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So as to take care of the phenomenal quantity of domains and filter options we now have available at RegisterCompass you’d require an extremely innovative search metrics to provide you with the best flexibility on your hunting. In addition, you require the capability to unite numerous preferences and customize how you run your own searches.

Register Compass Group Buy.

Global Hunt Setting – Filter Operator:
There are essentially two general techniques which you may use to unite all of your chosen filter choices.
Your exhibited domains should match a Minumum of One of the chosen domain options
Your exhibited domains must match ALL chosen domain options.
Some Potential example searches may be:
Domains with Domain Name Authority and over 50 connections in Google AND no more than 10 chars
Domains with AlexaRank under 1.000.000 AND just .Com Domains AND recorded in English dictionary
Domains no more than 3 Letters AND just .COMs
Domains with over 50 Links in Google OR over 100 Links in MajesticSeo
Dmoains recorded in DMOZ directory AND Language directory
Millionaire recorded in English dictionary OR recorded in German dictionary AND over 20 pages found in one of those Search Engines
And several many more.
RegisterCompass is the sole place where you get this kind of flexibility on your domain searches and the sole location in which you have the capacity of combining the desired variety of configurations to make sure you find precisely the domain names which you desire.
We also provide you with the flexibility to change between your internet search results from dying, died or auction domain names – all without needing to start a new search.
Customizable Templates can allow you to show just the data columns you need to see.
Save Load Domain Filter Preferences
As soon as you’ve defined that filter settings you would like and you’ve gotten the wonderful results you were searching for you can save these outcomes for accessibility later in the event that you’d like.
This can allow you to search considerably quicker for domain names once you truly have enough time. Rather than starting a new search each and every time you would like to search for new domain names you can just explore your search results and find what it is you’re after much quicker and simpler.
You’re able to get domain results that match your saved search filters in your email address each and every day!!
It is also possible to get advanced domain reports which can be compiled for you entirely on autopilot – this saves you a wealth of time and effort at locating those complete must-have domain names.