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What Is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is a copywriting program with an extensive template library for users to create material for their website and business.

This service is used by novice and experienced copywriters to create copies for Facebook ads, Google Ads, sales letters, and other things. 

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Thus, it can help to convert readers into actual customers.

After you’ve selected the template you wish to use, you just need to alter your highlighted text to the information you want to convey, and then that’s the process.
If you’re constantly mulling over ideas about what you want to write, or your budget is too small to employ a freelance copywriter, This tool could assist you in solving your dilemma.
The program is accessible to all, regardless of their level of writing skills.
It will help boost the conversion rate and traffic while you save the expense of hiring an experienced copywriter.
He was looking to assist businesses in creating captivating copywriting in an hour without hiring an expert copywriter.
He created this platform entirely on his own to help businesses to achieve this. Although he does have some employees, the company isn’t significant.
It is the only thing that gets his attention, as it’s his sole business.

ClosersCopy is a target for a variety of people, such as:

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Marketers and business owners who wish to market their products. The service assists them in writing compelling text that improves their sales while also helping them reach out to their customers.

Copywriting fans. If you’re a novice or experienced copywriter, you’ll gain from this tool since it’ll aid in writing and make it more enjoyable.

The templates and tools available can help you write more quickly, saving time.

What Powers Closerscopy?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3′ (GPT-3)
Closerscopy employs the latest machine learning techniques and language models, such as GPT-3, to improve the quality of your writing and speed up the writing process.
GPT-3 is a software for copywriting developed in the context of OpenAI, the AI research laboratory in San Francisco. It was an AI breakthrough welcomed by the public due to its potential to automate work, which could benefit businesses.
GPT-3’s artificial intelligence can respond to any message you input on the computer by providing another item of relevant information pertinent to the particular context.

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If you type in a complete English phrase into the search box, say as an example the following example, you’ll most likely get a response back in a human-like form that is very relevant.
The software (GPT-3) represents the 3rd generation of the language prediction software model from the series GPT-n (Successor of GTP-2).
They’re all made through OpenAI, which was first introduced on May 20, 2020, and it has been creating high-quality text since July of that same year, surpassing any expectations of artificial intelligence in the present.
GPT-3 learns automatically from information about how people compose sentences. It also considers the words they use frequently so that it is more precise in predicting what terms will be used next to one another.
What’s more exciting about this new technology is it is undergoing ongoing research in technology, and users can anticipate even more impressive outcomes.
The earliest, GPT-3, could be replaced by GPT-4, which will always yield a superior result.

ClosersCopy Review: Features

The ClosersCopy features were designed to aid you in generating phrases that will be effective in various scenarios.
Although various tools are available, be aware that you’ll have to provide some details to allow the service to produce the most effective results.

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#1. Artificial Intelligence

ClosersCopy is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence Editor that can be used to make your copy edits. This technology ensures that you can be assured of original, high-quality content that appears as if someone wrote it.

The AI editor won’t just aid you in choosing words. It will also create material for your advert or sales page and other marketing materials.

Many people are enthralled by AI tools for copywriting because they can make writing fast, concise and straightforward. The editor will highlight redundant words and ask whether you want to remove the comments.

This is particularly helpful when writing creatively, as AI suggestions, though useful, can be wrong.

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#2. Drag and Drop Builders

This website offers the most user-friendly builders compared to the many writing tools. ClosersCopy offers a smooth drag-and-drop tool for creating copy.
This lets you drag and drop elements onto the page, making writing more accessible. The user can combine and mix headlines and then add them to their pages to be used on their sales material.
But, when configuring the builder, you’ll have to give some basic details to ensure better outcomes. The builder may need to know your situation, the desired effect, and a solution.
Let’s take a look at an illustration. The issue could be unintentional weight gain. The goal could be weight loss. The solution may include weight loss supplements and exercise or diet.
It can cover a variety of niches, which means it can set an environment that your customers will find interesting. It will then develop concepts for your copy based on your supply information.
However, you can pick one you like and edit it to be easy to read.

#3. Template Library

It can be used to report Facebook ads, Google Ads, email topics, social media posts, and landing pages, among other things.

However, remember that they are only templates, which implies that anyone can use the copy generated by ClosersCopy to do whatever they want.

The company is constantly updating its templates frequently. Thus, you can expect to see more types of templates.

#4. Step-by-Step Copy Wizard

The wizard to set up is among the main reasons users love this website. It provides users with guidance as well as tips.
When you’re writing the copy, this platform will give you various suggestions on the words to utilize, how to organize your document, etc.
In addition, it highlights the errors you make, and you’ll recognize the areas in your document that need improvement.
Additionally, this copy wizard will guide you through how to use the website and its functions, which makes it simple for new users.

#5. 18000+ Copy Examples

Sometimes, you’re stuck deciding what to write or how to utilize this service. The company has several examples you can look over for ideas and ideas.
The database contains more than 18000 copy examples from Facebook along with Google.

#6. -Copy Emotion Analysis

When trying to convince prospective customers, emotions play a crucial part. Therefore, it is feasible to utilize this tool to identify the feeling that your content evokes.
It will also assist you to make sure your tone is in line with the message you intend to communicate. In addition, you can expand your vocabulary and prevent repetition by using The Thesaurus Lookup.
It lets users create attractive headlines with just a single click.

#7. Content Sentence Analysis

This tool assists in breaking complex sentences down into simple ones. This way, you can determine which sentences your reader can easily comprehend.
Furthermore, ClosersCopy also includes keyword analysis, allowing you to effectively analyze the appropriate keywords to incorporate them into your copy.

#8. Copy Spam Analysis

It is a constant issue in marketing, especially marketing via email. Fortunately, ClosersCopy helps users analyze whether their content is considered spam.
It can do this by analyzing your tone as well as some “dangerous” phrases like “make money” and “make money,” which are reported in emails by service providers such as Yahoo and Google.

#9: -Megatron

As a most recent and most recent feature just recently added to the program, Megathron is the most recent addition. If you want to write lengthy content like Jarvis uses, you’ll love this Megathron by Closescopy.

To access this feature, connect to MEGATRON via your toolbar. This tool works by accumulating information through search engines.

All you have to do is type in your search query and let MEGATRON search for you. The new AI recommends 5-20 headings and possibly hundreds of subheadings to choose from.

Then, sketch out your text by removing titles you dislike and expanding those you like.

Notable, isn’t it?

When you’ve got the first 3,000 characters, you can use MEGATRON to edit your content, using the context menu for right-clicks.

This way, you can use it for these things:

Expand The Expand feature lets you expand your HTML file based on the specific context.

Rephrase: The program lets users modify your text using new words or phrases while maintaining the original text.

Summarizes: It lets you reduce your text to one or two sentences.

Reduce: This lets you reduce the length of your text but still retain your words, tone and phrases. Be aware that only sentences with long words can be cut down. “I do football” cannot be shortened.

Lengthens: It lets you increase the length of your content but still keep most of your tone or words. Note: Only short sentences can be extended.

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy Group Buy €25/M.

How to Use ClosersCopy AI to Enhance Your Copywriting

ClosersCopy Group Buy FAQ

Is ClosersCopy any good?

The ClosersCopy program is an effective copywriting aid that has become indispensable to my workflow. The templates are unique as they include designs for sales pages, email campaigns, and landing pages.

Does ClosersCopy use GPT 3?

Cloners’ copy can be the most silent culprit in the AI content market. New technologies are coming out so fast it’s challenging to keep track of and extend beyond GPT-3, which lets you learn from the AI.

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