WordHero vs Jasper: Which AI Writing Tool Reigns Supreme?

WordHero vs Jasper

WordHero vs Jasper Which AI Writing Tool Reigns Supreme

WordHero vs Jasper

With ninety six% high-quality evaluations on G2 and over one hundred,000 clients—together with famous companies like IBM and Canva—Jasper is one of the number one AI writing assistants within the global.

But WordHero, an possibility to Jasper, has been gaining reputation. Since its launch, it has received over 10,000 clients and gotten loads of excessive incredible reviews on structures like AppSumo.

If you’re a content cloth cloth fabric fabric writer searching for techniques to create extra exquisite content material fabric fabric fabric cloth quicker, each WordHero and Jasper may additionally additionally furthermore moreover look promising. The query is: Which one want to you use?

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WordHero vs. Jasper at a look

To help you decide on the proper one for you, we in assessment those device based totally totally on the subsequent necessities:
  • AI fashions
  • Short-form content material fabric cloth material extraordinary
  • Long-form content cloth material material first-class
  • Suitability for are searching out engine advertising and marketing and advertising content fabric material
  • Top functions
  • Ease of use
  • Resources and assist
  • Pricing

A head-to-head assessment of Jasper and WordHero

If you’re curious how we selected the winner for every of the sorts above, dive into our assessment underneath.

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AI models

Artificial intelligence device discover ways to emulate human intelligence and make logical choices via AI models. These algorithms or applications use information units to teach. AI on suitable conclusions or movements to take based totally on patterns in the facts.

AI writers are mainly informed on language models, letting them apprehend your inputs and requests and generate applicable content material fabric material in reaction. WordHero vs Jasper.


Jasper leverages numerous language fashions. Most notably, we companion with the AI and studies agency employer OpenAI, the use of its most advanced model thus far—GPT-three.Five. However, we moreover use others. Which embody BLOOM, T5, and GPT-NeoX. This choice makes Jasper bendy sufficient to write down down for loads of industries and use times.


Unlike Jasper, WordHero is powered with the resource of the use of the older GPT-three language version. Other than that, it superb leverages proprietary AI era

Winner: Jasper. Not exceptional do we use severa language models, however we’ve got a proprietary tool for deciding on the wonderful one for a consumer’s activate. This makes it an awful lot lots less complicated to generate applicable content material material material cloth and copy for particular use instances or industries.

Short-form content cloth material notable

Both Jasper and WordHero can help with brief-shape writing. At the issue of everything from electronic mail situation lines and cold emails to headlines, taglines, and social media captions.


As cited, Jasper uses a combination of contemporary-day AI fashions to fit your use case and write for your organization. As a give up surrender cease end cease end result. The top notch of the generated content material cloth fabric is better than that of many possibility tool.

To illustrate, allow’s test some unedited outputs from more than one Jasper’s 50-plus content fabric material fabric and copywriting templates, which can be great for brief-shape duplicate. First up is one from the Product Description template.

As you could see, Jasper includes the asked tone and offers the product data we gave because it need to be and in a logical way. More importantly, take a look at how Jasper went above and past to embody data that make. The duplicate attractive to the desired goal marketplace—taking walks experts. Jasper even made the define of the coffee more in-intensity and compelling! WordHero vs Jasper.

Notice the tweets embody hashtags to increase their collect on Twitter. Many moreover contact on why the situation is vital, regardless of the fact that we didn’t offer that data in our enter:

  • “Make first rate you apprehend what you can manage to pay for – get pre-legal for a mortgage in advance than starting your property are searching for #firsttimehomebuyer”
  • “Financially prepare your self to shop for your first domestic – get pre-legal in your mortgage. #realestateadvice”
  • “Make the most of your home seek – do now not skip over out on first rate alternatives thru manner of getting pre-authorized for a loan! #dreamhome”

Any of the tweets Jasper generated may need to face by myself. But they will furthermore be combined into an extended submit like this:

What’s the decision of the sport to a hit home attempting to find? Get pre-regular for a mortgage! Make excessive quality you’re financially organized to buy your first domestic. Arming yourself with data of what you may spend will make certain that you don’t omit out in your dream home. #firsttimehomebuyer #homesearching 

These are truely a couple of examples. There are many more Jasper templates that make it faster and lots tons much less hard to put in writing down great, brief-shape content material fabric fabric cloth and replica. (For extra on how you may batch-create months’ surely well nicely virtually surely really worth of social media content material fabric material material in document time, take a look at out our free social media content material fabric schooling.)


On the plus issue, the generated content material fabric modified into grammatically excellent and pondered an accurate understanding of the difference among project and vision statements. However, the AI didn’t use the tone we asked for, this means that the content material cloth changed into a chunk at the bland side.

While WordHero did upload element to the quick description we entered, it didn’t use the informal tone we requested for. In truth, there’s definitely no tone the least bit! WordHero vs Jasper.

Winner: Jasper. The content material it generates isn’t sincerely particular and nicely-written. It also suits your requested tone or even affords applicable context wherein feasible to make the resulting content material cloth more attractive and relevant in your goal market.

Long-shape content fabric excellent

Many AI writing equipment generate high-quality outputs for short-form content material and replica like social media posts and advertisements. However, they fall short of expectancies in terms of growing lengthy-shape content fabric. Is this the case with Jasper or WordHero?


As we did for short-form content, allow’s see some unedited examples of Jasper’s work, beginning with the Landing Page Workflow.
We provided a quick description to present Jasper a few context on the fictitious corporation we were writing for after which stuffed in some extra records within the Hero Section template.

Jasper supplied some options for H1 thru H3 headings within the hero phase. We chose this one.

Notice that the H1 and H2 don’t certainly specify what the offer is however additionally emphasize the goal or gain—being prepared to consistent an investment. This is really one copywriting super exercise Jasper found out to emulate through reading the paintings of human copywriters. Additionally, the H3s and the corresponding sections are also blessings-focused and answer some of the pinnacle questions web page visitors should have.

With this foundation in region, we requested Jasper to generate 3 key capabilities and blessings. The statistics we previously provided become routinely carried over into the Key Features + Benefits Section so all we did became press “Generate.” We decided on the fine output and matched every feature with a advantage to shape one list. WordHero vs Jasper.

Moving without delay to step 3, we filled within the fields within the Potential Social Proof phase.
Jasper created reviews to make the duplicate greater persuasive. Of route, for a real touchdown page. You’d need to update them with genuine social evidence. But this step can offer you with an idea of the varieties of social evidence you need to add to pressure conversions.

Finally, in step four, we certainly pressed “generate” for the cause that Jasper command and previous description we entered were robotically crammed in. This is what Jasper gave us for the final name-to-motion.

And much like that we generated approximately 500 phrases of compelling duplicate, which we should speedy double in duration if wished. All we’d need to do is region the cursor everywhere we need extra textual content and press “Compose” till on the preferred duration. Then, the very last step might be enhancing.

WordHero vs Jasper

For the first command, we changed TOPIC with “How to make your vacation condo list stand out to generate bookings yr-round.” We then asked Jasper to write the quick the usage of the CMD/CTRL + Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut. With the quick created, we used the identical shortcut for the following command (weblog name mind), then the next one (blog intro), and the subsequent one (blog define).

Next become changing the bracketed statistics within the subsequent outline item commands with the headings Jasper suggested from the blog outline command. We achieved the ones commands one after the other to generate paragraphs for each section. Finally, we used those identical define devices inside the last command to generate a blog end. WordHero vs Jasper.

In beneath 10 mins, we ended up with a very specific and correct blog placed up of over 1,100 phrases, based mostly on five subtopics. The intro sets the degree for what readers will analyze, and every segment begins with the importance of the subject, followed by manner of unique tips for the goal market.

WordHero vs Jasper

A draft like this—whilst it might always want to be double-checked for accuracy and possibly edited for conciseness—can be a brilliant area to begin. Then all you’d want to do is:

  • Add in your particular studies or points of view
  • Source evidence to once more up your claims
  • Showcase your or your patron’s brand personality
  • Include the insights of subject rely experts
How does WordHero’s lengthy-shape satisfactory have a look at?


Here’s a snippet of a nearly 900-word weblog post we generated the usage of the blog submit writing tools in WordHero’s editor. They blanketed the define generator, blog put up intro tool, and blog submit paragraph device.

As within the quick-shape examples we saw from WordHero, the device didn’t personalize the content material primarily based at the pleasant tone we asked for. The waft of the sentences typical feels barely formulaic and now not very engaging.

Additionally, the define WordHero generated had more than one problems. For one, it covered a couple of headings that wouldn’t be important for the target audience, together with “Definition of Project Management.” (An target market attempting to find the pinnacle mission control strategies would already understand what assignment management is.)


In preference to imparting real strategies like the usage of Kanban or Gannt, WordHero’s advised H3s are definitely mission control capabilities. While this might appear to be a small mishap, in case you have been to generate a full draft earlier than figuring out an problem like this, you’d ought to restart. That would name for growing the overall content material outline manually, in addition to producing and editing more textual content.

That’s now not exactly convenient whilst your intention is to improve efficiency whilst additionally maintaining high best standards.

Winner: Jasper. Thanks to the aggregate of AI fashions used, Jasper knows consumer instructions nicely and, as a result, generates greater herbal and attractive content. While you have to still edit AI-generated content material irrespective of which AI content material generator you operate, Jasper affords a higher basis to start from, saving you time ultimately. WordHero vs Jasper.

Suitability for search engine marketing content

Is search engine optimization (SEO) part of your or your client’s method? If so, the AI writing software you pick ought to assist you speed up the optimization system too, no longer simply the content advent technique.


Jasper can speed up the procedure of writing search engine-optimized content material in three ways:
  • Some templates, such as the Paragraph Generator template, assist you to specify which key phrases you need to apply. And all documents have a key phrases area for the identical cause.
  • The AI tends to use the phrases you operate to your inputs. Including crucial keywords in your prompts will let you optimize content material for search.
  • Jasper integrates with Surfer, allowing you to look keyword and different hints as you write in Jasper’s search engine marketing mode. You can also watch your optimization rating alternate in actual time as you write and edit your content material.
Jasper is a brilliant desire in case you need to create search engine optimization-pleasant content material, especially at scale.


WordHero’s Keyword Assistant is out there in Editor Mode and permits you to input key phrases you’d like the AI to use when writing your content. Like Jasper, WordHero’s AI may repeat keywords you operate for your inputs.

However, this tool doesn’t yet combine with any devoted content optimization gear as Jasper does. You won’t be capable of see search engine optimization guidelines as you write in WordHero or see real-time modifications for your content optimization rating. Instead, you’ll have to transfer among the two gear to look recommendations. And replica-paste your content into your optimization device—perhaps repeatedly—till you’re glad with it.

Winner: Jasper. In addition to being able to utilize keywords primarily based on user inputs, it also integrates with Surfer. This offers you a fuller image of ways well optimized a piece of content material is.

Top capabilities

Now, zooming out a piece, let’s study some of the only functionalities of both of these tools.


Jasper has many useful functions, however those are fan favorites:
  • Jasper Chat: This is a more conversational manner to brainstorm and write with Jasper. Plus, although Jasper isn’t in particular a studies assistant, you could now include Google seek outcomes in Jasper’s answers to hurry up the truth-checking technique.
  • Chrome extension: Use Jasper’s Power mode on the move. Access our 50-plus content material and copywriting templates (plus commands) everywhere you pass at the net.
  • Search engine marketing mode: If you’re a Surfer user, take benefit of this brilliant integration. Access search engine optimization pointers within Jasper files and optimize your content as you write.


In contrast, right here are WordHero’s major functions:

  • Templates: Access 70-plus templates for diverse kinds of writing, as well as brainstorming logo call thoughts, lead magnet ideas, and greater.
  • Editor mode: Create longer content in the document editor and use templates facet-by-side.
  • Keyword assistant: In the lengthy-form editor, input up to a few key phrases you’d like to be blanketed in the paragraphs.
  • Winner: Jasper. WordHero currently most effective covers the basics that maximum alternative tools also have.

Ease of use

You’ve gotten a glimpse into the logistics of how every of these equipment works, but how smooth are they to use? Generally speaking, there are a pair challenges and boundaries you’ll come across with any AI writing device:
  • The fine of the AI-generated content material depends at the nice of your inputs. There can be a chunk of a mastering curve in terms of know-how how to provide properly inputs.
  • All AI-generated outputs need to be fact-checked. Even AI gear that pull facts and records from the internet on occasion get statistics incorrect . You’ll want to dedicate time to verifying information from both Jasper and WordHero.


Besides the above, the fundamentals of using Jasper are sincere. To generate content using our templates, for instance, truely fill inside the asked facts and click “Generate.” Workflows also walk you thru the inputs had to create weblog posts, touchdown pages, press releases, and extra, little by little.
It can take some experimentation to learn how to guide Jasper toward developing more custom content using commands and recipes, or to learn how templates can be useful outside their stated use instances.

Thankfully, there are plenty of assets to be had that will help you get up to hurry faster. You’ll listen greater about the ones shortly. But first, how does WordHero stack up as a long way as ease of use?


Besides those equal not unusual demanding situations—getting to know to put in writing top inputs and having to verify AI-generated facts—there are a few extra matters to word approximately WordHero. On the nice aspect, developing brief-shape content with its writing tools or templates in all fairness honest. Especially if you’ve tried comparable equipment for AI content material technology, you’ll have no hassle the use of them.

The long-shape editor is likewise pretty trustworthy. Writing equipment are handy in the left sidebar, so you can paste generated content into the editor at the right. WordHero can also hold your sentences thanks to the “Write More” button.

However, the downside of WordHero’s simplicity is that there are fewer ways to generate and control textual content in the editor. For example, in Jasper’s Google Docs–style editor, you can run several operations:

  • Generate textual content, even in a clean report (so long as you at the least fill inside the content description), to help you beat creator’s block
  • Rune recipes to avoid having to switch from side to side between templates
  • Create custom instructions to inform Jasper what to write, which can consist of asking it to rewrite or make bigger already-written text.

In this regard, WordHero isn’t as flexible and might not save you as a good deal time as you’d like.

Winner: WordHero. It’s no longer as feature-rich and bendy as Jasper, which means that the content material it generates may additionally require a bit more time and guide paintings to your end to shine, but sticking to basic capability makes it the less difficult device to apply.

Resources and guide

Software is most effective as suitable as the assist documentation, education materials, and support crew available that will help you use it to the fullest. Here’s greater on the sort of assets and help Jasper and WordHero provide.


Jasper has a friendly, responsive aid team that’s always ready to answer questions or address concerns. Self-serve help is to be had via Jasper Bootcamp, unfastened Academy guides, our YouTube channel, and occasions.

We also have an lively Facebook community of over 74,000 contributors who percentage helpful activates, hints, and hints weekly. Plus, users often create and percentage recipes for various content and copy kinds via the Jasper Recipe network.


WordHero has a Facebook institution of simply over 5,000 participants, even though it’s no longer but as active as Jasper’s network. Beyond that, there’s a understanding base with short guidelines for purchasing commenced, using the diverse writing gear, and troubleshooting troubles. However, at the same time as there are simply over one hundred topics included, most of these articles are short and fairly floor-degree.

Of path, WordHero also has a customer service crew to be had to respond to questions and concerns.

Winner: Jasper. We have a responsive, international-class customer service crew. And we make investments closely in growing sources to help you use Jasper higher and enhance your writing and advertising abilties in fashionable.


Last but truely no longer least is one of the top concerns that play into software program shopping for choices—price.


Jasper’s Boss Mode plan starts at $59 in line with month and, amongst other matters, consists of some extremely good functions:
  • Up to 50,000 phrases (in 30-plus languages)
  • Access to greater than 50 content material and copywriting templates
  • Access to documents, instructions, and recipes
  • Jasper Chat
  • The Jasper Chrome extension
  • search engine marketing mode, which lets in you to consumer Surfer and Jasper collectively
  • Plagiarism checker get right of entry to
  • Grammarly integration
If you’re interested in the Business plan, our team will work with you to provide you with custom pricing to fit you. In addition to all of the functions of Boss Mode, it consists of the following:
  • Custom AI templates
  • Tailored AI brand voice
  • Document sharing
  • Assignable member usage limits
  • Dedicated account supervisor
  • Personalized onboarding and education


WordHero is still testing their introductory pricing. When there’s no advertising jogging, plans are $ninety nine in line with month or $1,188 in line with year. However, the enterprise additionally gives lifetime deals—Starter and Pro for $89 and $499, respectively.

Winner: Tie. Ultimately, the winner here relies upon on your wishes and budget. If you need a less expensive alternative and are k with fewer capabilities and talents, one of the WordHero lifetime deals may also attraction to you. However, in case you want a much better tool now, Jasper could be your fine bet.

Jasper vs. WordHero: Which AI writing tool is higher for you?

Of direction, there are benefits and disadvantages to every tool. We’ve tried to be as goal as possible in evaluating our device, Jasper, to WordHero. We’ve even shown unedited content from both, so that you can judge for your self.
But, admittedly, we included a variety of data.

To give a fowl’s eye view of the evaluation and make your choice less complicated, here’s an outline of the very last verdict on each of the types we evaluated:

  • AI fashions: Jasper
  • Short-form content nice: Jasper
  • Long-shape content first-class: Jasper
  • Suitability for search engine optimization content: Jasper
  • Top features: Jasper
  • Ease of use: WordHero
  • Resources and support: Jasper

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