Summer Sizzle: Top 5 Content Marketing Ideas to Try in July 2024

Like the temperature, your content marketing should be rising this July! Check out our top 5 sizzling ideas to keep your audience burning for more! Whether it’s a simple way to get your audience talking, or a major multi-channel campaign, below, you’ll find everything you need to get started this summer! So sit back with a cold drink in hand, and get ready to learn about 5 great trends you should be using to keep up with your awesome customers in July 2024.


Welcome to the red-hot world of content marketing, where sharp wit meets a sharp tongue! As we kick off July 2024, be prepared to get nailed right where it hurts with our hottest ideas you can’t afford to miss. With summer still in full swing, this month offers a perfect mark for those who want to spice up their content. That’s why we’re offering you our top 5 content marketing ideas tailored to this sizzling month. Let’s get started and make your summer memorable!

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Why July 2024 is Crucial for Content Marketing

Odds are, your target audience has more time on their hands with the arrival of summer, which means they’re in vacation mode. Chances are they’ve left the office and are soaking up as much relaxation and outdoor joy as they can. That’s why now’s the perfect time to remind them why your content is worth their attention! They’re looking for something to do and something to get excited about.

In addition, various holidays, for example, Independence Day and National Ice Cream Day, that are celebrated in July, can provide businesses with the opportunity to create relevant content that will attract the attention of the target audience. Overall, the release of content as users commonly celebrate certain occasions during July can help companies drive engagement and create brand awareness. Finally, the environment in which businesses develop has been changing rapidly. For example, many companies can use social media trends, collaborate with influencers, and hold virtual events, among others. User-generated content also facilitates interaction with consumers and adds a degree of authenticity to the message.

Are you ready to create exciting content and freshen up your content marketing strategy this July but are looking for ideas?

It is no secret that the social media environment is constantly developing, with new trends and features appearing non-stop. To be ahead of the game and make the most of your content, it is necessary to monitor what is trending on multiple platforms. There are various trends, for example, challenges on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or trending hashtags on Twitter. Involving these trends in your content creation process can significantly improve engagement as many social media users can search and view your content. Do not hesitate to take risks and use creative ideas if you choose to integrate social media trends into your content marketing. At the same time, bear in mind that authenticity is the key to the success of your campaigns when following the lead of the social media herd. Make sure to use any trends in a way that corresponds with your brand voice.

Idea #2: Collaborating with Influencers

In the digital era, influencers have turned into one of the most powerful promotional strategies to enhance brand awareness and attract more customers. It is important to team up with an influencer who will be the right fit for the business specificities and help increase sales and reach eventually. On the one hand, having influencers that are associated with the brand and share the same values can contribute to the expansion of the customer base. On the other hand, if the chosen influencer has a big number of subscribers, such a partnership can introduce the business to potentially new customers and guarantee growth. The only requirement is to carefully research each candidate as customers always recognize forced promotions. Overall, the major benefit of influencer marketing is that the influencer becomes a sort of a brand ambassador who conducts promotion in the most appealing way for the target audience.

Idea #3: Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Content

As soon as July starts, it is high time to consider playing on the seasonal and holiday thongs for the current month. Given that summer is already here, it may be a good idea to timely create content related to such summer holidays as Independency Day or Bastille Day, for example. A blog post, a meme, or a video related to the sun, sand, and exciting summer events generally captives the subscribers.

Try to incorporate these themes into your products or services when planning your content. Whether you want to create special promotions for these days or share advice on how to make this season more beneficial, thinking about topics that are relevant for your target audience will not only let you get creative with your content but also engage your customers and increase brand awareness. Nevertheless, make sure that your brand voice or your mission tone are still applicable while sharing your support and excitement for the public holidays.

Hosting a virtual event or webinar

There are many ways to organize virtual events or webinars these days. Technologies allow interacting with people from all over the world and sharing your message and creating an engaging event. It can serve many purposes – from learning about your new services or products to sharing knowledge on some topic with your audience. There are no limits in the forms that such events can take – it can be anything from traditional talk or training to panel discussions. You may also invite your team members to participate, which can be interesting and engaging for your audience. These events take less time and money than in-person ones and can attract many more people.

User-generated content

Encourage your customers to create and share posts, pictures, and videos related to your products or services! UGC is likely to be authentic and influence others more heavily than any other type of branded content.

You can start by running that run social media contests or campaigns and ask users to submit photos, videos or even testimonials of their experiences with your product. This not only provides an idea about how happy your customers are with your products, but it also generates hype around your brand. You can also feature customer reviews on your website and social media pages because other customers will be more influenced by the words of other users. Plus, it’s a good idea to like, comment and share users’ posts and show them that you appreciate their support.

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If you use user-generated content in the right way, you’ll be able to connect with your customers and leverage their positive experiences for increasing conversions.

Tips: If you decide to use these ideas in your content marketing campaign, start by defining your aim and your target audience. Then, keep in mind that if you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to maintain a regular posting schedule on all social media platforms. Finally, respond to comments and messages in an appropriate manner and engage with your audience. This is vital for building loyalty towards your brand. This way, you can see which strategies have been most successful and which areas need your attention. And last but definitely not least, be flexible and willing to make changes to your strategies based on the feedback you get.

As you implement these content marketing ideas in July 2024, tracking your progress is important. Use analytics tools with which to measure engagement, click-through rates and conversions. Remember, successful content marketing is about experimenting, analyzing and adapting. Stay agile and responsive to trends and feedback, and you will continue sizzling throughout the summer season and beyond!

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