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What is Domcop Group Buy?

Domcop group buy is an expired domain search tool. Apart from pending delete and auction domains, domcop seo tools also have a personal expired domains crawler that lets you scrape websites in bulk to find domains that are available to be registered and have amazing backlinks.

DomCop software Review: How to Find Expired Domains- Group Buy Seo Tools

Expired Domains Research Tools:

Domcop tool group buy most appreciated tool for finding expired domains. DomCop seo tools have made a mark on the industry and is appreciated by several modern-day users because of its cost-efficient plans. This software is affordable, easy to use, and provides considerable access to quality expired domains.

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How can I make use of DomCop to search for Expired Domains?

DomCop software lets you easily locate expired or expired domains and archives the domains. The reason this software should be considered highly recommendable is the fact that it can be used for filtering expired domains according to specific criteria that can be determined for the user by the research.

Step 1.

Assuming you have joined the DomCop Power Plan. DomCop Power Plan, which starts at $98 per month Let’s suppose you want to locate all expired domains that have minimum PageRank of 2. Domain Authority (DA) of 29 that are not classified in “Counter Offering” auctions.

Step 2.

Make sure you set the parameters you want like the one shown below, since that’s all you can do to make sure you have the least amount of spammy listings, while recognizing that it’s pretty difficult to distinguish high-quality domains from low-quality ones.

Configure the appropriate parameters

Step 3.

Utilizing this page Rank Slider, you can discover domains with PR2 to PR10 that you can configure to display all domains that have DA 29-100. Make sure you verify for the “Hide Fake PR” checkbox to ensure that no fake PR domains are displayed and uncheck for the “Offer/Counter offer” Auction kind.

The absence of a checkbox for the “Offer/Counter Offer” Auction type will ensure that only domains that are auctioned off when bids are placed are shown.


Step 4.

There are additional filters you can apply to narrow down the list. Examples include Majestic Trust Flow or Moz Domain Authority are good metrics to consider when searching for good domains that are expired.

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You must now determine the price at a certain value. If you spot an interesting domain then select the “star” the front of the domain name to add it to your watchlist or click the domain’s name to be directed to the correct site to purchase the domain.

Domain Authority & Trust

Highly recommended however, to check the value for the Domain Authority & Trust Flow since a the low DA could mean it is not successful, so you should conduct an examination of the backlinks to determine whether the rating is accurate or even the reason why the metrics aren’t high at all.

That’s it if you follow these steps to locate recent Expired Domain Names by using DomCop you’ve found a useful alternative to your search for domain names and discover a great domain to store your archives.

Watch the tutorial video in this article for more details on how you can utilize this tool and ways to verify the authenticity of expired domains you discover.

If you find an outstanding domain name that has expired and are able to acquire it, you may sell it at a high cost or to another SEO bloggers, but only in the event that you choose not to utilize the domain.

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Domcop Domain Hunting Tools

Domcop domain hunting tools is designed to filter using several highly rated metrics including Moz DA/PA, Majestic TF/CF, and PageRank to name a few. All of these filters are used to scour through millions of expired domains before listing them in order for users to go through. This allows users to quickly look at the data and make their pick in seconds.

According to recent research, Domcom is home to over 20 million domains and continues to grow with each passing day. This database is power-packed with expired domains and also includes several different extensions.

Users are also able to fiddle around with the settings to make sure everything is done to customize each search. Domcop seo tools can include what qualities are required for an expired domain to work.

For those looking to get a feel of how this tool works, DomCop offers a free trial on its website. This can provide a good starting point for anyone that is on the lookout for high-quality expired domains. Seo tool is efficient, safe to use, and offers an easy way to pick high-grade domains without missing a beat.

Domcop Features:

  • You can buy domains from multiple domain auctions
  • Available to purchase domains that have expired
  • The Domains are going to expire you can backorder
  • You can domain names buy from their archive list
  • More than 6 million domain names are available
  • The personal crawler helps to crawl the internet

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