AdVault Group Buy- Best Native Ads Spying & Monitoring Tool

AdVault Group Buy

What is AdVault Group Buy?

AdVault group buy is a digital advertising tool that offers the ad-suite offer of Ad ZEE5. It provides brands with the convenience of KPI drives with a large selection of created advertising solutions.

This tool helps brands effectively have interaction with ZEE5’s massive audience base, which recorded a DAU of eleven. AdVault helps users expand a brand’s reach across multiple ad formats video, display.

The masthead, native and cooperative, and neon. Versatile valuation models like Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per lead (CPL), and Cost per installs (CPI).

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Features of AdVault

Discover the Winning Promotions: Access 16,951,962 ads with their Times Shane, AdSense, and Ad Run metrics and target winners.

Top Prime Pages and Fun: Discover that funnels, ads, and landing pages are unit that country, wherever they are revealed, and that ad networks area unit changing higher.

Supervisor of Your Niche and Competitors: AdTracker enables you to track specific advertisers and keywords. So you can see their activity and you’ll be caught as new Ad Region units are released.

Collect your Favorite Ads: Advertiser enables you to save interesting ads to your personal collection only for future reference.

Find New Keywords and Advertisers: We show you the highest keywords and advertisers a day, weekly an d yearly therefore you see all the ads associated with them.

Get Heaps of New Ads in the Main Ad: You will export to CSV and communicate directly with them. Advertisers will manually collect the contact details in the lead finder of the unit.

Identify Direct Marketers and Attachments:
 They tag with campaign submission links so they may be directly entitled to ROI as their focus.

Discover new Merchandise for Promotion: Easily determine that domestic networks Super Affiliates are promoting.

Features Summary of AdVault

  • Huge growing information of native ads
  • The interface is straightforward to use
  • Across thirteen native ad networks
  • Across twenty countries
  • Advance Filtering choices (Ad Network, Language, Country, Device, Ad Launch length, Minimum Views, Minimum Ad Strength, Minimum Publisher, Minimum Facebook Share, Date vary and send / Redirect)
  • Options to save lots of ads and ad pictures
  • Provides complete knowledge on 1st visits, last visits, last visits, country, device, website placement, and distance on the ad network.
  • Easily establish advertisers and affiliates directly
  • Contact details of thirty-two,177 advertisers in their information and count! (Only obtainable for network accounts)
  • Total advertising credit for free of charge advertising is $ 3350
  • Exclusive 9-day trial for ANC readers solely

How to Use the Adult Spy Tool

The panel on the dashboard is extremely simple to use. determine the way to use the tool.

Search Advertising

You can look for ads in Adult by reaching to “Search Ads” within the prime menu. you’ll look for any ad by keyword, adman address, tagline or publisher. 

You’ll notice ad networks, languages, countries, devices, ad launch times, minimum time, minimum adult, minimum publisher, minimum Facebook share, date range, and redirects / redirects.

Additionally filter ads supporting such filtering choices. Here redirects mean approved (e.g. they use it for tracking) and non-redirects area unit typically direct advertisers whose primary goal is stigmatization and exposure. Below is a picture of the “Search Ads” choice on the Adult Dashboard.

AdVault group buy makes it terribly simple to tell apart between Associate in Nursing approved and an on the spot adman.

 Advertisements with inexperienced spherical icons with a white punctuation mark within an area unit permissible, because the ad contains redirects to its landing page, that is primarily used for lead or sales search. The image provided below can clear this up.

Saved Searches

AdVault provides you the power to save lots of an exploration that will be used for later use.

All you have got to try and do is click on the center icon next to the Spylog’s search button “Add this search to AdTracker”. The results additionally show you the history of this question. The figure below can describe it.

Favorite Ads

Users can add a commercial to their favorites list by clicking on the center icon of Associate in Nursing ad. The figure below can make a case for this.


Leadfinder provides you the contact details of every adman within the ad database! Advertis mechanically and manually collect names, phones and emails in their information for all advertisers.

They currently have thirty-two,177 advertisers in their information and count! This feature is just obtainable for network accounts.


From this menu, you’ll claim your free advertising credit coupon and find a 10-100% credit match on your 1st deposit. Coupons aren’t obtainable for trial accounts, they’re solely active for professional Accounts and Network Accounts.

AdVault Pricing & Plan

AdVault valuation is out there within the following plans:

❏ Free Trial
❏ Pro Plan $97 per month
❏ Network Plan $1499 per month

AdVault group buy is a great tool for spying on your competitors in native ads. It will be all the diligence of aggregating all the info for you. you’ll explore a lot of new niches and notice some winning campaigns in minutes.

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