10 SEO Link Building Tools to Help You Build Backlinks

10 SEO Link Building Tools to Help You Build Backlinks

10 SEO Link Building Tools to Help You Build Backlinks

Link Building Tools helps to build backlinks. The quality of your backlinks can affect your potential to get higher rankings in your SERP. How do you determine which websites provide the most effective backlinks? How do you convince the site to provide you with an affiliate link once you’ve figured it out? If you have the right tools to build links that you can answer these questions and many more.

Link-building can take a long time. In the beginning, you must publish content that is indexable after which users need to learn. About how valuable it is and be able to connect to it from their website. Although there’s some debate about how quickly this process can occur. But many SEO as well as content marketing experts believe that. It takes around 10 weeks before the value of the link is realized.

The right tools for building links can will cut down the time required to find these links.

Top 10 Link-Building Tools

Each of these tools comes with specific functions that can help you with particular aspect of your campaign to build links. We’ll go over how they add value to the process, and then look at the ways you can make use of the information you gather making use of the tools.

1. SpyFu

We’re biased, but SpyFu’s Backlink Builder is among the most efficient link-building tools available to you. With our platform, you’ll easily find the most valuable backlinks you could obtain for a specific search term and filter out competitors. It locates links which are already indexable, and lets you search by the keyword you want to target.

The tool also allows you to identify specific kinds of websites, and also look at the kinds of links which help your competitors get higher rankings in the SERP. It doesn’t matter if it’s blogs, forums, news sites, or directories, you’ll be able to customize your content to attract specific types of backlinks.

When you’ve identified the websites you want to be targeting Once you know which websites to target, the Backlinks Outreach feature provides you with an easy access to the most important contact and social information for the site’s owners. It makes it easy to organize and prioritize your outreach efforts.

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2. Majestic

This Majestic backlink tool lets to verify URL ownership and keep track of the number of backlinks for your content in large quantities. While some features are available only to accounts with higher tiers Majestic’s Lite plan will help you begin the research for your backlinks.

This Link Context feature is great to gain additional information about the structure of content on websites without the need to go to it directly. It drastically reduces the time required to create certain types of content. If you know how websites usually organizes its backlinks it’s simpler to develop content that follows that pattern.

Majestic also comes with the Google Chrome extension that scans sites as you browse it is a fantastic method to determine the kinds of links and the ways they can benefit specific pages on your site or rival’s websites.

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3. BuzzSumo

This tool lets you keep track of how your site increases or decreases backlinks as content evolves. By putting all this information together in a single place you will be able to easily determine the types of content that get the most backlinks even if the websites don’t have your brand’s names in the anchor texts.

The tool analyzes the authority, expertise and reliability of every backlink you make to provide more information on how links can help or harm your content. Take this into account with the way that BuzzSumo monitors social sharing metrics and you’ll get a great idea of the overall value a possible backlink could provide.

As a tool for locating content well, BuzzSumo can help you understand how changes in your industry affect the way people interact with your content, and you can use to discover current and relevant hyperlinks.

BuzzSumo Group Buy- Content Research And Monitoring Tool

4. Linkody

Linkody is an effective link-building campaign tracker. Their platform lets you keep track of the various types of links that you build or lose in time. This tool can help you analyze your backlink profile as well as combat bad links all on one dashboard.

Although the Backlink Checker doesn’t provide as many details on the SEO impact of every link, they can inform you if a link is rel=follow or rel=nofollow. If you’re conducting an audit of backlinks or to remove potential harmful hyperlinks on your website and know which ones carry the most equity to your website is crucial.

Linkody can also help you understand the exact URL that these websites link to as well as the anchor text they use to determine whether it’s the most effective way to introduce visitors to your website. If not, you can think of a solution before making contact with the site on its on its own to request an appropriate snippet.

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5. Ontolo

Ontolo is a tool to prospect links -that is, it assists you discover and connect with potential backlink sources in a mass the scale you need. And, Ontolo lets you create or import lists of prospects and manage their content and get a better understanding of the value specific websites or individuals may bring to your website.

If you’re thinking of an outreach program but aren’t sure where to begin, Ontolo automates a lot of the manual labor needed to create your list of prospects. Make sure to scrutinize each site to make sure it is in line with the purpose of your key words.

Through their tool, you get access to a range of other tools for prospecting to aid in your link-building efforts.

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6. BrightLocal

With a focus on marketing outreach and local SEO, BrightLocal is a great tool for establishing links in your local area. This is crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses, or for those who want to expand into a certain geographical market. Local outreach can show potential customers that you’re a part of their local community.

The citation builder from their website is helpful to manage the contact details of your company and making it easier for potential backlink suppliers or potential customers to find your website’s content.

Although this may not be relevant to companies that operate in distributed locations however, the information you collect through BrightLocal can be used to inform personas as well as provide useful context for what content performs better in particular locations.

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7. BuzzStream

A major aspect of link-building is interacting with influential people and brands. That could help you increase the reach of your content. BuzzStream is a platform to build hyperlinks and social media PR. That can help you monitor relevant statistics about how influencers share content on blogs and other social media.

The outreach tracker allows you to track the progression of your campaigns as well as their automated site-research feature. Can help to learn all you can about potential customers. This makes it simple to be prepared to give your best when you reach out.

Engaging with influential people within your industry can help to boost your content marketing. Since you’ll always have a crowd of active individuals who will post your content.

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8. GroupHigh

Another platform for contact information, GroupHigh focuses on finding the contact details of bloggers. And influencers quickly, making it simple to prioritize your outreach. Their reporting tools are very beneficial for monitoring the success. And, the progress of your outreach campaign.

Showing the audience size of their influencers and blog databases is a fantastic feature. To use to adapt your link-building campaign to specific verticals too. You’ll be able see the types of content that work best with the various contacts you’re communicating with.

GroupHigh also does an excellent job of bringing the social profiles from your prospect lists and making. It simple to establish a direct connection if you aren’t comfortable with the email message on its own.

9. NinjaOutreach

Like GroupHigh, NinjaOutreach helps you improve your link-building outreach. By creating automatic email marketing campaigns. You can design template emails for every email. And follow the results using the built-in customer relation management (CRM) platform.

The platform can segment markets automatically too and makes it simple to design targeted campaigns. For certain kinds of backlinks that are high-value. If you’re contacting hundreds of potential customers using this type of automation, it can be a major time saver.

If you mix this segmentation and their specific platform search results for Instagram and YouTube. It’s easy to identify the most influential influencers with any criteria.

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10. Link Prospector

Created in partnership with Citation Labs, this backlink search engine offers the most current information. On particular sections of the market, based on your keyword of choice. And, It will allow you to find links based on 16 distinct criteria, such as public relations. Audience building and development of content.

The ability to tailor your search towards specific kinds of backlinks can help you. To fill out your profile with the most relevant backlinks. If you include specific search parameters, you’ll be able for you to limit your searches specific types of backlinks. You require for each article.

Besides, Link Prospector is one of the first applications that have the ability to source comments as well as expert interviews. It can be extremely useful if you wish to gain access to social evidence for a specific item of information.

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