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What is Group Buy?

Frase is a marketing tool that can help you create the content brief or an entire piece. It’s mainly targeted at people who write blog posts, or anyone who needs to give writers a short list of requirements to create blog posts for them.

Frase will find the top 20 websites in Google for that phrase. It will then display numerous details about the top 20 posts e.g. the average words count, average number of images, headlines that are that are used in every article, the most important subjects covered in all articles, and so on.

The idea behind this is that Frase is saying that these is the best 20 search results that are related to the search you have chosen, so that’s what Google believes to be the top content on the subject. If you want your content to be ranked highly, your content must be more or less expansive than the others that are available. You must cover these important subjects, for example.

Content Research & Creation

When you write your content in Frase it assigns the article a score ranging from zero to 100 percent. The goal is to ensure that your content to get as high a score as you can or, at a minimum, greater that the score average for your competitors. This is done by ensuring that there aren’t any key gap in your topic.

It’s the same process in the case of making a briefing for the content writer. Once you’ve input your keyword phrase, you can choose the briefing template from the already-built templates Frase has designed or you can create your own personal shorting templates (custom briefs can only be found on team plans) and then fill it with the most important issues, topics, or topics. that you wish the writer to write about.

Frase also creates your brief automatically. So you only need to click an icon and it will create an outline for you. Personally, I don’t utilize this feature since I would prefer to have more control, but it is an alternative.’s Group Buy features (And how to use it): offers quite a few important features despite its primary function being an online marketing tool for content.

Generate Topic Ideas:

Generate Topic Ideas By using Frase it is possible to generate topics you could write about on your blog.

There are several methods to accomplish this.


Frase AI is an application that will help you find write, edit, and improve the quality of SEO content. It’s an application of artificial intelligence that makes use of machine-learning to create high-quality blog posts for businesses of all sizes. No matter if your company requires more content or the most effective copywriting for the current website, Frase helps you get your work done quickly, so that you can concentrate on other things. Should this sound like something you and your team could benefit from today get in touch with us today! We are happy to provide demos for free as well as consultations with one of our specialists, so we can show you the benefits of frase in person.

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