Siteliner Group Buy- Find Duplicate Content

Siteliner Group Buy

Siteliner Group Buy- Find Duplicate Content on your site

What is Siteliner Group Buy tool?

Siteliner is a popular website analysis tool. It helps you make results that influence your site’s and SEO rankings. This tool will assist you to realize broken links, duplicate content, and make an XML web sitemap for your site. You’ll be able to go through the Google search console. This tool reveals to you what you need to improve your site to rise above your tool competitors.

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Features of Siteliner

Duplicate content:

You’ll be able to imagine all the duplicate pages of a given page of a website. You’ll be able to avoid computer program fines for these problems.

Page Power:

It is an internal link analysis tool. The tool analyzes the strength of a page by examining the number of links that receive from other pages. The analysis is based on the importance of each page that is being analyzed as a link to the page. It helps to find out the outstanding pages of a website.

Detailed page results:

Once analyzed specific pages, the tool provides specific results. The results of an entire website analysis are summarized.

Broken Links:

This detects links that are removed, changed, or now not exist. Loss of links to websites will worsen the user expertise and lower search rankings.

Various Reporting Export Options:

It has a various way to export result. You can export website reports, current tables, and XML sitemaps.

External links:

It’s potential to work out that links on hand-picked pages contain links to external sites.

Cached Page Presentation:

Siteliner maintains the cached version of the page. it’s used once scanning is. As a result, you may see a modification if the analysis is performed.

Internal links:

It’s a common feature to add links to the Siteliner duplicate checker tool. It redirects the user to a selected page of a website. This will increase the importance of the strategy. With Siteliner you’ll be able to opt for a selected page. Check what percentage pages of the complete website have links to the chosen page.

How will Siteliner work?

Siteliner took a step to deal with problems that don’t permit websites to rank well. It took a confidential approach by analyzing the links and connected problems. Nevertheless, the technical issue is a bit tough to handle. This makes the platform absolutely simple and easy for new and experienced users.

How to fix plagiarism content to a blog or website?

When you look for content issues. This will be easy to solve and you can:

1. Canonical attributes

If your site has two (2) similar content including two (2) URLs. You can use canonical link elements. This will help Google understand which of the two identical pages. You can also use a spiritual feature when you syndicate content on social platforms and other websites.

2. NoIndex NoFollow tag

You can use noindex and noflo tags if you want search engines to be completely crawled. You also want to index a specific page in SERP. This meta tag means it can be included in any page section of the HTML.

Here is an example of following the noindex meta tag:

You can able use the tags on your website pages that you don’t want search engines to crawl and index. For example; Conditions and Terms, User Login Page, Privacy Policy,  etc. You can use the robots.txt file to allow or restrict the crawling of pages by Googlebot.

3.  Fix duplicate content to use 301 redirects.

If you convert the article from the old permalink to the new URL. The most popular way to fix the duplicate content of a website to use 301 redirects. For example, if you have a web page You can be fixed the article for 2021 by changing the URL at

In these ways, you can redirect to the old 2020 URL variation as it is updated. It will assist you to delete the link from the old URL-variation to the new-one.

Pro of Siteliner

  • The premium site liner option lets you check up to 25,000 pages.
  • Siteliner is offered by the same creator of the linguistics site Copyscape
  • The amount of duplicate content.
  • Credit card and PayPal multiple payment options.
  • Average page size Average page load time.
  • Average page load time.
  • Text in HTML proportions.
  • Internal links per page.
  • External links on each page.
  • Total links.
  • Best content checker duplicate.
  • Inbound links on every page.
  • Easy to check website plagiarism

Cons of Siteliner.

  • The free possibility is proscribed to 250 pages of a website and one site is tested once each thirty days.
  • Report export in CSV format.
  • Some restrictions to the plagiarism checker for the website.


Siteliner is a popular tool for checking your internal duplicate content, internal links, and page size. It is advisable to analyze your site using this golden new tool for SEO purposes. It is the most popular website plagiarism checker tool today.

Siteliner Group Buy- Find Duplicate Content on your site

Siteliner Group Buy Only €8 Per Month.

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