10 Free Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Account

Want to up the level of your Instagram game?

Take a look! In this post, we’ll provide 10 Instagram Tools Free to help you maximize your presence on Instagram and boost your engagement. If you’re a business owner, marketer, or an influencer, These tools should be part of your arsenal of social media tools.

From planning and scheduling your posts to reviewing your account’s performance, The tools listed here cover every aspect of Instagram management. Find the ideal timing to post, keep track of the growth of your followers and discover valuable information about your followers. These tools will allow you to make a visually stunning feed, make engaging captions, and identify the most effective hashtags that will reach a larger crowd.

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Free Instagram Tools

We know how difficult it can be to discover the best tools for the best Instagram strategy, which is why we’ve created the top 10 free alternatives that have been tried and tested by experts. Make sure you are ready to increase the Instagram game to a new step with these practical tools that will help you save time and allow you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack.

Instagram Analytics Tools

In the case of Instagram, understanding your target audience and their habits is the key to thriving.

  1. Instagram Insights: The built-in tool is accessible to users of all Instagram Business accounts and offers specific information on your followers, including their demographics, locations, and engagement. Additionally, it provides data about the reach of your posts in terms of impressions, employment, and metrics, which allows you to monitor your performance over time.
  2. Squarelovin Squarelovin is a no-cost analytics tool that provides in-depth insight into the performance of your Instagram account. It gives you information on the growth of your followers and engagement rates, the most popular posts, and the ideal time to post to get the most reach. With its easy-to-use interface and custom reports that can be customized, Squarelovin can be a fantastic tool for evaluating the performance of your Instagram performance.
  3. Iconosquare: It offers detailed statistics on your followers, engagement and content performance. Iconosquare also provides hashtag analytics, which allows you to determine what hashtags generate the most attention on your posts.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

Consistency is essential when it comes to Instagram. Making your posts scheduled in advance does not just save you time but will ensure that your posts are consistently distributed to your followers at the right time.

  1. Later Later is a well-known Instagram scheduling tool that provides an affordable plan for users. With Later, you can schedule and plan your posts, preview your feed and even publish your seats at the time you have prepared.
  2. Buffer Buffer is a management social media platform that helps scheduling different types of social networks, such as Instagram. With the free plan, you can plan as many as ten posts per day as well as access simple analytics and work with other team members.
  3. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is another well-known social network management tool that lets you plan and manage your Instagram posts. With the free plan, you can prepare at least 30 seats ahead of time, monitor mentions and interact with your followers directly on the Instagram platform.

Instagram Hashtag Tools

Hashtags are crucial for expanding your reach and getting more exposure on Instagram. However, choosing the appropriate hashtags can be an overwhelming task. There are, however, free tools to assist you in identifying some of the best and well-known hashtags for your content.

  1. Display Purposes Display Purposes is a simple but efficient tool for creating hashtags. Type in a hashtag relevant to your post, and Display Purposes will provide an appropriate hashtag list. You can also remove banned or overused hashtags, ensuring you use the most effective hashtags.
  2. Seekmetrics: Seekmetrics is a no-cost hashtag analytics tool that gives insight into the performance of hashtags. It lets you look up hashtags and then see their popularity, frequency of use, and related hashtags.
  3. All Hashtag: All Hashtag is a different popular hashtag generator software that offers various hashtag choices. Type in a keyword and All Hashtags will generate a list of relevant hashtags according to popularity and popular topics. The app also has an analytics feature for hashtags to monitor the effectiveness of particular hashtags.

Instagram Image Editing Tools

The ability to create visually appealing images is crucial for Instagram. There are various free tools to edit photos to help you improve your photos to help the photos pop.

  1. Snapseed: Snapseed is a powerful editing application created by Google. It comes with various filters and tools that can enhance your photos. These include adjustments to exposure colour correction along with selective editing.
  2. VSCO: VSCO is a well-known photo editing program with many editing tools and filters. It lets you adjust the temperature, exposure and contrast and apply film-like presets for a unique aesthetic. VSCO also has the option of a community feature, which allows users to share edited photos with others.
  3. Adobe Lightroom Mobile: With its vast array of presets and tools, you can improve your photos by changing colours or applying selective editing. Lightroom Mobile also syncs with the desktop version, making it simple to organize and edit your images across different devices.

Instagram Caption Generator and Hashtag Generator Tools

Finding engaging captions to write and the most appropriate hashtags is an exhausting process. There are, fortunately, free tools to aid you in creating engaging captions and finding the most effective hashtags for your content.

  1. Caption:Type in a keyword subject, and Caption will provide an appropriate caption list. Caption is a fantastic tool to stimulate ideas and spark inspiration for captions.
  2. AutoHash: AutoHash is an application that automatically generates hashtags for Instagram posts. Upload your photo, and AutoHash will look at the picture and suggest relevant hashtags.
  3. Ingramer: Ingramer is an extensive Instagram marketing platform with numerous tools, such as a hashtag generator and captions. It has a broad selection of caption templates and recommends relevant hashtags based on your posts. Ingramer is an excellent tool to optimize the quality of your Instagram posts and captions.

Facebook Influencer Research Tools

To identify the best influencers for your specific niche, There are free research tools that can assist you in identifying potential collaborators.

  1. Influence. co: Influence. Co is a no-cost platform that connects influencers with companies and brands. It lets you find influencers based on area, location, and engagement rates. Influence. Co provides comprehensive profiles of influential people, including their followers’ numbers, engagement metrics and contact details.
  2. Heepsy: Heepsy is yet another free tool for research on influencers that offers in-depth information about the profiles of influencers. It lets you look for influencers using several criteria, like the location of their base, demographics of their audience, and engagement rates. Heepsy also offers a thorough analysis of the influencer’s follower increase and engagement metrics.
  3. Ninja Outreach Ninja Outreach is an effective outreach tool that provides individuals with a no-cost plan. It lets you look up influencers by using terms and filters. Ninja Outreach also provides analytics to monitor your influencer marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

Instagram Content Planner Tools

Planning your Instagram content ahead of time is vital to maintain the consistency and coherence of your feed. Fortunately, there are no-cost tools for content planning to help you plan and plan your content.

  1. Planoly: Planoly is a well-known tool for planning and scheduling content for Instagram. The free plan allows you to plan your posts visually, arrange them to create a coherent feed and prepare them beforehand. Planoly offers analytics to monitor your post’s effectiveness and metrics of engagement.
  2. Preview Preview is a different user-friendly application for content planning that lets you organize and plan posts on Instagram. Instagram posts. With the drag-and-drop feature, you can easily arrange your posts to create an appealing and visually pleasing feed. Preview also provides insights and suggestions for hashtags to maximize the reach of your posts.
  3. Later The Later, in addition to its ability to schedule posts, Later offers a content planning feature. With its visual calendar, that lets you plan and manage your Instagram posts, which will ensure an even posting schedule.

Instagram Growth Tools and Engagement Tools

Expanding your Instagram following and increasing engagement is crucial to success in the Instagram platform.

  1. Linktree: Linktree is a tool for free that lets you create an individual link for the Instagram bio. The link can lead your followers to multiple places like your blog, website or other social media accounts. Linktree assists you in driving visitors to your site and improving engagement by offering a central platform for your online presence.
  2. Like4Like Like4Like is a Free engagement tool that lets users trade followers, likes and comments with fellow Instagram users. Through engaging with the content of other users, it is possible to increase your exposure and gain new followers. Like4Like offers a simple but efficient method to boost the engagement of your followers and expand your Instagram visibility.
  3. Repost on Instagram Reposting to Instagram is a no-cost app that lets you repost the content of other users in the Instagram feed. By sharing quality content that comes from different accounts, users can develop relationships with other users as well as gain new followers. Reposting for Instagram makes it easy to curate exciting content and expand the reach of your posts.


With these free Instagram tools, You’ll have every tool you’ll need to maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram presence and boost your engagement. From scheduling and analytics to editing photos and research into influencers, These tools will cover every aspect of Instagram management. So why put it off? Explore these tools today to improve the Instagram gameplay to the next stage!

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