Top 12 Free SEO Tools to Help You Google Rank Better

Free SEO Tools to Help You Google Rank Better

Top Free SEO Tools to Help You Google Rank Better

Are SEO still relevant? Many are still asking. The answer is simple, Yes.

SEO will remain pertinent as long as there exist search engines. But, as algorithms are constantly changing, certain SEO techniques may be obsolete. This is why it’s essential to stay up to current with the most recent SEO methods and techniques.

SEO Tools For Free (You Don’t Need Any Paid Tools Anymore)

For SEO experts There are a few of the most effective SEO software and keyword tracking tools that amaze them. Think about including these tools in the arsenal of your business this year.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a brand name that people across the globe are familiar with. It is highly regarded for its powerful tools and resources to improve website performance in any industry. The company is committed to helping people write useful content, which is why the majority the tools it offers are available to all. Apart from SEO experts The all-in-one suite can be utilized by young marketers, eCommerce websites as well as bloggers who are aspiring to become one. digital marketing firms.

The five main tools of Ahrefs include Site Audit (for optimizing websites), Site Explorer (for analysing the competition), Keywords Explorer (for discovering the most searched-for terms), Content Explorer (for discovering the best performing content) as well as the Rank Tracker (for keeping track of rank growth). Specific tools for platforms, such as YouTube Keyword Tool, WordPress Plugin as well as Amazon Keyword Tool are also part of the collection of tools for free.

Ahrefs is a treasure resource to help you with all things SEO and more. They offer tutorials as well as guides and courses on different aspects of SEO.

2. Moz

Moz is renowned for its comprehensive SEO toolset that make site optimization simpler. Moz also provides a range of no-cost SEO tools to help with link analysis and creation of keywords, website performance along with local ranking audits.

Link Explorer Link Explorer enables intelligent link building. Its Keyword Explorer gives users access to the world’s largest search keywords database that allows you to discover the most relevant keywords for your website. MozBar is an extension for your browser, analyses every site you visit within Chrome. This Competitive Research feature gives you a quick analysis of your most popular SERP competitors. Apart from these four options, there are additional tools that are free to use.

Moz also provides free SEO training for novices as well as those looking to improve their skills The site is certainly worth a visit. It’s a great platform to start your SEO journey, or to improve your SEO skills.

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3. Answer the Public

Answer the Public goes beyond the typical websites that provide keywords. The program is described as an application for listening to social media It applies keyword search to social media, blogs and forums to let you are aware of what people are talking about.

Find niche subjects, undiscovered keywords, as well as questions that people ask on Google. Discover hundreds of keyword suggestions within a matter of seconds of using the program.

Utilizing Answer the Republic, you can develop a successful content strategy that will dominate SERPs. You will get more leads and more organic website traffic, which improves the performance of your site.

4. The SEO Woorank Browser Extension

Alongside its suite of SEO tools that are top-quality, Woorank offers a free browser extension that provides SEO information on any site you go to. Visit your site, or those of your competitors. You can get real-time results and insight. Learn what you can do to improve your SEO and what additional tools you require to improve the score of your search engine optimization.

The SEO analysis contains data on backlinksand web traffic and structured data usability, mobile-friendlyness, usability as well as other SEO-related metrics. The extension can be installed to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to optimize your website for different search engines.

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

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5. Yoast WordPress Plugin

If your website is built on WordPress it is essential get Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO plug-in. The plugin is free and offers everything you require to rank higher on search engines. It has tools to increase the accessibility of your content and optimizing it to be SEO-friendly. It also automates the technical SEO process which means you can spend more time to create content that is relevant to your readers. Even if it isn’t clear that you know how to incorporate an organized data structure, the plug-in will add these automatically.

To access additional tools and features you can subscribe to Yoast SEO Premium. If you’re committed to staying ahead of the pack Yoast SEO Premium can be an investment worth it.

6. Ubersuggest

Find a top SEO tool that doesn’t cost you the expensive cost of subscription. Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest offers you access to sophisticated tools that will help you boost your ranking.
Reverse engineer your strategies to find out the factors that make the strategies of your competitors successful. Find the most popular organic keywords to incorporate into our content and have them seen by the right people. Utilize the keyword tool to find hundreds of keyword suggestions from head-related words to long-tail terms. Find out what your readers want to know so that you can produce content that is effective in terms of rankings. Find the top websites to connect with for backlinks and increase your visibility on the internet.

Ubersuggest is highly recommended in case you are looking to increase more visitors without spending any money.

Ubersuggest Freemium SEO Keyword Tool Ultimate Guide

7. Keyword Surfer

Determine if a particular keyword is worthy of being targeted without spending a lot of time and effort looking for keywords to search for and then analyzing their monthly search volume. You can instantly determine what the typical search volume is for a specific keyword within the Chrome browser with the Surfer SEO‘s Keyword Surfer. This extension for your browser cuts down on the long procedure of conducting keyword research by showing the information you require in the search bar.

Apart from the number of searches in the Keyword Surfer provides other metrics like cost per click as well as monthly traffic and word count of content. The program also produces an inverse chart which displays the ranking factors that impact the performance of a particular keyword.

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8. Google Search Console

One of the most effective methods to increase your site’s effectiveness in Google Search is by using tools that are provided by Google itself. Its Google Search Console is packed with features that will help users understand how the engine operates and how to optimize your site to be compatible with it.

Find out which pages aren’t listed in an Index Coverage Report. Verify your responsiveness to mobile with your Mobile Usability tool. Use Search Console reports to keep track of rich results, AMP websites, as well as pinpoint problems that affect your website. Review clicks, impressions and rankings to determine the best way to optimize your website’s content.

All you require is an account on Google Account to avail of the features available in the Search Console.

9. Bing Webmaster Tools

Want to improve site performance on other search engines? The Bing Webmaster Tools gives you a full suite of free SEO tools to optimize your site on Microsoft Bing.

Use diagnostic tools to explore your site and check for SEO issues. Leverage advanced tools to analyze backlinks, conduct keyword research, and improve page rankings on Bing. Generate reports and receive alerts for all your sites.

The SEO tools on Bing Webmaster are all free of charge so there is absolutely no reason to skip optimizing your site for this specific search engine.

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10. Measure

Find out how your site is performing and receive suggestions for how you can improve it. Perform a site audit no cost using Measure, a tool that is powered by PageSpeed Insights.

It provides insights into the performance, SEO, and accessibility. It also provides specific steps to improve each of these areas. Although it is difficult for those who are not developers It provides a deeper analysis of your site to help you optimize it.

11. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Fix SEO issues and find SEO errors them in lightning-fast speed by using the ScreamingFrog SEO Spider. This web crawler is among the most efficient tools for auditing websites and analysis.

The free version lets users to download and browse just 500 URLs. If you’d like unlimited audits, you’ll have to purchase the paid version and renew it every year. Find broken links and mistakes, find duplicate pages, create sitemaps, analyse metadata and review attributes. Additionally, you can access reports that allow you to focus on the areas that are most important and avoid potential problems.

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Examine your website and find duplicate content, broken links redirects, as well as other issues that could negatively impact your rankings in search. You can get a complete SEO report as well as a comparison with other sites that are scanned by Siteliner. It allows you to compare the size of your page as well as page load times and the number of words on a page, as well as other metrics to get an idea of how you compare to your competitors.

It is possible to use Siteliner to evaluate your site free of charge once a month, if you do not have greater than 250 page on your website. To scan unlimited pages and pages the site, subscribe to Siteliner Premium.

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Optimize Your Website with the best SEO Tools

SEO is an investment that can be a wise one for every business. However, if you’re just beginning your journey and have small funds for SEO it is possible to use the free SEO tools. A lot of these tools are premium versions that you can sign up to when you’re looking to expand your business.

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To determine which is the best fit for your company take a look at your needs and determine your objectives. Search for the appropriate SEO tools to optimize your site and reaching your objectives.

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