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What is adspy?

Adspy Tool See how your Facebook ads perform like never before.
Boost sales with Facebook ads. If you want to know how much money your competitor spent on Facebook advertising last month, or even yesterday, then this software will help you do just that!

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How Does It Work?

You can use the AdSpy software to log in to any of your competitor’s Facebook accounts and view all of their recent campaigns. You’ll also have access to information such as:

– The name of each campaign

– How many times the ad was shown

– What type of ad it was

– Where the ad was displayed

– When the ad was first created

– Whether the ad has been converted into a click

– And more

All of this data comes from the Facebook API which is why the app works without requiring users to give permission to access their account.

There are two main reasons why you should use AdSpy. Firstly, if you want to learn more about your competitors’ marketing strategies, then using this tool will allow you to find out exactly what they’ve done with their Facebook ad spend. Secondly, you might want to use this software for other purposes too. For example, you could use it to monitor your own Facebook ad spending, or even to compare the performance of different types of ads .

The cost of using AdSpy depends entirely upon whether you decide to pay monthly or annually. Monthly subscriptions start at $19.99 per month while annual subscriptions start at $149.99 per year.

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Yes, AdSpy is completely safe to use because it doesn’t require any personal details to be entered by the user. All of the information that you need to access is available through the Facebook API which is one of the most secure ways of accessing data online.

Of course there are some drawbacks associated with AdSpy. However, this isn’t really an issue since most people who use Facebook advertising don’t run their campaigns for very long anyway. This means that the person must already have an active Facebook account before they can get started.

Should I Buy AdSpy?

If you’d like to learn more about AdSpy, then we recommend that you check out our review of the software here. We think that it’s a great way to gain insight into your competitors’ Facebook ad spending habits.

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