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Important Note:

  • By default, you will only get a no-follow backlink on your name in your author’s bio.
  • If you want to do-follow backlinks, you need to do-follow backlinks in the natural anchor text, which will be costly. (Anchor text not allowed as a keyword.)
  • If you want a free do-follow backlink, you’ll not receive a response to the e-mail.
  • You won’t catch it if you haven’t read these articles and asked for a free follow link to your published article. Additionally, broadcast content will not be deleted.

Here is a short guide on the way to start posting a guest post on groupbuyseotools.net

Only the following topics have been accepted by guest posts:

We don’t accept infographics without content, so please don’t waste time.

Our Guest Post Article Guide

  • The content must be 100% unique and in English only.
  • Guest posts must contain 1500 words.
  • The article must have a title, subtitle, conclusion, and pictures.
  • Send a lightweight, unique image with guest posts.
  • When the article is published on our group buy SEO tools blog, it is owned by groupbuyseotools.net.
  • No removal or change requests are not accepted after approval. We are likely to change or add minor details to our article.
  • After publishing guest posts on our website, you’ll not be ready to publish anywhere else.
  • You will able to send guest posts with a picture in file format (.docx) to [email protected]
  • Do not use any promotional lines within the content. If it’s used, your content won’t be accepted.

Once the guest post is published, please share it on all of your social media networks to extend your content’s visibility and increase your content’s ranking on all search engines.

If you have content ready to publish, send it to [email protected]. Review and publish your content on our blog as soon as possible. Feel free to ask us any suggestions or questions via our live chat or Contact Us.

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