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Voluum Group Buy

Voluum Best Ad Tracking and Affiliate Marketing Tool

What is Voluum Group Buy?

voluum group buy is a real time tracking popular software. It analyzes the effectiveness of approved marketing campaigns. As marketers, we tend to should track promotions to check their insights.

If you are not chasing your campaign performance, you are wasting it slow. It must perceive what must amendment, what must be modified, and what must be maintained with approved selling methods.

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Features of Voluum Tracking Tool

1. Auto optimization

Set your CTR, CPV, CPC, or controller goals and let the machine learning algorithmic program optimize the promotions for you.

2. Content Target

Targets that permit you to push your website on specific topics driven by the flexibility to be told deeply.

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3. 24/7 promotion approval

Rapid promotion is approved in but five hours. out there 24/7. Complete data concerning the approval method.

4. Complete clarity

You’ll see placements, together with volume and ECPM, before running the campaign.

6. Bot Auto-Detection

7 billion ad requests per day, traffic from quite two hundred countries. All inventory sorts area unit available: desktop, mobile applications, and web, tablets.

7. Unique offer

Voluum DSP connects you to a range of native format sorts characterized by worldwide coverage, best visibility, and exclusivity.

8. Rules-based optimization

Make rules for you to require action. Pause sites that don’t meet your KPI.

9. Improved targeting

Reach your audience with advanced targeting features:

  • Content-Target
  • Rescheduling
  • OS / OS version
  • Mobile carrier
  • Property
  • Informatics targets

10. Exceptional support

Help you originated, manage, and optimize your promotions. Get insights concerning high niche, geo, network. twenty-four hours of a support time interval.

11. Access a victory hunter

Free access to powerful voluum hunter options. Ultra-fast multi-dimensional reportage employing proprietary voluum info.

12. Premium traffic access

Get full access to all or any platform options. The tool delivers premium traffic as presently as your voluum joins the DSP – Native Admissions Demand aspect platform.

13. Creator of multiple campaigns

Automatically split traffic sources and devices to position multiple promotions per click. produce multiple bulk campaigns quickly within ten minutes.

14. Bulk transfer

You can produce bulk uploads to quickly produce ads. Save time, speed up your processes.

15. Intuitive interface

Our users voted our interface the most effective within the market. The system is straightforward to manage, offers custom conversion reports, and customizable dashboards.

16. PMP Deals

You can get access to premium inventory and schedule a high-quality house.

Overview of Voluum Benefits

1. Powerful protection

Voluum assures users that their knowledge is powerfully protected. the appliance uses an equivalent sort of systems as utilized by world money establishments which suggest powerful authentication and secret writing ways.

And once the server expires somewhere, the answer is to send traffic to the closest knowledge center to make sure that the promotions area unit perpetually live and clickable.


2. Scalable traffic

Voluum processing continues no matter the number of traffic. as a result of the manner, its infrastructure is meant it will proportion or down counting on the wants. this implies no knowledge limitations an uninterrupted flow of knowledge for the user.

3. Reporting API

The voluum will bring its own reportage suite, except for those that wish a lot of out of the answer. They’ll use the API to integrate reportage systems into their track software. During this manner, users get all the info they require and wish while not departure the platform interface.

4. Real-time campaign tracking

As already mentioned, Voluum group buy is a time period reportage code that gives you live updates. It’s designed with an interface that helps you to get time period results concerning visitors’ behavior and conversion rates.

5. Driving traffic

The voluum provides knowledge to the client seamlessly and it processes the info seamlessly no matter what percentage of users area unit coming back. it’s some integration to check traffic sources. It doesn’t permit you to envision all the traffic sources, then you’ll be able to additionally check the traffic sources by group action its parameters.

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6. Device freedom

Voluum is aware of that the merchandiser isn’t out there with each laptop, that the device desires individualism to figure even on mobile phones. thus it additionally works on mobile phones. You can log in to your account. You can justify the more-details of your promotion in progress.


7. Reliable and secure interface

The voluum incorporates an intrinsical interface that’s fully reliable and keeps your knowledge secure. Its secret writing and authentication ways area unit powerful and your knowledge isn’t leaked or taken. This keeps the published sleep in case of network planning.

Pros of Voluum:

  1. Comprehensive tracking and analytics: Voluum provides detailed insights into your advertising campaigns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.
  2. Advanced targeting: Voluum lets you target specific audiences and optimize ads based on their behavior and interests.
  3. Real-time performance monitoring: The platform offers real-time tracking of your campaign’s performance, enabling you to identify and address any issues quickly.
  4. Integration with multiple traffic sources: Voluum seamlessly integrates with various traffic sources, making it easier for you to manage your campaigns across different platforms.
  5. A/B testing capabilities: You can quickly test multiple ad variations within Voluum to determine which one performs the best.

Cons of Voluum:

  1. Steep learning curve: Voluum’s complex capabilities may take new users time to grasp.
  2. Pricey subscription plans: Compared to other tracking platforms, Voluum’s pricing can be relatively high, especially for beginners or small businesses on a tight budget.
  3. Limited customer support options: Some consumers have had trouble reaching customer support or getting timely help.
  4. Complex setup process for specific integrations: Integrating certain third

Voluum Group Buy (Coming Soon)


A voluum is a powerful tool and whereas it’s some minor flaws. The positive aspects outweigh any negative ones and it’s one in every of the most effective affiliate marketing platforms to use in 2022.

The voluum group buy has been around for an extended time and goes to urge higher within the future. It’s created a reputation for itself as a reliable and effective licensed selling track tool. If you’re unaccustomed to the platform or perhaps unaccustomed licensed selling track, you’ll be able to notice plans the information through a voluum tutorial to urge a higher idea of how to trace your campaign.

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