SimilarWeb Alternatives – 5 Best Competitors

SimilarWeb Alternatives

Similarweb Alternatives

Similarweb, an online platform for digital analytics, enables companies to collect information about website traffic sources, top key words. Audience profiles and interaction along with performance metrics.

The competitive analysis tools in the platform help to compare organization’s performance with competitors. Thus identifying significant patterns or trends that can facilitate strategic change. A smaller company or one with fewer GTM resources may have more data to dig through. But could also face budgetary constraints.

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If you are considering other alternatives to Similar web. It could be worth looking at some of these alternative web fora that cater to different types of audience. In this article we will look at eight competitors on a Similarweb. Who can assist you enhance your sales and marketing performance:

  • Ahrefs.
  • Moz.
  • Semrush.
  • SpyFu.
  • Serpstat.


A set of SEO tools for businesses to increase visibility online by providing deeper insights into website performance as well as competitive landscape is what constitutes Ahrefs. This tool is highly regarded for its accuracy, comprehensive information and ease of use involving user interface design making it very handy and applicable across all industries’ SEO and digital marketing professional’s toolkit.

Key features

  • Check out backlinks profile, organic traffic and keyword ranking of any site.
  • Do extensive research in order to get information on search volume, difficulty and potential traffic from millions of keywords.
  • Additionally it gives actionable recommendations on how you can make your site better.

Target audience

The use of Ahrefs spreads across companies regardless of their size: starting from small start-ups up till large corporations. However, most often it is used by small/mid-sized businesses (SMB) as well as agencies that manage the websites’ optimization for numerous clients


The Semrush is an online marketing platform which helps companies improve their visibility on the internet by optimizing SEO. It has a variety of tools for analyzing and conducting organic search and social media, PPC, as well as content-based marketing.

Key features

  • To have this done, one should pick keywords to be used in SEO campaigns depending on the number of searches carried out and keyword retrieval rate.
  • For example, a competitor analysis can be used to evaluate other companies’ organic and paid search strategies, top websites, backlink profiles or advertising history.
  • Keep track of your website’s position in SERPs for your target keywords across locations and devices

Target audience

Semrush is used by many businesses from small start-ups up to huge business organizations. Its popularity is majorly among small businesses and marketing agencies.


It’s a modern SaaS Company that offers different kinds of marketing analytics and planning tools needed for running effective SEO campaign by firms. The company was established in 2004 by Rand Fishkin who is an expert in digital marketing; it’s one of the most reputable search engine optimization agencies which possess high-quality software today.

Key Features

  • Consider the volume of searches, how difficult it will be to rank such term with your web page or site as well as potential for traffic before you can come up with the best words.
  • You must manage local search visibility through ensuring that you have consistent listings for your business throughout various directories that exist within online platforms.
  • Create manual reports containing vital information regarding an entity so as show its performance when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Target audience

Although Moz software can be beneficial to companies regardless of size, more than half its customers are small enterprises or those with less than fifty employees.


SpyFu is an intelligence tool deliberately created for improving business’s visibility on organic search engines and boosting the performance of a company’s website. The platform provides a wealth of information about competitor’s SEO strategies, including both paid and organic search.

Key Features

  • Discover valuable keywords quickly as well as synonyms. It is also possible to get information on the number of searches for keyword groups and analyze cost-per-click data.
  • Get information on competitors’ top keywords, ads and ad budgets estimated, backlink profile profiles, as well as organic and paid search strategies they used.
  • Audit your businesses’ SEO performance by taking notes on ranking of keywords; this helps in identification of SEO issues and analyzing backlinks too.

Target audience

The majority of SpyFu clients are SMBs and small-sized agencies since the platform is reasonably priced and simple to use.


Serpstat is a one-stop “growth hacking” solution that offers all-in-one tools for SEO optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing etc. Its pricing is lower than that of well-known software like Ahrefs or Semrush.

Key Features

  • Find high-traffic words along with keyword clusters websites can use for better rankings.
  • Analyse any domain or website comprehensively using traffic metrics, visibility estimates, most popular related keywords or competition rates.
  • Use AI-powered tools which can help you make SEO optimized page descriptions with keyword generation for your site.

Target Market

Most of the clients of Serpstat are made up of small business and organizations. And an individual aimed at improving his online visibility for less.

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  1. Which types of companies would benefit from Similarweb?

    Similarweb is a great tool for businesses in any size and sector, including software development firms, digital marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, professional services firms, and market researchers. It is specifically useful for companies that want to enhance their online visibility, understand market dynamics or get competitive insights.

  2. How does Semrush’s analytics compare with that of Similarweb? 

    Both Semrush and Similarweb have data from multiple sources thus they offer web analytics as well as market intelligence. Nevertheless,Semrush focuses more on SEO related things such as organic search results,key word rankings and back link profiles while similar web seems to broadly cover all the traffic coming to websites through different channels example PPC, social media,email and many others.

  3. Why would a company consider buying Similarweb?

    Others may choose not to use Similar web but instead opt to study their competitors because of cost concerns,doubts about data’s accuracy,and restrictions on features(still unable to view some data without escalating pricing levels).

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