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Merchantwords Group Buy

What is MerchantWords Group Buy?

MerchantWords group buy is the largest database of customer keyword search data available anywhere. Collecting searches from the world’s largest product search engine amazon keyword tool. This allows us to see what’s in the minds of customers and inform you how to build a powerful and agile strategy to scale your business.

Since 2012, Merchant Keywords data has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs discover new opportunities. And achieve successful product launches, and drive profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon keywords research and beyond.  Our products include our suite of Amazon data tools; full-service keyword research or keyword research analysis, and listing optimization services; and custom data analytics solutions for enterprise clients.  It is a popular SEO keyword search tool.

The Best Amazon Competitor Analysis Tools for Sellers

How does it work?

Just like Google Adwords keyword has built its vast database, MerchantWords has been collecting the most common using keyword SEO tool to find on Amazon. They also use the help of other search engine keyword research and native English shopping portals.

From this, they will use the estimated averages for individual keyword selector tool on Amazon. Is it accurate? Not perfectly, but reasonably close. Certainly, no human could guess closer unless you had access to the Amazon website own API. As a daily user of Ahrefs for website keyword research tool, website keyword generator, and traffic generation.

It is quite easy to easily start and fill my listings with some basic keyword suggestions. The pricing is additionally quite affordable, at just $30 per month for a basic listing subscription with Merchant Words discount. It is, from all accounts, the foremost in-depth piece of software available.

Merchant Words Features:

MerchantWords offers a good array of services to assist you to boost your product reach and visibility to Amazon buyers, and therefore the next few paragraphs shall be dedicated to expounding upon the character of those services.

Listing Advisor

With the Listing Advisor, one can easily access those listings with keyword help-optimized titles, texts, and HTML descriptions, keyword lookup bundles, etc. This is, however, a thoroughly distinct service that’s breakaway those included within the monthly fee. The Listing Advisor feature on the web site is often unlocked with a gap cost of $300 for one parent ASIN listing optimization.



The keyword suggestion tool for website collections is often wont to found out. And save lists supported the user’s search options and search term suggestion tool. Thereby providing multiple alternatives and artistic ways to call products.

Creating collections on MerchantWords is often wiped out two major ways.

First, the collections are often created by selecting the Collections option the toolbar on the left side. This way, all you’ve got to try to do is input the name of your collection and click on increase add your keywords.

The second thanks to creating your collections are through the Keyword Research tool and keyword volume tool. If you already use keyword research and analysis by clicking the plus () in the left column of your keyword search results, you will create your collection. Select the Create button after you’ve named your collection and you’re able to fly!


The MerchantWords Classic keyword search volume tool is that the authentic search tool for the MerchantWords program. With this tool, users can make and find out new get keywords. This keyword research and analysis tools come with a plus. you’ll also see the extent of every keyword’s category and depth.

The classic search tool helps MerchantWords users understand the presence and availability of the vast sea of alternatives which could potentially assist them in generating an entirely new product idea supported the number of unique searchers on the Amazon website.

Keyword Multiplier

A relatively easy tool to use, this tool was introduced by MerchantWords in order that potential sellers can easily generate similar keywords within a couple of seconds. All one need do is to enter a keyword and voila! It displays many words that are synonymous together with your search inquiry. From this array of choices, you’ll select the foremost creative ideas you discover appealing. This tool is extremely effective for the generation of product ideas. This is the opposite best SEO keyword analysis tool

PPC Keyword Research: Finding the proper keywords for your targeted campaigns. it’s the success of the website keyword search tool. PPC keyword analysis is simply thanks for knowing what keywords you ought to select and multiple whereas multiple steps area unit concerned – the method is straightforward. this can be a monthly keyword search volume tool.

Page 1 Search Results

Let us assume that a private carries out an inquiry for a product on the Amazon store, and therefore the first page it displays shows the highest sellers and products within the online market. As a seller, it doesn’t get any better than this as this is often the right tool to scout the competition. Also, as a buyer, page 1 search results provide pricing, other buyer reviews, and ratings for the simplest products and items within the market.


The ASIN Plus feature on MerchantWords makes use of a reversed approach system to collect all the top-ranking keyword data. the availability data is generated straight from the Amazon website to research the niche’s competition.

Merchant Words Pricing:

MerchantWords offers three basic and affordable packages that users can choose between. The packages are subdivided into; the silver which costs $29 per month and $290 once a year, Gold which matches at the speed of $79/month and $790/ annum and Platinum, the cream of MerchantWord, at the speed of $149/month and $1490/year. It is a keyword cost estimator tool.

These three differ mostly supported the range of amazon data required, keyword collections, and monthly searches. Subscribing to any of those packages will offer you a reduction extending over a period of up to 2 free months once you subscribe annually.

Merchant Words review

Merchant Words review has done an extraordinary job by helping Amazon users adopt the concept of using keywords. they will now make more efficient keyword searches during a faster and more profitable manner. However, although most users complain that the website keyword tool is sort of expensive from the beginning, MerchantWords definitely provides its money’s worth to the Amazon seller.


MerchantWords | The Largest Database of Shopper Search

MerchanWords Group Buy €20  Per Month.

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