DomCop software Review: How to Find Expired Domains

What is DomCop?

DomCop is a service that is used to locate expired domains which could have a great SEO value. DomCop analyzes the millions of expired domains each month. and provides vital metrics on these domains, which allows you to identify valuable domains that can be registered. Through this service. you can filter the thousands of expired domains using many ways. including Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) from Moz (the most commonly used technique), Alexa rank. domain extension. language as well as domain age. It’s amazing the variety of filters they’ve put in . Here’s a list of them:

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Limitations of Domcop

One of the biggest issues that I have with DomCop has to do with the fact they do not include Ahrefs metrics in addition to Moz metrics (not because they didn’t bother trying -the fact is that Ahrefs simply refused to allow DomCop continue to use their API). Since I am a fan of Ahrefs and consider the domain Rating (DR) rating to be a highly important filter but this can be restricting. A lot of domains have a high Moz score, but have a low Ahrefs score. and the majority of them are ones you don’t want. Thus, for every search I conduct using DomCop and if I come across something that seems like it could be worth a look it is always necessary to manually check it out on Ahrefs. In the absence of Ahrefs metrics means that you slow down considerably.

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DomCop Domains

It is also important to note that you must know the basics when you want to discover great domains with DomCop. This means you must have a thorough understanding of SEO and knowing what to look for in a good domain. which isn’t easy to do. It is essential to discern the junk from the gems which means conducting an exhaustive study of every domain you’re considering purchasing that DomCop locates. This means researching it on as well as looking at its backlinks. analyzing its history and other details. You can find without doubt there are some genuine gems within the rubble of domains can be found when you are able to utilize DomCop to the fullest extent and it requires time and experience.

What can you do if you do not have $98 per month to spare? includes numerous of the functions offered by DomCop and is completely free (you must sign up) I would suggest using it if you don’t wish to spend money on DomCop. I’ve previously inquired at DomCop what the main differences are in comparison to as well as their services. Their principal differentiator (beyond DomCop definitely having more features and metrics) is that DomCop has a greater number of domains.

On June 2023 we published a piece compiling responses from SEO experts on whether PBN’s (where you buy expired domains and use them to boost search engine rankings) are still worth using. I recommend having a read through that.

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