Moz Pro Alternative : Boost Your Website Traffic Easily

Moz Pro Alternative : Boost Your Website Traffic Easily

Unlikely you will find only one Conversion Rate Optimization Software product, a self-respecting service like Moz Pro may not offer the functionality you need. Look at few other Moz Pro alternatives listed below and see if one of them suits your company standards. The best solution, frequently for your certain business needs plus demands may end up being the particular good one. If you are thinking along more traditional software, these might not serve your purpose outright. It’s even better to tell your priority needs to the vendor when comparing software.

Featuring a 9.5 score with a 99% user satisfaction rate, Moz Pro is an excellent product to review for your business. But for any one of those, there are several you might want to consider from our Conversion Rate Optimization Software category that get even better satisfaction ratings and scores.

10 Best Moz Pro Alternatives – Group Buy Seo Tools

Moz Pro Crypto Payment– Bitcoin, binance, Coinbase or cryptocurrency

Moz Pro Group Buy- SEO Software for Smarter Marketing

These include Moz Pro: The All-In-One SEO Tool

Moz Pro plans provide broad functionality for those of all skill levels, from basic to enterprise. In fact, all plans come with access to the major Moz toolset for site tracking and crawling, keyword/backlink analysis, on-page optimization (technical SEO), and reporting. The number of campaigns, search results allowed etc. differ from one to another[]. The Moz Pricing options are:

  • Solo: $49/month ($39 billed annually)
  • Premium $99/month or $79 with yearly subscription
  • Blogs Medium Price $179 per month or $143 billed annually
  • Pro $149/month ($119 if paid yearly) Premium $299/month ($239 for annuall payment )

Moz subscription plans for campaigns, rankings and research They also include unlimited scheduled and on-page grader reports plus a premium Mozbar Chrome extension. Moz provides 24/7 online support, as well as the Moz Q& A forum, where members can get advice from a global community of SEO professionals and experts at Moz.

For a basic version, Moz Pro offers the Starter and you will get that in $49.00 USD per month. The Standard Plan accepts only one campaign, 50 keyword queries per months and targets on small businesses that need to be effective in managing an SEO project.

Medium/Control (Moz Standard): This tier is focused on Midsized Businesses with tightening budgets, but still experiencing growth. These plans offer the capability to crawl more campaigns, keyword rankings and pages each month. Competitive research queries, backlink queries and link tracking lists Additional features available at this level

The Moz Pro Large plan ($299/month) is designed for medium-to-large businesses, includes 25 campaigns and up to 3,000 keyword queries per month. The Large plan crawls up to 5 million pages monthly, with a daily quota of 500 tracked URLs and offers 70,000 backlink queries every month. This plan include report template, and unlimited reporting of all varieties.

UI and Navigation

The menu-based UI and navigation of Moz Pro are quite complicated in nature as the nested menubar on left, which is multi-level easily confuses where to go. Moz Pro has clearly been developed for those with some prior experience in SEO and know where to want to go, as well.

The page interface looks really spread out which forces important information down and you have to scroll below the fold. The fonts are generally small as well, which makes it harder to read them. That said, the plain blue & white look is easy to read as-composed.

Onboarding and Tutorials

How to Add a New (Website) Campaign in Moz Pro – OnBoarding You can go through these simple and few steps (and most of them are optional) to add your website, then it will start crawling & analysis in the backend. All things considered, it is a very easy and intuitive process that also tells users what they need to do with actionable items crossing off as you go.

In terms of on-boarding, Hike goes a different route where it walks you through the complete process. Start with fetching the necessary information about your website and business, then this tool scans the entire website to find out if you have any needed improvements. These results are then surfaced in the Hike action engine, allowing newcomers to view and perform actions on their fixes with step-by-step simplicity.

Keyword Research

Moz pro is quite plain Keyword 3. After you type in a seed keyword in the search bar and hit analyze, four primary metrics will show up with colorful bars such as monthly searches volume, difficulty, organic CTR rate and priority. In the next two sections, you can dive deeper to see keyword suggestions and an analysis of the SERPs. The keyword suggestions chart — a list of related keywords and names, relevancy score (out of 5) -score as well as monthly volume. You would generally expect there to more default metrics here but it remains very focused and simple, so even a beginner can work with this.

What is SERP analysis? How does it boost your keyword research?

The keyword research tool in Hike is very straightforward making sure there’s only the data we want beginners to see, such as search volume and difficulty scores. The standout feature of Hike and what makes it really useful for people new to the whole keyword scene…uses Chat-GPT4 machine learning algorithms trained on epic volumes of Google data to suggest initial keywords based on your industry. This time-saving feature spares the small business user of having to create a list of starting keywords manually.

On-Page Optimization

If, after a Moz Pro scan of the website, certain issues still remain, the service platform will single out those pages containing the issues in the Crawler Warnings and, if more critical, in the Critical Crawler Issues areas. In both areas, the platform displays the page where the issue exists, as well as a note about the nature of the issue.

It should be noted that the tool assumes that the user of the service understands how to correct such an issue. Hike prepared the Action Engine for new website owners. Once Hike is finished scanning your page, it will list any issues or key areas that require attention in your new “Actions” queue. You can either sort them by priority or by the type of action you wish to execute.

Competitor Analysis

There are two main competition analysis tools within Moz Pro, one is True Competitor and another Keyword Gap.

True Competitor When looking at the True competitor tool, we are able to see what is the current Domain Authority for this domain as well as list of top 25 competitors that include ranking keywords. There are metrics in there to give you a sense of how big competitor this is like domain authority, overlap and rivalry. You can also choose competitors to be compared across other similar page for a more specific comparison.

Utilizing the Keyword Gap Tool, you can clearly see where keywords overlap And points of difference—on multiple competitors and understand which areas exist for creating content targeting those topics. It provides a summary and keywords with betterment ideas, as well as best competing content.

Secondly, it allows you to enter your competitors and then view how they all stack up against each other across a range of metrics from keyword rankings through to backlink profiles.

User Interface: the simple interface very instantly showcases data that can help you find out any competitive advantage or assess the authority of your competitors.

Backlink part of the Moz Pro site has multiple tools such as Link Profile – that give an overview to link profile domain level & further provide specific details for inbound links, linking domains; Anchor Text etc. And even comparison between other sites. Though exhaustive, the tools are numberless. And reside on separate pages so a beginner will feel lost for beginning and where to look?

Inside Hike, the “Your Backlinks” tab brings all your website backlinks together in one place alongside their sources. This list is sorted out by highest domain authority to lowest. Giving you the best chance to see your most valuable backlinks first. There is also an option for users to edit the filters in a way that allows them to see only backlinks of newer opportunities.

Local SEO

A little fun fact, Moz Pro on the other hand does not have local SEO features at all. Instead, they designed a new product with completely different functional called MOZ Local which includes managing & syncing local business listings as well as reviews and publish news updates & offers and even insights of your own listing.

Given its embedded local SEO feature, Hike adds value right out of the box. This platform takes the pain away. It consolidates all of your local tools into one convenient place making Local SEO accessible even if you’re not that tech-savvy. Overall, these seven tools for local SEO empower beginners to effectively lay the groundwork for an optimized online presence at their location.

Reporting & Analysis

Moz Pro, you can customize your reports with personal observations. Notes as well schedule the automatic sending of client/stakeholder reports at whichever interval is best.

A simple-to-use report builder for small businesses is built in Hike too. It connect with the user Google analytics and google search console account. Where it takes data from these two sites present in beautifully designed dewboards. These dashboards offer an immediate alert of the real-time status and health. As well as keyword tracking data of your website.

You can create tailored reports simply by dragging and dropping widgets that are already set up for you. As well as select the look-and-feel of your brand styling.

Note: Users are also able to set up and choose what time they would like their SEO performance updates at any frequency suits them best. Because all the data you need is just a few clicks away. Hike becomes an incredibly useful tool for keeping users up to date on their SEO journey.


While professional platforms naturally come at a much higher price point, however like Moz Pro starts expensive from – $99/month. And thereafter they go as high up to shortly whopping figures of $179/mo., then $299/mo. Or even heights more than this range oftenly touching the sky upto -$599/MONTH! A 20 percent discount can be secured by going with a yearly subscritpion.

Seo Tools Overview Moz Pro

YouTube video

Writers + AI to power your marketing

Moz is one of the world’s best in technology SEO. And most Moz Pro alternatives are not a complete match for that website. While Moz may be on the pricier side for their SEO software. It will not only help you earn more revenue via appearing higher in Google searches. But also force inspiration from a creative content-marketing perspective.

Yet without superior content, SEO is nothing.

Scripted is the unique kind of service that can add meaningful. Engaging content to your site and increase click-throughs on CTA so you can lead prospects into landing pages. Scripted hires and screens only the best professional writers. AI tools to guarantee your content doesnt just talk about Rank Brain, but is written for it (and to your audience). Yes, indeed Scripted is the only platform that integrates. AI as well humans to provide your business with top quality content and best in class technological tools all at industry’s lowest prices.

Moz Local: Your Secret Online Visibility Management Tool

In addition to global services, Moz offers a toolkit for local activity. Moz Local tools give you a plethora of opportunities to strengthen your local SEO presence. These include:

* Managing & syncing business listings – update search engines with your most recent business information, clean up duplicate data, and standardize your profile info to make it easy to spread the word across networks automatically.

* Software for reviews and reputation: verify, request, and read reviews. You can also check trends and client sentiment. Automate the process and determine whether the buzz around your business is good or bad.

* Posting updates, offers, and other content over various networks.

What’s More Than SEO: Knowledge, Community, & Aid

Moz also offers training, support, and SEO help to beginner and seasoned users who find SEO tools to be the easiest to utilize. Among the topics of Moz’s SEO learning center are free, downloadable publications, including. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO report, and a range of posts and films on specific SEO-related subjects such as ranking, link building, site crawling, and content marketing. The benefits include a library of free whitepapers, real-life trials offered in movies, podcasts, and posts.

Moz’s Learning Center offers instruction certified SEO in the form of lessons and seminars as well as connectivity with the Moz-wide community. And a list of in-person events held by the company. The Moz blog has many current how-tos, opinions, and experiences from SEO experts, marketers. And others concerned in the promotion of the industry. Most Moz Learning Center resources are open to users at all stages of reading, downloading, or viewing.

Pros of Moz Pro Alternative:

  • Moz Pro) but less expensive
  • A unique set of features that meet relevant requirements
  • Better UI (probably)
  • Improved customer service and turnaround time.
  • Faster updates and iteration.

Cons of Moz Pro Alternative:

  • Lacks a lot of the advanced features Moz Pro has.
  • Lower brand presence and reputation.
  • Could cause issues with the integrations of other tools or any platforms as well.
  • Less advice sharing community
  • Challenges in integration with the established system or processes.


Although Moz Pro is by far one of the most popular search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing tools available, there are lots of alternatives out there that you can use to replicate many if not all benefits. Let your business compare and juxtapose these alternative themes to choose as per the requirement or budget of your venture.  SEMRush, Ahrefs and SE Ranking are all powerful tools for analytics, keyword research and backlink tracking to help us improve our online visibility when driving traffic.

Since each business is different, let’s compare all necessary elements of customer experience manually and choose the right way. Be sure to test each platform against your goals and objectives so you can take advantage of valuable digital marketing trends.

Moz Pro Alternatives & Competitors


  1. 1. What is Moz Pro Alternative?

    Moz Pro Alternative – Moz Pro Alternatives service is also used for SEO and digital marketing purposes.

  2. 2. What sets Moz Pro Alternative apart from the rest of other tools while being closely identical to Moz Pro?

    Both platforms provide SEO toolsets, but the pricing plans and user interface of Moz Pro Alternative can vary from those available with traditional Moz Pro features.

  3. 3. Does the alternative platform offer customer support to its users?

    Yes, customers support on almost all alternative platforms is provided via email live chat or over the phone.

  4. 4. Is there a free trial of the alternative to explore these differences?

    – A few of the alternatives might even throw up some free trials which let users have a feel of how it is before going in for the subscription.

  5. 5. Is it possible to cancel your subscription through the alternate platform at any time?

    – Nearly all platforms offer the ability to cancel subscriptions without additional charge at any time.

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