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CrazyEgg Group Buy

What is CrazyEgg Group Buy?

CrazyEgg Group Buy is an amazing website optimization tool. that lets you get an insight into customer behavior on your website. CrazyEgg group buy tools sales booster giving you more control over your business strategies through effective tools.

CrazyEgg Features:

User Behavior:

  • Click Tracking: Tracks where users are clicking on a website page.
  • Eye Tracking: Tracks where users are hovering over on a website page.
  • Mouse Movement: Tracks mouse movement over a website page.
  • Frustration Tracking: See where users experience the most difficulty on a site page.


  • Conversion Opportunities: Identifies poorly performing or problematic areas of a web page
  • Side-By-Side Analysis: Overlays heatmaps on top of existing your web pages
  • Mobile Device Analysis: Optimizes to gather insight about mobile web browser visitors data
  • Data Quantification: Contextualizes web every visitor behavior beyond pure data points and statistics data
  • Webpage Element Analysis: Analyzes the performance of forms, call-to-actions, links, etc. that appear on a web page data

A/B Testing:

  • Error and Bug Tracking: Tracks sessions where users encountered errors and bugs.
  • Split URL Testing: Split web traffic to a page between two different URLs data
  • Data Analysis: It offers insights into relationships between user information and user behavior.
  • Notes: Leave notes on sessions and bugs.

CrazyEgg Benefits:

CrazyEgg group buy is a heatmap tool to track your website visitor behavior, you can now see exactly where most of your customers are clicking. It’s like an infrared camera that helps you detect one of your more popular sections on your homepage. Also, it lets you see how they are scrolling down and which section of your page is being looked at the most.

Similarly, you get to learn about the origin where these people land from. Whether it’s your Facebook page, Twitter, or other sources, you get to know which of your social media sites are doing well to get more traffic to your website.

Your ROI is expected to rise to make it more budget-friendly to use CrazyEgg Tool. In addition to that, there are testing services also available to let you play around with design strategies and see what works best.

Crazy Egg the multiple services that gives you such interactive online analytics. It’s quite different from other websites because of the way it presents data results. Instead of reading analytics reports, Crazy Egg gives you the power to see things for yourself. No wonder it has been a favorite for some of the top businesses in the world these days.

Crazy Egg Pricing Plans:

  1. Free Trial: 30-day free trial
  2. BASIC: $29/month
  3. STANDARD: $49/month
  4. PLUS: $79/month
  5. PRO: $189/month.

But Crazy Egg group buy only 8 per month. Crazy Egg is available in 4 types of pricing plans. Crazy Egg has given a 30-day free trial to test out the app’s features without a cost. After the trial, you may choose from the following packages:

The SEO Spider Tool Crawls & Reports on Sheet.


CrazyEgg Group Buy €08 Per Month.

How to Use CrazyEgg Tool?

  • Cheap Price
  • Instant Access
  • 100% Quality Tools
  • 24/7  Premium Live Support

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