What is Podcast Marketing?

What is Podcast Marketing?

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is the process of advertising your own products, yourself, the items you sell. Or the services you offer through the creation and distribution of unique audio content.

Why podcasts?

You may not believe that your business is a good location for a podcast but you could be pleasantly amazed. While a lot of podcasts are made to entertain some are more specific and focused on business. There’s an need in the huge, yet untapped market for HTML2 for informational and niche podcasts in all kinds of industries.

If you run an SaaS business that provides tax services on-demand or an agency for marketing. The there is a good chance you’ll find an audience. But, be sure to keep watchful of your analytics for marketing metrics to ensure that your podcast responds to enquiries. And leads so that you don’t invest too much.

Of course, marketing is best when you’ve exhausted every avenue. Think about enhancing your podcasting by sending the use of Cold emails or using HTML2 to make your own free trial marketing strategy.

Why should businesses do podcast marketing?

Podcasting is a laborious process and can be a difficult method of reaching an audience that is engaged on a large the scale of. More than fifty percent of US populace consumes podcasts on a regular basis. In the UK the number of podcast listeners has increased by the number of listeners by 42percent after the outbreak of cholera..

A commercial that airs on radio is usually 15 or 30 seconds, so you must pack all the information possible about your company in a mere 30 seconds. Podcasts range between five minutes and one hour or more and allow you to learn more about your business’s uses, benefits, and even backstory.

Podcasts are more entertaining than text in long-form because you can invite panelists as guests. Let customers call in with questions or share stories through various audio formats.

Benefits of podcasting

If you’re not convinced Here are some ways to benefit from podcasting to help your company:

  • Brand recognition:Your podcast generates impressions as does any other type or digital form of marketing.
  • Connecting with potential clients:Podcasting feels intimate–you’re not only an advertisement or a website instead, you’re the voice of your customers on the road or in their homes. It’s an excellent method of interacting to your target audience.
  • Establishing authority Staff members are invited to appear on podcasts in their capacity in the capacity of experts, this establishes credibility and confidence in the reputation of the brand.

How to make podcasts

Podcast marketing can be beneficial to all businesses however, it’s not an easy task. It requires a far greater commitment to time as opposed to a digital ad campaign or marketing via email. Here are a few suggestions to create podcasts that work:

1. Scale up realistically

A high-quality podcast can take time. Making the content and recording, editing it as well as finding guests and then promoting the podcast can be a full-time task. Start with a few sample episodes and be aware of your analytics on marketing metrics using Baremetrics, and then decide if your investment is worth the time. If you have to modify the scope of your project, do so. If a weekly program isn’t feasible, it could be a monthly episode.

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2. The publication is regularly updated

Your listeners should be aware of what time and where to discover your podcast. If you are publishing weekly or monthly you should release your podcast according to an established timetable. Weekly and biweekly are the most frequently used podcast times. Make sure to publish every week.

3. Create a pipeline

Develop a plan for the initial five episodes. It may take some time to master the layout, audio quality and design right, so prepare several episodes ahead of time to test what works best for you. You’ll also gain more exposure through platforms such as iTunes when you have multiple episodes that are available to download.

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4. Don’t cut corners on microphones.

It is possible to record a podcast using your iPhone but it’s recommended to get some additional equipment. It’s not a good idea hear a show that has bad audio or background noise. Microphones can help reduce background sound and provide a more enjoyable listening experience.

5. Promote your podcast

The process takes a while to develop your audience. Don’t count on word-of-mouth by itself. Promote your podcast via your social media channels and place some money behind it. (We’ll discuss the numerous different ways to promote the podcast later in our following article!) It is possible to grow organically however, you must engage your digital marketers to help you get an advantage.

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