Adplexity is one of the most important spy tools in the whole affiliate market place.

The Guide for 2018 spy tools:

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Top Menu



Ad page

How to use adplexity

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Final Thoughts.


Adplexity is one of the most important ad spy tools.

In business,its important to understand what your competition is doing?

Because if ther’re making moves.You want to know about it.May be they have some startegic advantage and the sooner you know about it.then the better you can react towards it.

How does it work?

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In any given industry there’s always this competition spying going has spies inside of samsung.

Mcdonald’s has spies inside of burger king.

So that takes me back to affiliate marketing.

Where if you’re running a campaign.

I remember when i first started.

I did a lot of spying and when i did spying it was ver inefficient.

Because i wild have all these diefferent websites.

That i would spy on.I would have to do it by hand and if i want to spy internationally.

I would have to sign up for VPN,like strong VPN and you know,once i get this data i had a spreadsheer.

So i would have this spreadsheer,here’s this affiliate.

I would track everything down.Like,here’s his affiliate ID,the affiliate network he’s usinf.

the landing page he is using ,the offer he is using.

So you can imagine how time consuming this entire process is.It was very helpful because

sometimes i would spy on someone and i would find out something.

Implement something in my campaign that would make me a lot of money.

Ziga is the ceo of adplexity.


let’s start..

You have got your spy tools access.

and if you are a brand new affiliate marketer,

I know you can have a lot of ADD information overload as to what’s hot or what should you be running.

Three parts of dashbord is The search Menu on the Top,the filters on the right and the results in the center.

Simple and easy.

You can see it one by one.

Top Menu:

On the top menu you will search models by keyword.


Here you can select whether or not you see the the latest result.


Filter available Such as

  • Days running
  • Days Range
  • Device Type
  • Ad Type
  • Country
  • Language
  • Traffic Source
  • Affiliate Network
  • Tracking Tool

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