What is Storytelling And Why Should You Use It?

What is Storytelling And Why Should You Use It?

What is Storytelling And Why Should You Use It

She was extremely smart but she was unable to in learning things by heart. However hard her efforts, she could not learn the solar system’s planets. One day she questioned the teacher for advice on what she needed to do. In reply, he told her an account of the planets. A story of that the sun is lonely. Mercury is his first companion and Mercury was in love with Venus and caused Planet Earth jealous. Then, after telling it for Wende, Wende could remember all the planets in the correct order. Why? because of the ability of storytelling. Wende was able to recall the story and by doing so, she was able to recall the planets.

In this blog I’ll discuss the importance of storytelling and why it’s a vital tool to incorporate into the text on your website.

#What is Storytelling?

The word”storytelling” says about itself, doesn’t it? Stories are told. However, storytelling is also about engaging your viewers or to make something more clear since stories are much more easy to remember than basic facts. This is the reason why Wende in the story recalled the planets. Furthermore the stories are entertaining as they spark your imagination. That’s the reason parents read their children stories and we love watching films as well as reading books. People love stories!

It is also possible to use images or images, as well as film to help to tell a great story. You can even make your personal digital tale using storytelling.

The 4 Elements of Storytelling

Now you understand the meaning of storytelling. However, it’s more than just telling stories. If not, anybody can create a bestseller. To tell a compelling story, it is necessary to have four main elements that include a person, a problem, a action and an answer. Let’s look a bit deeper into these.

Every story requires a central protagonist with a dilemma. Why? Since if someone is content and content, there’s no need for a story. Take Wende, for example. She was upset because she was unable to recall the planets in solar systems. This was the issue of the tale. In the next step, you must take actions. Because a protagonist who isn’t doing anything to correct their issue isn’t enjoyable reading about. In my instance, Wende asked her teacher to assist her. The teacher then shared the story, which helped her to recall the planets.

#What Use Storytelling?

The use of the art of storytelling to tell your story can enhance the quality of your blog post when you do it correctly. Your blog post will become something that people are eager to take the time. This means that stories draw the interest of your target audience. However, they also aid you communicate your message. My story of Alice (see the following text) has been written to assist people in understanding the importance of having a tidy website structure and is a difficult topic to comprehend.

So, when you tell stories your audience will be able to remember the purpose of your blog article or even your company’s name. It could motivate people to do something, such as cleaning their site or even incorporating storytelling in blog posts or presentations.

Here’s an illustration of a story that I used to help clarify the subject:

Your website is likely to become overloaded when you create more blog posts, or make additional pages for products. It is important to organize your site in a neat way to ensure that your visitors and Google will find the information they’re looking for. What is the reason? Let me share a short tale.

Alice wakes up each day and sits at her desk and begins writing a wonderful story.

Each day she writes a new story. day. Alice composes all her stories using this gorgeous vintage typewriter. When she’s finished writing her story, she pulls the paper from the machine and places her wonderful new story upon her desk. You can imagine that the desk will gradually become filled with these papers. In three years’ time of writing she’ll be writing more than 1000. Alice won’t find her favourite story due to the plethora of stories that are on her desk.

In conclusion If you don’t arrange your content in a neat manner your blog posts and pages for products will be lost. Additionally, your customers will not be able to locate the information they’re looking for and Google will be lost (which can be detrimental to your SEO).

#When Can You Use Storytelling?

Storytelling is an excellent and flexible tool. You can use it to create articles, product pages and even for presentations! I first came up with the idea of using storytelling to present in 2017, when I attended an event and watched David JP Phillips on stage. He was talking about the mystical science behind storytelling. I was amazed. The talk was an inspiring experience for me. A few weeks later, I took the same inspiration to present my talk at an WordCamp.

As well as presentations, can use storytelling in your writing

However, it’s not limited to just a specific kind of blog. Many personal and travel blogs employ storytelling in their articles. Geraldine DeRuiter has a really hilarious blog about travel, as well as many other topics. Every post tells a tale. Even blogs that are informative could benefit from this idea by adding an anecdote, or a case study. My blog post on the structure of a website and the reasons it is crucial I use the same narrative as in my talk at WordCamp.

In this episode

This particular series I’ve focused on incorporating stories in the writing process. For example I’ve written a post on how to utilize storytelling in your blog post that outlines the components needed for an effective story. The article also offers practical guidelines and examples of how you can incorporate storytelling in blogs! We also explored the relationship with the storytelling process and search engine optimization and talked about how to incorporate storytelling into pages for products.

If you have great examples of how you’ve used storytelling or suggestions for related subjects you’d like reading more about, I’d be interested in seeing them!

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