in your content.


    •  What content are you up against? MarketMuse will show you the most popular content for your keyword and highlight content gaps that you can use. MarketMuse reviews, for example, suggests topics such as social media and content market — which aren’t being mentioned by many other competitors or not mentioning enough.


    •  Looking for voice search rankings and related topics? Questions displays a list of queries that users are searching for in relation to your keyword. Although these are similar to Google’s “People also ask”, the list is much more comprehensive. You will need to sort the questions because not all are relevant.


    •  If MarketMuse is used for your own sites, it will suggest links that can help you connect your current content with related content you have published.


    This feature is my favorite MarketMuse one — just drop your content and MarketMuse will rank it against other competitors. This creates a content score which allows you to see how your content compares with others and suggests other topics. This screenshot is only about a third

MarketMuse: How do you use it?

MarketMuse’s dashboard is the first thing you will notice upon signing in. This can make it a little overwhelming.

Here is a screenshot from MarketMuse’s dashboard.

The left-hand sidebar shows all the options. The screenshot below shows me with the Inventory tab open. This lists all content on Grammar Gang’s site, along with content scores and potential opportunities to improve it.

These opportunities indicate keywords and topics we don’t cover. The color-coded numbers below Top Related Content are colored red and green. This indicates that there are many topics we could add to the site, while the green indicates that we have already covered most of the suggested topics.

Here is a screenshot from MarketMuse’s dashboard.

Who should use MarketMuse software

Marketing teams are looking to scale up content creation

A team’s biggest challenge is to ensure that their content meets business goals. It can be difficult to accomplish everything when there is so much to do. MarketMuse is an AI-powered tool that allows teams to scale up their productivity without sacrificing quality.

MarketMuse Group Buy €30/M : AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

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