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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a well-known plagiarism detection program that schools use to verify student work’s quality and originality. It evaluates the submitted paper and assignments against a massive collection of academic material online, as well as previous student work, to find cases of plagiarism. Turnitin gives a similarity score to each submitted piece, revealing the percentage of text that matches the sources already used.
In addition to detecting plagiarism, Turnitin offers other features like feedback tools that allow instructors to give feedback on students’ work and functions for grading. It assists educators in ensuring the integrity of their academics, promoting creativity, and educating students on how to cite sources correctly. Turnitin is necessary in schools to provide the highest academic honesty and integrity standards.

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  1. Turnitin aids educators in detecting plagiarism, protecting the integrity of their academics and fostering the idea of originality among students.
  2. It gives a thorough similarity report that identifies the areas in which students have used other sources in a way that did not have proper citations.
  3. Turnitin provides a quick and effective way for instructors to look over and mark assignments online by incorporating features like online commenting and rubrics.
  4. The platform lets students discover the correct citation methods and enhance their writing abilities by receiving instructor feedback.
  5. It can be a deterrent to possible plagiarism claims since students are aware the work they write will get compared against thousands in other sources.


  1. Some claim that Turnitin violates students’ privacy by storing copies and backups of completed documents in the database without their explicit consent.
  2. There could be false positives if well-cited or commonly used phrases are recognized as plagiarism due to their resemblance to other sources.
  3. Students could become too dependent on the feedback provided by Turnitin instead of improving their critical thinking and research abilities.
  4. Some institutions may face technical issues or problems with access to Turnitin, which can cause inconvenience to students and instructors.
  5. The expense of implementing Turnitin could be a significant burden for schools with small budgets or resources, particularly for small schools or individuals.

Turnitin provides a plagiarism-detecting online system that examines the originality of academic documents. It compares the work submitted with a vast content database that includes books, articles and student essays. The program detects similarity and gives a score to show the amount of text that matches. It helps teachers ensure that students create their work and do not plagiarize. Turnitin also offers feedback to students about areas where their work might be too similar to other material, urging students to develop their writing skills and prevent plagiarizing. Overall, Turnitin is an excellent tool to promote academic integrity and instruct students on appropriate citation and research methods.

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