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Among the things that I love about is the fact that it isn’t attempting to become an all-in-one search engine optimization alternative that clicks me with suspicious automated search engine optimization recommendations. Rather provides me the information I want to perform my own investigation, also because I am not paying for all of the bells and whistles which are more diversion than actions, I am in a position to monitor more key words for more websites in more nations and more frequently, to give me additional information.
What Can
Track tens of thousands of key words to several search engines and engines, on multiple devices, from multiple places, daily.
All programs include:
Mobile, desktop and tablet computer positions
Outcomes to the 250th position
Unlimited users and domains
Local positions in town or zip-code degree
Google and Yahoo positions in over 400 distinct country/language combinations.
Weekly or monthly rank-checkers can misinterpret regular daily changes as bigger tendencies. Daily rank checking provides a very clear picture of actual performance and let’s you see large changes (e.g. someone unintentionally deindexed half your website ) more quickly.
Track background computer, tablet positions on Google or Yahoo (in countless languages and countries ) from any town or zip code.
Infinite Domains, Unlimited Users
Each program allows for unlimited domains and unlimited user account. Insert team members with complete access to all of your domain names or customer accounts to provide access to choose websites.
Straightforward Dashboards:
Watch a daily photo of crucial search engine optimization metrics with SERPs dashboards. Custom dashboards out there for Enterprise programs and over.
Feed daily positions data into your reporting systems together with our developer-friendly REST API.
Explore countless rows of everyday SERP data using an interface that is easy-to-use. Build customized reports and dashboards. Presently available only with Committed plans.