What is Video Podcast? Definition, Importance, and How to Begin

What is Video Podcast? Definition, Importance, and How to Begin

Have you ever thought about incorporating a visual component into your audio materials? If yes, then perhaps video podcasting is what you need! This blog post will explore what video podcasts are, their gains, various types of them with examples, and how you can start making your own. So stay seated somewhere and let’s take a look at Video Podcast.

What is Video Podcast?

Video Podcast is an innovative amalgamation of conventional Podcasting audio components together with visualization. Visual storytelling enables creators to be more involved in their episodes in a manner that immerses them. Consequently if you feel like upgrading your contents and standing out among the numerous digital media platforms consider starting video podcasting! In other words, it is similar to watching a TV show or movie in the form of podcasts.

By including videos in your strategy for podcasting, you can make every viewer feel better about his experience and attract wider audiences. Video pods may include simple conversations or more complexly produced parts containing graphics and animations.

From interviews to tutorials and backstage moments or even live acts as well as performances; video podcasts provide an infinite space for exploration and bonding.

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Why is it Important Video Podcast?

Video podcasts are a way of communication that involves audiovisual materials. They stand out from typical video podcasts by allowing the creators to integrate other visual elements into their shows without compromising on mobility.

It is through these live images that viewers can be effectively held captive, be allowed to relate intimately with the player and hit wide range of platforms on the internet. In fact, if you want to share knowledge, connect with like-minded people or advertise your brand properly; video podcasting offers limitless opportunities for creativity and success in today’s digital world.

Therefore why wait? Enter into the realm of video podcasting today and find the potential for creating content that will take you further than ever before. Consider this new age media as one of your strongest tools used in disseminating ideas across varying cultures around the globe ever experienced before. The future is now – what are you waiting for?

Profitability of creating video podcasts

Video podcasting has several advantages for individuals or businesses looking to connect with their audiences on an interactive level. The ability to communicate information visually is one of the most significant benefits which makes it easier for viewers to comprehend intricate topics or ideas. In addition, this visual feature may increase viewer retention and participation. 

Also, video podcasts are helpful in creating a greater amount of creativity. By using cartoons, drawings and interviews as well as on the spot taking of pictures and demonstrations by product, there is no end to the possibilities that will keep your audience glued to you.

Moreover, video podcasts have been perceived as being more valuable than audio-only formats. The combination of visual effects along with sounds can improve storytelling ability that will make audience members feel part of it. Furthermore, this improved level of production may also add authenticity to the message or brand you intend to communicate.

Furthermore, adopting video podcasting could help you stand out among numerous other digital platforms while fostering stronger ties. With your intended customers through visual narratives that are highly engaging.

Types of Video Podcast with Examples

While it comes to video podcasting, many forms creators can research in order to involve their audience in exceptional ways. One type is interview-style podcasts which are very famous as the hosts invite guests for discussions on specific subjects.

Another kind that is very common involves educational or informational podcasting where content creators share important knowledge and expertise on a given topic. This format can be used to pass tips and tricks or insights to viewers.

Additionally, there are entertainment-oriented podcasts that use videos for comedy purposes or storytelling. These are targeted at entertaining and captivating people through stories or funny talks.

Furthermore, lifestyle podcasts are themed around personal experiences, advice and inspiration on wellness, travel, fashion among other aspects of life. Such kinds of podcasts speak well with the viewers seeking relatable content in their daily lives.

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A video podcast is how to make?

This can seem a little daunting when you want to start a video podcast. These are all the procedures you must adhere to when starting from scratch to produce a profitable video podcast!

Creating a video podcast is much like creating an audio podcast in many ways. The only difference is that instead of just having your voice recorded, you will be adding some visuals on top of it. Otherwise it is virtually identical. It can be anything that catches your fancy and which you think may interest others too.

Here are the steps to beginning your own video podcast:

Choose a Topic

The first step is choosing your topic for this show. Once you have decided on what to talk about; make arrangements for your show. In case you don’t know which one exactly, try brainstorming few ideas with your friends or family members. Once you have settled on a topic; then it’s time to start planning for your show.

Create a Script or Outline

Next, create a script or outline of your video podcast which will help keep focus on each episode so that they remain interesting and informative. If unsure where to start there are several resources online which can aid in inspiring creativity in beginners on these issues.

Choose Your Gear

After you’ve finished writing your topic and script, it’s time to consider the gear. It will work if you already have a webcam or video camera. Otherwise, look for some bargain options out there. And remember, you can always choose to start your video podcast with just a webcam!

Edit and Publish Your Episodes

Have you edited your episodes and are they ready for publishing? Then find yourself a good video and audio editing software. Here at Podcastle we have an easy-to-use intuitive podcast editing dashboard that will help you get into the world of podcasting in no time. Besides, don’t forget to check out our video interview feature.

When you’re done with editing the episodes, upload them on your blog/website or submit them to video podcast directories.

Promote Your Show

Finally promote your video podcast! You can achieve this by sharing social media links or guest blogging or even make a trailer of your show amongst others. If you put in the work, soon enough listeners from all round the world shall be streaming in.


Here it is, your very first video podcast, completed with filming, editing, and viewership. Even while it could initially seem difficult, all you really need to make vidcasts are a few simple tools, some advance planning, and a unique voice.

Video podcasting is a terrific method to grow your audience and take your content in a plethora of interesting new areas, regardless of whether you’re creating content for a business, entertainment, or startup brand.


  1. 1. What is Video Podcasting?

    Video podcasting, a kind of audio podcasting that includes video content, grows out of it. It entails recording and distributing episodes which viewers can watch just like in an ordinary TV show or on YouTube.

  2. 2. Why should I consider Video Podcasting?

    There are multiple reasons why one should think about venturing into video podcasting. The first reason is that it helps you reach both visual and auditory learners hence wider audience coverage. Besides this, through facial expressions, body language and visual demonstrations, they are able to see your presentation more than hear it thus increasing its impact.

    Furthermore, going into video podcasting increases opportunities for monetizing such as sponsorships; YouTube ad revenue; merchandise sales etc.

  3. 3. How can I distribute my video podcast?

    There are many ways through which one can distribute his/her video podcasts. You may consider uploading your episodes on popular sites like YouTube or Vimeo; alternatively; share them via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to optimize your videos titles, descriptions and tags so that they become more discoverable.

  4. 4. Is professional video editing necessary in making a video podcast?

    However, it is not compulsory for someone who has no experience on professional film production courses. Some of these options come with user-friendly interfaces and ready-made templates which make film editing easier even with little background knowledge on the same.

  5. 5. What about the demerits regarding video podcasting?

    There are certainly some difficulties that come with video podcasting. In order to create a video, you need more time, effort and might be costlier than just an audio presentation. It also requires higher bandwidth for hosting videos and increased storage capacity. Nonetheless, by carefully planning, controlling spending and defining the content strategy, such obstacles can be overcome.

  6. 6. What distinguishes audio podcasting from video podcasting?

    The only difference between video podcasting and audio podcasting is that the former has visual aspects and adds them to the content. Simply put, while audio podcasts use sound alone, video podcasts give a richer experience by incorporating footage as well as graphics, interviews, demonstrations and so forth.

  7. 7. What more do I require to begin podcasting videos?

    The choice of video podcast format determines the necessary equipment. If you decide to take your podcast and just put a still image on it, you won’t require anything special. Nonetheless, if you want to involve yourself in it, we recommend that you get some crucial video recording gadgets such as good camera for quality images, microphone for audibility purposes, lighting objects to clearly see all actions and a firm tripod or stand for mounting your camera. There will also be need of video editing software for other post-production tasks like cropping, inserting graphics and improving general image/video quality.

  8. 8. Is it possible to convert my audio podcast to a video podcast?

    Converting your preexisting audio podcasts to video is possible. Just add relevant visuals or record your podcasts live on camera and this will turn your audio content into a visual format. This allows you to recycle older episodes while attracting new viewers who may prefer watching videos rather than listening to audios.

  9. 9. How long should each episode of my video podcast be?

    The right length of video podcast episodes depends on their contents and target audience. Generally speaking, it is advisable to make them last from 20-60 minutes because this way people remain interested in seeing what comes next but they don’t get bored either. Nevertheless, feel free to experiment with different durations based on feedback from viewers so as to find out what works for your niche/style of content more effectively.

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