The Complete Guide to using video for sales

The Complete Guide to using video for sales in 2023

Complete Guide to using video for sales

Find out why video sales are the most effective tool available to you and learn what kinds of sales videos you should create for your business, when you should use the tools how to convince your employees to join and much more.

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It’s simple to understand why people are more trustworthy and likable to make deals face-to-face since seeing someone’s face is a basic level of confidence. However, in today’s online selling and hybrid working world the opportunity to talk with prospective buyers in person is a challenge. The solution? Video to sell.

The video medium isn’t only for demos of products. With the aid the internet-based video platform, videos can be utilized at all stages of the sales process all the way from outreach to being closed-won and then handed over. It’s one-way video messages, also known as asynchronous video. It will bring back that high-quality face-to face connection as well as all the mutual responsibility that comes from meeting in person.

Asynchronous videos are an absolute sales tool that is a secret weapon.

What are the advantages of incorporating video into your sales process, and how can you get started?

The sound of a video can make people’s ears pop up. We all find ourselves compelled to click the play button whenever we see it. This allows you to get potential buyers to view your videos, even if they’re not interested in the content you’ve written. If you’re considering the use of videos for sales there are five great reasons to look into using it as part of your sales procedure.

1. Video Surrenders Inboxes

In the ocean of text-based emails video emails can make you make your message stand out. It’s not just that it can aid in increasing response rates and improve your customer experience, but the recipient is much more inclined to remember the message as opposed to. messages that contain text.

2. Establish Relationships even when you are far away

The transition to virtual selling and the reduction of T&E budgets mean that sales reps and teams must think outside the box when communicating to potential customers. Video messages can help customers feel more connected to you, which makes them feel more emotionally invested and flexible, which is more crucial when you aren’t present in person.

3. Helps You Define Complex Topics Easily

Think about the most recent time you wrote an explanation of the process, workaround or answer a question , and how much easier it could be to convey your message with videos to support it. Video can help you display, not just inform and to explain your message more clearly.

4. Video Messages Help You Save Time

An easy side effect of benefits three and one is the savings in time you accomplish by incorporating video into your selling process. More responsive means that you spend more time selling, and a reduction in communication via text messaging saves everyone in the purchasing process from having to wait for the time again.

5. Utilizing video for sales can help you speed up deal cycles

Utilizing video to help get that deal done sooner. As a tool for collaboration it’s on-demand and may be shared with users through multi-thread accounts. It’s also possible to create an archive of content that can be used from deal-to-deal to make time which would otherwise have called live. Certain companies have reduced their deal cycle by half by using video.

In which areas of your business process are the Sales Videos most effective?

Aren’t sure when and where to incorporate video into your sales process? In the end it’s a good idea to use video wherever you’d like to increase the conversion rate of your sales process. It is particularly effective in the upper reaches of your funnel when you’re trying break the barrier to attention, and in the middle and at the bottom, when you’re trying to get rid of sticky deals and lead them to a successful conclusion.

6 Questions to Ask Prior to Beginning to Utilize Video to help your sales process

Don’t simply equip sales reps by using tools for video. Make a strategy for rolling out video to ensure that the political capital you’ve invested in to introduce video into your organization will not go unnoticed. Be sure to address the following questions prior to beginning to distribute video to all sales personnel.

1. What Video Messaging Software Do You Really Need?

If you’d like reps to to create and share videos and playlists, make playlists, include custom CTAs as well as view analytics and transmit that information to the CRM, then you’ll require a platform for video designed specifically for sales.

2. Who is the person to be educated in the use of videos for sales?

Ideally, training should occur at the sales manager level as and sales reps’ levels. The most effective method of gaining acceptance for reps is to see their leaders use video in addition. Leaders can utilize video to coach and internal communications, as well as other cases.2. Who is the person who should be educated on the use of video for sales?

The ideal scenario is that training should be conducted at the sales manager level as and sales reps’ at the rep level. The most effective method of gaining acceptance for reps is having their leaders use video in addition. Leaders can utilize video for coaching as well as internal communications, among other uses.

3. Who is involved in Video Platform Choice?

When you are the evaluation of a new platform for video be sure to involve all stakeholders early to ensure that the needs across the organization are considered and the appropriate stakeholder groups are included right from the start. Sales support, marketing and possibly IT teams must all be a an integral part of the process.

4. Where to Begin with Video?

Facilitate everyone’s use by identifying the primary usage scenarios. Select ones that complement your team’s strengths or your company’s strengths. Begin small, then look for success, then increase to the next level.

5. How many sales videos should You Post Each Week?

Establish expectations regarding the amount of content that sales reps are expected to create and distribute. Beginning at a low level and gradually increasing the volume is the best way to ensure that reps are not overwhelmed out of the start. Reps who utilize video in their processes send out one to five videos each week.

6. Ask, ‘How it’s Going?’

Create feedback channels so that winning can lead to more wins. If you distribute closed/won notecards or other deals-won announcements with your team members, consider asking reps to record that they have used video in the process to ensure that other people can see it.

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