Motion Array Review – Is Motion Array Worth it?

Motion Array Review

Is the Motion Array a good stock media solution for you or are there better options out there? This is exactly what we will find out in our review of Motion Array.

Motion Array is a single platform that provides all video assets for content creators and high capacity download feature. Its features include stock footage, templates, presets and music.

What is Motion Array?

Founded: 2013 | Founders: Tyler Williams & Eri Levin

Motion Array is a video assets platform. At the end of 2020, the company was acquired by stock media firm Artlist. This was the kind of moment that shook up the world of video, epoxy has now turned both services into a one stop shop for creators of videos.

Subscribed as a member with Motion Array that lets you choose from a variety of unlimited videos, music,s images and templates.

Who Can Use Motion Array?

This makes it very easily and quickly produced at a low cost; hence, if you need videos cheaply that are hassle-free and offer high quality then I would recommend this. For instance:

  • YouTubers
  • Animators
  • Video editors
  • Filmmakers
  • Photographers

Therefore, whether you are a learner, an employee or just having fun, Motion Array is your perfect companion.

How It Works

It’s so simple when using Motion Array that your project can be accelerated in its completion.

The first step is enrolling for the subscription. Then open a web browser and start surfing the net. These 5 categories are there on top of the homepage of Motion Array:

  • Compatibility: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Rush, Motion Graphics templates, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro.
  • Native support- DaVinci Resolve Macros and Adobe After Effects After Effects for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Audio : Free Music and Sound Effects.
  • Videos: Footage & Motion Graphics.
  • Images: Illustrations Vectors Video Audio Photos Icons Graphics Templates for WordPress

Motion Array Group Buy -The All-in-One Video Creators Platform

Features of Motion Array

Motion Array is a platform that a lot of people tend to love. Its assets number over 800k and still counting. Here are the top highlights.

Ease of Use

Motion Array is super easy to use You can search, browse and obtain virtually any image you want within seconds, before embedding it wherever you wish.

Unlimited Downloads

Download what you want, when you need it simply from video templates to stock footage and so royalty-free music, sound effects.

High-Quality Content

Every asset on there is at the top. It can be used in broadcast projects or web-based ones also.

Simple License

You get an unlimited lifetime license on all their service So whatever is function you have, project type of project nature or distribution of the projects size or types, they covered.


Motion Array also features a nifty collaboration tool. It is called Review and it makes freelance work a lot easier. To have our shit together and be six feet apart.

40+ Free Plugins

Request more than 40 pro-level plug-ins Contain a wide variety of effects, from keying and colour changing to visual effects such as film grain and particles.

Adobe Compatible

Search plunder their library through Adobe Apps. Save and then import them to your timeline.

Is Motion Array Worth it?

Truly! For the production of videos, this stand’s out as one of the cheapest and fastest creators to get their hands on professional video assets. It is an unbeatable price per genre anywhere with a growing library at less than $20 month.

I Tried Motion Array in 2024 | Review

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  1. What is Motion Array?

    Motion Array is a platform that offers a wide range of digital assets for video creators, including stock footage, music, and templates.

  2. How much does Motion Array cost?

    PricesWhether you are an individual or business, you will have to pay a different price in accordance with the subscription plan you choose

  3. What are the freebies on Motion Array?

    Yes, Motion Array does offer some free resources, such as After Effect Templates and music download to its users.

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