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MagicAdz Group Buy

What is MagicAdz Group Buy?

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MagicAdz group buy is a popular social advertising intelligence tools that was developed to assist marketers and affiliates to remove the speculations involved. And understand the simplest and maybe more productive ads of a brand, discover what works, and quickly generate profitable promotions.

This is often one of the simplest ways to research competition on Facebook. no matter what you would like to market on Facebook, this tool collects many ads and allows you to search and filter like all other tools on the market. this is often significantly before the choices and features provided by Facebook’s ad library.

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❏ MagicAdz Group Buy for Marketers:

MagicAdge is one of the foremost featured search and targeting ppc spy tools on the market. This suggests you’ll look for ads, landing pages, redirects, comments, fan pages, domains, offers, or domain offers. It essentially won’t permit you to pass up an Ad. Hence, you can incorporate Landing Page Codes on your channel. It makes it truly simple for you to locate the main hit E-com items. Maybe you are an advertiser scanning for a solid FB showcasing apparatus.

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❏ MagicAdz Group Buy for Affiliates:

The decision to frame a module with caution for affiliates was a decent one. MagicAdz Group Buy helps participants figure out how to get ads. You will find channels for ads permitted by Verticals, including Casino, Crypto, Sweepstakes, Skin, Diet, CBD, E-Exchange, and Muscle among others. MagicAdge licenses you to learn all approved information, including information about all offers, tracker URLs, and redirects. Similarly, you can preview and download pre-landers.

Features of MagicAdz Group Buy:

1. Individual Modules for User:

The main thing you will see about MagicAdz is that they isolate advertisers from affiliates. This is vital, particularly for learners. You need a straightforward stage that presents a particular device that obliges your particular needs.

2. Broad Ads Database:

MagicAdz flaunts a tremendous database. When you join MagicAdge, you’ll now have access to a fierce database of FB or Facebook ads spread across 50 countries. Normally, even as you see the Ads as of now in plain view, Magic Ad calculations proceed to output and present the most recent Ads. Generally, MagicAds outputs and posts a large number of new Ads consistently to add to the great many filed ones. Eventually, you will have a tremendously interesting assortment of Ads that you can single out from.

3. Find and Filter Affiliate Ads:

MagicAdz is seemingly the main social advertising device that can do this well. For the most part, Ads come mixed together with marking Ads and other BH Ads. On account of Magic Ads, you can distinguish and scatter 45+ various signs to locate the ideal Ad for your crusade. MagicAdz utilizes custom calculations to set off many signs.

You can channel Affiliate Ads by:

* Duration It was running
* It’s time to make it
* Like 4 comments
* Shares You can restrict your follow-up to ads, landing pages, redirects, comments, fan pages, domains, offers, or domain offers.

Advertisers can channel their offers by:

* Scanned first
* Latest scan
* Most ads
* Minimal advertising
* Most traffic Further, you can determine “offer” or “offer area” in your pursuit just as the nation, verticals, and member ID.

4. Download Real Landing Pages-No Proxies:

 We are altogether acquainted with the stunts we use to conceal our genuine presentation pages from prying eyes, correct? In any case, nobody needs to experience all the difficulty of finding the ideal Ad at that point end up without the cash page.

All things considered, MagicAdz group buy is a definitive apparatus since it presents the genuine points of arrival. With a couple of snaps, you can download your rival’s Landing Page and be on your way.

For an affiliate, you’ll see all approved data from your competitors, including ad competitors, tracker URLs, redirect paths, and geo-related details.

For a Digital Marketer, you’ll be able to read the provide Infor, Offer Page, similarly as all the opposite Ads Running on it same provide. The provide Infor includes Geo, First Seen, Last Seen, range of Ads running on the provide, Advertisers, and Traffic.

MagicAd Benefits:

MagicAdge is a great tool for getting inspiration on how partner offers are being driven. It gives all of you the information you have to discover new inclining markets and start your own productive crusades. You can see a wide range of edges in numerous verticals. You can similarly tear up promotion and greeting pages and use them as a criterion against your current pre-land. Utilize this preferred position to continually improve your pre lander to get the most noteworthy transformation proportion.

MagicAdz Pricing & Plan:

Pay just for what you need. There are 4 evaluating plans that cooperate to meet your requirements. Attempt our 1-day free preliminary presently, drop whenever.

❏ 1 Day free trial

❏ Essential plan $99 per month

❏ Pro plan $199 per month

❏ Premium plan $299 per month

❏ Enterprise plan $749

Select any arrangement according to your decision. You can either go with a month to month or yearly charging.

The most profitable campaigns start with MagicAd.

MagicAdz Group Buy Price Only €50 Per Month.

How to Use Magic Ad Tool?

EASY & FAST WAY to Find Profitable BH Ads on Facebook using MagicAdz spy tool

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