15 Best Reddit Alternatives- Group Buy Seo Tools

15 Best Reddit Alternatives- Group Buy Seo Tools

What is Reddit?

Reddit is an online news and social media site that permits registered users to submit information in the form of links or text. Users can vote on their submissions upwards or downwards to organize the content and decide their place in the listings of categories on the site, which are sorted based on scores.

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It’s composed of subreddits, which allows users to arrange their posts on Reddit by topic. These subreddits are community-based and contain content in the form of text, hyperlinks as well as photos posted by other users. Reddit Alternatives.

But, Reddit is not the only unique one. Alternate sites in comparison to Reddit comprise Steemit, 4chan, Hacker News, Quora and other websites. The most effective alternative to Reddit is Hive. Hive has similar features of Hive similar to those found Reddit. Reddit.

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What’s The Need To Look For Reddit Alternatives?

However, Reddit has expanded to become one of the biggest and most popular social media sites. online there are some major issues that have forced numerous users for Reddit alternative sites.

The biggest negative aspect is restricting certain types or types of information. Another issue that poses a significant issue with regards to the site is the way it manages community interactions.

Reddit doesn’t prohibit subreddits entirely, rather they block them if they commit crimes that violates their rules or being too excessive. That means that you may continue to find these subreddits on your feeds when you’re not allowed create new posts on them.

It’s beneficial to have a range of choices. You never will know when you’ll be able to try something in the future.

Best Reddit Alternatives

1. Hive

Hive is an information-sharing website that is “the best place to find and share information”.

The site was originally known as Whoosh but was swiftly switched to Hive after receiving funding to expand the business.

The website was developed as a test that began with just 100 users. However, it was able to grow quickly due to positive reviews on social media sites Twitter and Facebook. Reddit Alternatives.

Also, it was recognized from popular websites such as Mashable and the BBC and Mashable. Hive was given $100,000 by investors such as Reddit the founder Alexis Ohanian and Y Combinator’s Paul Graham in May 2012. Prior to the investment Hive had raised only PS20,000 through a Kickstarter crowdsourcing initiative.

In March 2013, there were over 600,000. registered members on its site There were over 100 communities that were being developed each day. Hive is known as”Slashdot” RSS due to its ability for users to publish hyperlinks.

Like Reddit Users, Hive users can also publish their content directly to Hive using the built-in publishing tools.

The interface for users of Hive is similar to Reddit and allows users to downvote or upvote articles. Leave comments and publish on social media platforms.
Hive is like Reddit in many ways, however Hive is an entirely independent platform. Which means the users who use it will not be used as leverage by big corporations.

2. Quora

Quora is an online site for questions and answers where users can post questions to be edited and answered. The HTML0 community is that is run by members of this group.

The goal of Quora is to Quora users to “share and increase the amount of knowledge. ” Quora is called as”the “front page” of Internet” and is one of the most popular sites on the web. User can be following topics that they’re interested in and see questions and answers related to the subject. They can follow specific users to check out their answers and questions that they’ve shared. Reddit Alternatives.

Quora can be described as a website that puts a great deal of emphasis on content of high-quality. Editorial reviews are done prior to publication and users can vote on the content to judge the quality of the post.

Quora is comparable to Reddit in many ways, but it’s more like Yahoo Answers. Users can ask questions and sit and wait for other members to offer answers. Quora is an excellent site for people looking to get specific, well-studied answers from their fellow users regarding their areas of expertise. You may also reply to the questions you’ve asked yourself if you don’t want to wait around for another person to reply.

On Quora, you can vote up the best answers or remove them from those. Which aren’t as good to let other users be aware of answers that are the most beneficial.
Quora offers a powerful search feature that lets users identify specific questions and areas of importance inside the data base. The website is home to a wide range of people who are excited about sharing their expertise. This is a benefit you are in a position to benefit from.

3. 4chan

4chan is among the most popular websites similar to Reddit. It’s a chat board that allows users to post anonymously.

This site is linked with various subcultures on the internet and has been used as the source for many memes on the internet. Similar to Reddit as well, it comes with a voting system that allows users can either downvote or upvote posts. It also features the “Random” board where users can upload random images and text. Reddit Alternatives.

On 4chan users are able to post images on any boards of their choice. They can make comments on posts made by other users. One of the great advantages of 4chan is the fact that users don’t need an account to start posting or commenting. The community offers boards that cover every category you can imagine that includes everything from Anime to automobiles.

In contrast to Reddit users, they aren’t restricted to posting only text-based content. It is also a popular site because of it’s “meme” culture.

4. Steemit

Steemit is a blog and social networking site built on Steemit, which is a blockchain-based social network. Steem blockchain.

Users can share whatever content they want. It will be voted on in accordance with how other users appreciate the content shared by other users. The most popular posts are the most popular, and this attracts attention to those who have blog posts or sharing stories.

The site is backed by an large user base and it is a great way to make a small amount of extra money through. The posting of relevant content that gets recognition. Reddit Alternatives.
Alternately, users can decide to vote down or up contributions from others to assist in curating the most popular posts.

One disadvantage is that Steemit does not have an app that is mobile, meaning it’s not possible to share from the road. When compared to Reddit It is an excellent platform to support people who are starting by creating their own blog.

Another issue is that there are several complaints about the interface being less user-friendly as Reddit and that’s why taking some time to become familiar with its layout may be required.

5. Hacker News

Hacker News is a social news aggregation, discussion and job board website that claims to be”the “front page of the internet”.

It is split into sections namely:

  • News: stories written by users and then either voted down or up on by the users.
  • Latest: the top stories across all sections, determined algorithmically by voting and the date of publication.
  • Ask HN: questions asked by users and then either voted down or up in the online community.
  • Jobs: job postings submitted through Hacker News itself or via third-party websites such as AngelList. Users can post comments on the job listings to provide their services or request assistance.
  • Groups: forums in which users can talk about specific subjects.

The primary distinction the two sites have Hacker News and Reddit is the fact that Hacker News is focused on the business and technology. whereas Reddit is more general in its area of focus.

6. ProductHunt

ProductHunt is a site which allows users to connect and find new products.

You’ll get the latest and most popular apps, products as well as websites. You can also upload your own product by making lists and distributing them to the world. Users can leave comments on lists you’ve created and also leave comments on other lists.

If you are looking to learn about new products, ProductHunt is the site for you.

7. Mix

If you’re searching for an online platform that can expose you to fresh and exciting content, take a look at Mix. This website is about discovering – giving you the opportunity to discover sites, articles, photographs and videos you might not otherwise come across. Mix was formerly referred to as StumbleUpon was also a platform for Redditors who want to discover and share their favorite content.

One of the goals of the website is to share news, songs album tracks, videos, and news with one another. Reddit Alternatives.

It’s got an unending database of uploads by users from all over the world that covers everything you can think of in terms of genres It’s all up to you.

Some of the characteristics that make Mix distinct include:

  • You can either like or detest content that you are viewing, which will help people in the community to vote for the most beneficial ones.
  • If the content receives enough fans, it will be displayed on their homepage, for all to take pleasure in. This makes searching for new content simple and enjoyable.
  • You can easily make and share your favorites with colleagues.
  • Similar to Reddit, Mix also has an atmosphere of community. The site is constantly pulsing with activity, and it’s never boring to learn about.
  • The app also includes an app for mobile devices and a browser extension, which means you can stream the music you love anywhere.

Mix is a website for sharing content unlike any other. It’s easy to use, fun and offers a welcoming atmosphere that keeps users returning for more. If you are a fan of discovering new music or sharing the ones you know with your friends then Mix should be among your most frequent sites.

8. Imgur

Imgur is an image-sharing site with a primary focus on entertainment and humor.

The site has also been linked with Reddit because of its similar layout. Focus on community and the its use of downvotes and upvotes to determine the quality of content. It’s a rich source of pictures and GIFs It is a well-known platform to share funny or entertaining content.

If you’re looking for a playful alternatives in comparison to Reddit, Imgur is a good alternative. The website functions as an online repository with images as well as GIFs. If you’re searching for something fascinating to see, but that’s not the main goal.

They are usually in various categories, and each tells its own tales. There’s no way to vote on these images, however you are able to upvote or downvote to sort the images.

Links are also accepted in this website, making it an excellent option to use for news or informational reasons as well.

9. Slashdot

Slashdot is a news and social media website that features user-generated stories which are later voted upon by other users.

Imagine Slashdot as Reddit but with tech news and geek culture. Slashdot was founded by Rob Malda, also known as “CmdrTaco,” in 1997 during his time at Hope College. He later sold the website to Andover.net for shares that are traded publicly.

The name Slashdot is in itself a reference to “hacker culture” and the film “Hackers.” The story that receives the most votes is highlighted or moved to higher up on the listing of entries, in reverse chronological order. It offers subjects such as Science & Technology, Business & Finance as well as Politics and many more.

As with Reddit like Reddit, there administrators and moderators who are able to control what can be posted on the site.

Slashdot was established in 1997 and has years of experience in social media. It’s a great site to visit due to its huge user base and the fact that it is a long time ago.  Contributing to the articles on our website or simply read and upvote articles that you find interesting.

In a nutshell Slashdot is ideal for Redditors seeking something different. It’s identical to Reddit but has unique features.

10. 9Gag

9Gag is a site that shares similar concepts to Reddit However, what differentiates it is the fact that its content mainly is made up of funny memes and images.

It’s also a lot easier to browse through because you don’t need the click to open links, or any other thing. Users are able to post valuable and useful content that opens conversations in the comment sections, but the majority of it is just for fun. There is a wide selection of every kind of meme on this site, which includes rage comics as well.

It’s arguably the most fun place on the web and is certainly worth a visit. 9Gag is currently offering a variety of brand new programs catering to different kinds of audiences. The site is expanding rapidly with the help of experts who are always changing the information to ensure users get the best experience. There’s plenty to offer every person on this website From hilarious memes to fascinating content.

This is an excellent site for those who are fascinated by reading about various issues that others faced and how they been able to overcome the challenges. A variety of interesting topics are available on this site, but it’s not as popular as Reddit as of yet. The Reddit community adheres to a strict set of guidelines, which means you’ll be able to stay clear of the negativity that is prevalent on Reddit.

This is an excellent site for people fascinated by reading about various issues that others have had to face and the ways they’ve been able to overcome these challenges.

11. Voat

Voat is a different site similar to Reddit that I really like. It is connected via Facebook, and has an interface similar to Reddit.

A few of the distinctions in Voat and Reddit include a greater leniency with in-person censorship. There are no ads, which means there’s less worry about privacy breaches (still strongly advised to not post any private information) Also, you can use an upvote mechanism rather than a Like button and much more.

Voat is a social network with all the features Reddit offers, however with an entirely different layout and a focus on not restricting content. Like Reddit it is possible to like and comment on posts as well as share posts. Voat also comes with an option to search so that you can find posts quickly and conveniently.

As Reddit has Subreddit, Voat has Subverses.

Subverses are groups on Voat that are dedicated to discussing a specific topic for instance technology or politics. However, certain Subverses are more snarky and out of the ordinary.

12. BuzzFeed

If you’re looking for a information-driven Reddit option, BuzzFeed is worth checking out.

It’s a modern and contemporary design It’s among the best places to look for breaking news reports. BuzzFeed also offers a number of great community features, such as being able to feature significant news stories on other sites.

If you are registering to an account, make sure that your BuzzFeed profile is visible so people can locate and follow you. In comparison with Reddit, BuzzFeed is just as active and remains an excellent source for those who are interested in news. BuzzFeed users are also able to publish stories on different social networks. This is a nice feature.

Editors are able to create as well as publish stories for readers to read and make comments on interesting things taking place in the world.

13. Digg

I’ve been a massive admirer of Digg since the beginning.

It’s got a clear and simple interface that is easy to use. The voting system is excellent to find good content. The Digg community Digg is extremely active and engaging and always enjoyable to observe. Digg and Reddit have many affinities. In actual fact, Reddit was actually modeled on Digg. Similar features such as the capability to submit stories to be voted on the stories and then vote on.

For instance, Reddit has a much larger user base and submissions are voted up or down based the quality of their submissions.

Other top qualities of Digg are that it’s speedy, has a fantastic UX/UI, and offers the option of saving articles to be saved for future use. Digg is still lagging further behind Reddit when it comes to number of votes however, due to the fact that there aren’t nearly as many users on Digg as on Reddit so voting is less efficient.

Digg exists, but it’s not getting the same kind of popularity that it once had. The site has been in existence for quite a while, and the number of users hasn’t been the same as it was in the past.

However, if you’re able to discover good content then it’s worth looking into.

14. Popurls

Popurls is a more all-encompassing news site that does doesn’t just use Reddit as its main source, but also pulls in information from Twitter and other platforms.

Although you will find great original content at Popurls there are instances where certain posts appear to be slipping through the cracks in comparison to Reddit. There are some major distinctions that exist between Popurls and Reddit is that you are unable to vote up or down on content, and there’s no commenting feature on the former.

However, you can find the Topics section, which is identical to Reddit however instead of deciding whether to vote up or down, the categories are sorted according to popularity.

Additionally, you aren’t able to save your posts for later Popurls This is a feature many Reddit users use.

That’s not to suggest that Popurls isn’t as great however it has an entirely different goal. It also has benefits over Reddit such as a bigger base of content, which results in a higher number of content for you to enjoy.

If you’re looking to have a one-stop shop for all your news requirements the Popurls is the website for you.

15. Aether

Another excellent Reddit option is Aether.

It’s open-source meaning that anyone can be a part of the improvement of the platform. You will receive notifications whenever people react to your blog post or comment, and even dark mode for those who sleep at night.

Additionally, you also have an advanced filtering system in place to block any NSFW information from the feed until decide to do so. Similar to the other Reddit websites, it provides the option of a content page which users can vote for or down, based on whether they believe it’s worthwhile or not.
Users can also make comments and upload pictures for other users to view.
The style of Aether is contemporary with a blue-colored UI and large images so that you’ll quickly get an impression as to what it is all about.

Apart from the contemporary design Some users like Aether over Reddit due to the fact that it doesn’t contain all the advertisements.


These are a few of the top Reddit alternatives that are available online.It is now important to be aware that Reddit alternatives aren’t even close to the genuine thing.
Although there’s plenty of competition there, it appears like Reddit is the only one with a large market share in this space and isn’t going to be fading away anytime in the near future.

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