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Quetext – The Best Plagiarism Checker Tool

What is Plagiarism?

Quetext is the best proprietary DeepSearch™ tool. To put it in simple words, plagiarism is stealing someone’s idea or work without referencing him. So if you are writing an essay for your teacher and you are going to write about an idea. That is already covered by someone else, you need to reference him at the end of the article.

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When thinking about it, then most of the content you write isn’t your idea. But copying the same content, even if you change the wording a little bit considered stealing and plagiarism.

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And what is worse is that you copy parts of different articles and think that by that way you have a unique article. Actually you don’t. And this won’t do you any good, so don’t try to do it if you are serious about 
blogging and seo tools.

Types of Plagiarism

There are different types of plagiarism, but here are the few that are common.

1. Direct Plagiarism

This is plagiarism in its best shape. You are copying a post or an article word by word and call it yours. If this is your strategy. Stop blogging right now because you are wasting your time and money.

2. Mosaic Plagiarism

This happens when you copy phrases from a source. but don’t put it in quotation marks.

3. Self Plagiarism

 It occurs when you publish your work many times. This could be a problem if you don’t optimize your other posts right so Google doesn’t penalize you.

4. Accidental Plagiarism

It occurs when you write a phrase or a sentence and someone has already written it the same way. This happens for the best of us, and this is what we are going to try to solve in this post.

Google Take Action Against Plagiarism?

Google hates website plagiarism content. The last thing they want is to show their searchers content that is like each other. This provides terrible user experience, and this will decrease the earnings of Google.

This is a simple reason why Google hates plagiarism. In the end, it is going to affect their business. So what they do? Once they notice that any of your articles have parts of it copied from other sources. They penalize your blog and make it unworthy of their trust.

So your hard earned rankings for the other posts affected as well. After that, you need to start diagnosing the problem to find why that happened. solve it and then start trying to get them to rank you back. That would take months if they do get you back.

Sometimes, they won’t even take you out of it, so you penalized for life. The solution could be simpler do a quick check for plagiarism before you publish the post and you are good to go.

Plagiarism Checker Tool:

So which tool to use to provide you check for plagiarism before publishing your post without taking much work from you? The last thing you want is a tool that is going to waste your time and not help you find if your post plagiarized or not.

Quetext is a plagiarism checker tool and a Citation assistant with DeepSearch technology. This is a modern plagiarism tool that identified all copy text content. Grammatical error analysis and solving. They are in house technology with innovative algorithms that make it ultra fast.

Which is enough to craw one million documents instant. These tools more than 5.5 million people used. That includes internet marketers, content writers, bloggers. and professionals to identify potential plagiarism in their work.

Features of Quetext

1. Deep Search Technology

Take your plagiarism checking process to a whole different and deeper level with their DeepSearch technology. It is their propriety search engine result of over 10 years of dedicated research with contextual analysis, Fuzzy matching, and Conditional scoring.

This is what makes it different from other plagiarism checkers. Quetext does not find only matched phrases, it is capable of detecting duplicate text, even if some words twisted.

2. Color Grade Feedback

With the help of features like Color Grade feedback. you can engage with your results and take appropriate actions. It will enable you to easily find out the text which matches exactly with your text. Moreover, you can also spot near-exact or ‘fuzzy’ matches in different colors.

3. Citation Assistant

It has a built-in citation feature as well to help you cite plagiarism paragraphs. Those who are not aware of what citation is all about. Citation is mentioning, referring, or praising someone in your document.

if you are using exact texts, images, or anything which has done earlier by someone else. So check for unintentional plagiarism and quickly add citation directly. into your content with Quetext citation assistant.

4. Originality Report

Results from the plagiarism checking process are reported in such a nice way that includes a percentage. and highlighted sentences that are matched with other sources.

5. Interactive Snippet Text

Easy analysis of your matches side by side with their interactive and intuitive snippet text viewer. So you will be able to spot and remove duplicate content fast and with so much ease.

6. URL/Domain Exclusion

You can easily exclude any URL or even a whole domain so that your content is not compared against them for plagiarism checking.

Quetext Tools Commitment

1. Accuracy: (How Accurate is Quetext?)


You must be wondering about the accuracy of Quetext. You should actually if accuracy is not up to the mark then your sole purpose to detect duplicate content will not be fulfilled.

With industry-leading developers of plagiarism detection technology. Accuracy is one of the important aspects they focus on.

The development team their quality assurance processes make sure that every update. Please of their product tested rigorously. Their comprehensive plagiarism score validated by billions of internet sources.

2. Privacy: Is Quetext Safe?

Next, you might be thinking of how safe is your data when you submit on their site to check for plagiarism. Your privacy is their utmost importance. Whatever work you check on their site.

They never sell or pass it on to third parties. They neither claim ownership of your work nor save your text to their database.

They have also clearly mentioned that whatever information. They collect from you like, name, email address, phone number. Personalize your experience and improve their site to serve you better.

3. Integrity: Is Quetext Reliable?

Yes, Quetext is quite good and does its job efficiently. Being backed by billions of internet sources, their software pairs with high speed also.

Their top-notch technology ensures the integrity of your work. They will also update you with any potentially important citation opportunity missed.

Quetext Pricing

You might be curious to know about its pricing and whether Quetext plagiarism checker is free or not? And the good news is that Quetext is free to use with basic features.

You can see quetext review.

There are Two Plans: 1. Free Plan and 2. Premium Plans

1. FREE Plans

The first one is completely free even with features like contextual analysis and conditional scoring.

  • 3 Free Checks with up to 500 words per check
  • Color Grade Feedback to spot and remove plagiarism easily
  • Contextual Analysis to search beyond simple words
  • Fuzzy Matching to catch any attempt to disguise plagiarism
  • Conditional Scoring to weigh each search individually

2. PRO Plan

This is the most advanced plan with Deep Search extended and Citation Assistant to get this plan, you have to pay $9.99 per month.

  • Extended DeepSearch
  • Citation Assistant with MLA, APA, Chicago formats
  • URL and Domain Exclusion Tool to make your search experience better
  • Interactive Snippet Text for side by side plagiarism analysis
  • Export PDF Reports with ease
  • Upload many files at a time to check instant results from Quetext database
  • Outstanding Support

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