Best 6 Strong Competitors & Alternative to Envato Elements

Best Envato Alternatives

In a relatively short time, Envato Elements has become the preferred choice of designers, creators and marketing agencies as well as small-scale companies. They must have done things right. Although, few people will say they’re destroying the competitors by providing a massive high-quality selection of digital resources at an unbeatable price. So it’s logical to check if there’s any viable alternatives or rivals to Envato Elements. We hope this post can help you discover an alternative options to Envato Elements, specifically for your requirements.

What made Envato Elements become so well-known?

Envato Elements offers almost every kind of digital asset. You can find everything you require for your projects. Along with audio, images and video, it stores images, WordPress themes, plugins logos, fonts, tutorials, 3D templates (graphic and videos, websites, and presentation) informationgraphics, lots more. It also allows you to create thumbnails for articles, videos and social media. It’s a huge feature.

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Best 6 competitors and Alternatives to Envato Elements

1. Adobe Stock

No one can doubt Adobe in this field. Without a doubt, I am able to declare Adobe Stock is the best platform for images. Adobe Stock is the best platform for images of any topic. It can be graphic images or scenic, cities or places, technology or even content for editorial purposes.

In addition, it provides the best online’ kind of collection of illustrations, vectors and video footage and audio, templates, 3D, editorial and millions of other Premium content.

It is important to note that Adobe Stock vs Envato Elements is not a comparison of apples-to-apples. Yet, Adobe is placed at first because of its unbeatable collection and comprehensiveness. This makes it the best choice for Envato Elements.

Stock is certainly one of the greatest collection of digital assets that originates from Adobe itself. We all know how tightly Adobe is associated with visual and imaging technologies. The Stock service from Adobe is an expert inventory digital assets service, completely compatible into Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud platform.

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2. Creative Market

A different top option and a rival with Envato Elements’s alternative is Creative Market, both of which offer a great selection of templates and web-based themes. It’s a marketplace for independent artists across the globe that create high-quality designs. They both Envato Elements & Creative Market have a lot that are in common. Both are excellent platforms for graphics, photos templates Web themes, Fonts and extensions.

It’s one of the Biggest Marketplace for almost every kind of digital asset.

You must understand the potential of this platform as it gives the market and possibility to a talented collection of designers. When a large talented pool of designers converges on one platform, they produce the most sought-after collection.

Creative Market has the upper edge when it comes to the variety of collections available and kinds of collections. There are over 4 million items and more than 30K+ shops/sellers, as well as greater than 6.7 million users. That’s massive!

Creative Market has kept the pricing structure for individual collections, in which each design maker’s collection includes its own price.

There isn’t a subscription model and the credit plan is. You can purchase a credit plan that is suitable for your requirements and then purchase the plan for an individual or collection.

3. Template Monster

I love its selection as it is a gold mine for professionals in the field of webmasters, bloggers as well as small-scale business owners. It is not just competing against Envato Elements but at the at the same time pays for it. It’s the only one that is an authentic alternative and competitor with Envato Elements because of the areas in which they compete with one another. It is possible to own both and you’ll be glad you did!

It offers a wide selection of CMS and eCommerce themes and plugins, CMS & HTML templates including images and audios, videos 3D, presentation templates and graphics (including logo templates, fonts icons, illustrations vectors and more. ).

Important to know it is the case that Template Monster compensates Envato in the following areas:

Themes that are not WordPress

Easy access to trusted services

4. Motion Elements

Motion Elements has much more digital assets in its inventory that Envato Elements. It doesn’t have some digital assets like WordPress themes and plugins. Additionally, it has a fantastic selection of digital assets aimed at the population of Asia particularly in the case of East Asian countries. However, at the exact same at the same time, Envato Elements has a massive collection across the world.

MotionElements offers greater than three million digital assets, including audio and music tracks as well as animation, video footage GIFs and after effects models, 3D and more. Additionally, it has Premiere Pro and Apple Motion templates, as well as BGM music tracks, making it extremely appealing to creators. It is said to be Asia’s largest assortment of digital assets.

One of the things that sets it ahead of the pack is its distinctive AI tool for searching. For instance, using AI search tools, you can search visually for video and images as well as audio search to find music files.

It’s definitely worth looking into to use it in your projects.

5. Motion Array

I’m going to introduce you to the ultimate assistance and heaven for motion and video creators. I’m sure you’ll find that there’s nothing as good as Motion Array. It is certainly regarded as a good replacement in place of Envato Elements for motion graphics.

MotionArray has done an outstanding job in providing a broad selection of useful sources. It’s a marketplace for different kinds of creative resources. It provides template designs (including Adobe Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve), presets as well as audio effects and video clips Tutorials, plugins and tutorials and much more.

Although Motion Array has kept the cost of subscription a little more expensive than Envato Elements fee, it actually offersgreat value for top-quality producers, video creators as well as content creators. Motion Array Premium Pro comes with a price of $20.8/month for a year-long subscription and the monthly subscription costs you $29.99. In addition, its free subscription gives access to a wide range of tools.

Motion Array has a much smaller collection of assets as Envato Elements. It is important to know that, at the time of writing it holds a library of more than a million digital assets. However, it provides plenty of laser-sharp and targeted tools for video creators.

Although it has a decent variety of templates, it does not have photos or a collection of images.

Due to the inaccessibility of a variety of categories, such as WordPress themes and fonts This isn’t an “apple to apple” comparison.

You can join Motion Array for free and begin using the assets to create your own projects. Additionally, you can choose an Pro subscription plan or plan that includes Professional After Effects and Premiere Pro templates, stock videos and music.

6. Story Blocks

It’s fascinating to learn the process by which Videoblocks ( and Storyblocks) began to be created. The primary goal of the founding founder Joel Holland was to create an online platform that could offer an affordable access to a video-making digital libraries of assets.

To highlight, Storyblocks is helping over 150,000 entrepreneurs and creators through its great selection of products at affordable pricing. Its Unlimited All-Access plan starts at $30/month and annual billing.

This platform from Storyblocks provides three distinct libraries of music, images and videos. With a subscription plan you can download unlimited files from 15,000 high-definition videos and 400,000 images as well as 110,000 tracks of audio.

Additionally, you can sign up free of charge and access the online video editor. The online video maker has incredible video templates already created. It is a fact that this can simplify your recording job simpler for a variety of uses.

A small number of most reputable digital sources providers can be considered rivals with Envato Elements, Storyblocks is one of them.

Alongside videos, images, and music, Storyblocks covers after-effects templates Illustrations, vectors, and templates. The unlimited download applies to all these assets.

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