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Plagiarismchecker co

The best proofreader and content quality checker

Whether you are writing content for a web blog or an academic submission, exceptional content quality is the need of the hour. The content should be as clear as possible and free of any kind of grammatical mistakes and, above all, plagiarism.
The problem for most people who want to ensure quality content is the selection of a reliable proofreading platform for this purpose. They often look for a tool that makes use of advanced technologies to detect grammatical mistakes and duplication in the content and has a vast database to cover all types of writing, including books, journals, submissions, blogs, and website content.

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This platform doesn’t only offer a reliable plagiarism checker, but an exception paraphrasing tool as well. Further details about this platform and useful tools available on it are given below:

Plagiarism Checker by

A reliable plagiarism checker can help you find out duplication in your content easily and you can take the necessary steps to get rid of this plagiarism before it gets too late. offers a tool that can help you check plagiarism in your content with accurate results. It compares the text you input with billions of online sources. Content that includes plagiarized phrases is considered low-quality content.
If you want to ensure quality in your content then this plagiarism checker is the right tool for you, as it helps you ensure the quality of content by highlighting duplication in your content. Once the duplication is traced, you can remove it later by paraphrasing the content or writing unique content.
Here are some worth mentioning features of this tool.

Supports Multiple Languages

A huge concern of many people while choosing a plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in their content is the languages it supports. Many tools of this category support only a single language or a couple of languages, which ultimately limits the scope of the tool. However, the plagiarism checker offered by supports multiple languages and is capable of checking content for plagiarism in a wide variety of languages. Hence, it is a perfect tool for people who have to deal with non-English content and check plagiarism in it.

Checking Thousands of Words Daily

Another worth mentioning feature offered by this plagiarism checker is its ability to check content featuring thousands of words daily. However, the limit may vary according to the plan chosen by the user. This tool allows users to check plagiarism free of cost and provides subscription plans according to the requirements of users. This plagiarism detector offers affordable plans of different categories. You can categorize these plans into five types, namely, Basic, Business, Enterprise, Corporate, and Exclusive plans. These plans have a certain limit of words per instance. For example, the basic plan allows you to check the content of 1000 words for plagiarism in one go while with the Exclusive plan you can check the content of up to 30000 words in one go to obtain all the results easily.

AI Support

The best thing about using this tool to check plagiarism in content is the involvement of advanced technologies like AI and Deep Learning. If you have subscribed for a premium plan to use this tool, then your content will be scanned with the help of the Deep Check technique, which is sure to find intentional and even accidental plagiarism in a matter of seconds. Moreover, this AI-based tool can display a variety of statistics relevant to your text that can help you improve its formatting and readability.

Paraphrasing Tool by Plagiarismchecker co

Once you have spotted any kind of duplication in your content, what will you do to remove it? For many people, paraphrasing will be the quick answer. However, paraphrasing the content will take time and there are chances of some mistakes as well that can limit the readability of your content. The best way to solve this issue is to use an AI-Supported tool that can help you rewrite your content. offers its paraphrasing tool that can help to paraphrase online without requiring any installation. Further details about this paraphraser are given below:

Ability to Paraphrase Content in Multiple Languages

Hence, if you are dealing with content other than English, and you want to paraphrase it quickly, then using this tool will be the best option for you.

Offers Easy-to-Use Interface

Sometimes it can be really difficult for people to understand the interface of a tool, especially the ones used for paraphrasing. However, this tool has a really easy-to-use interface that can be easily understood and used by people belonging to various demographics.

Makes Content Unique

This paraphrasing tool helps you create 100% unique content to avoid plagiarism. It makes use of AI and other advanced techniques to help you create unique content. This tool will not only change the sentence of structure where possible, but place suitable synonyms in the sentence as well.

Grammar Checker by Plagiarismchecker co

No matter how good a proofreader you are, still, there are chances of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes in your content. In addition to proofreading your content manually, make sure you take the help of a reliable grammar checker to check grammar in your content and make it free of grammatical mistakes. The tool offered by for grammar check is one of its kind when it comes to exceptional proofreading for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Here are some details about this efficient tool:

  • Free of Cost

Users can use this highly effective grammar checker free of cost. You simply need to copy and paste the content on this tool and it will check grammatical mistakes of various kinds in your content. You don’t have to pay a single penny to ensure quality content that is free of grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and spelling mistakes.

  • Supports Multiple Languages

The Grammar checker you will find on this platform supports a variety of languages, unlike other grammar checking tools that are only capable of checking the grammar of content written in the English language. Hence, if you are dealing with non-English content, then this grammar checker is the right tool for you.

  • Unlimited Grammar Checks

While using this tool you don’t have to worry about any kind of restrictions regarding word limit. This tool allows you to check the content of thousands of words in a day. If you are proofreading lengthy writing, then this tool will do the trick for you.

End Words!

Finding online tools to get rid of plagiarism in your content can be a headache. However, if you come across a platform that can provide you with the necessary tools that can help you avoid duplication in your publications and submissions with the help of advanced technologies. is one such platform that can provide you with the reliable plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool online.

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