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What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock group buy is an online library of royalty-free stock images and vector graphics. It also includes illustrations, video footage, templates, audio, and other 3D assets. These digital assets allow individuals and businesses to fulfill their creative needs without having to hire a professional.

Basically, it has a huge collection of high-resolution images at your fingertips, which you can use to explore, edit test, and license without Photoshop or Creative Cloud Editing apps.

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Shutterstock Group Buy- Stock Images, Photos, Vectors, Video, and Music.

Features of Adobe Stock

1. Explore an extensive marketplace

Add an Adobe Stock plan as a team member to your Creative Cloud. You have access to billions of creative resources. Visual-powered Adobe Sense Search lets you find the perfect one for each project.

2. Increase productivity

Adobe Stock is integrated into Creative Cloud desktop apps such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. InDesign CC and Illustrator CC. Searching can help your teamwork 10x faster. The web and within desktop apps via Creative Cloud Libraries panel–then, preview. Adobe Stock assets can be easily edited and licensed.

3. Foster team collaboration

All members of your team can share and license the same Adobe creative assets. This allows you to instantly access assets across your desktop and collaborates with others. You can use each licensed asset with up to 10 members of your team at no additional cost. You can also easily access all authorization resources via the history of the report.

4. Cool and Cheap Royalty-Free Images

Adobe Stock imagery is royalty-free. You only need to pay once for the license, and the content is yours forever. RF stock photos are the cheapest on the market.

This license is very flexible and can be used for commercial projects. Although each company will have its own terms, they are pretty standard for the Royalty Free model. Learn more about Royalty Free licenses.

The agency offers an Extended License at $79.99 per image. This gives you some additional rights, such as the right to resell products or large quantities of copies. An Extended License can be obtained on-demand.

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Pros of Adobe Stock

  • Convenient royalty-free license. An extended license is also available
  • One month free trial, 10 image downloads included
  • With over 100,000,000 images, this is one of the largest stock image collections around.
  • On-demand, premium images available with credits
  • Directly accessible within the Creative Cloud platform
  • Design integration allows design comping with watermarked previews, and a simple one-click licensing of approved designs
  • Adobe owned and used content from Fotolia
  • High tech service that is constantly updated
  • Stock footage, 3D files, and templates are all available.
  • Existing Creative Cloud users get a discounted subscription

Cons of Adobe Stock

Shutterstock and other stock companies offer far better prices than adobe.

Price Plan

The price of Adobe stock is much higher. Group Buy Seo Tools offering adobe Stock group buy only 15 euro for 10 images. If you send us your Adobe Stock Image link, we will download the image and send it via email. There are many monthly and annual subscription options available.


Adobe Stock offers a wide range of images that can be used for any type of project. It syncs with Creative Cloud if you already have it. It’s difficult to find a better solution than this.

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